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PRI 259: Combined registration of the Moji_Joho collection and of sequences in that collection


A submission for the "Combined registration of the Moji_Joho collection and of sequences in that collection" has been received by the IVD Registrar. This submission is currently under review according to the procedures of UTS #37, Unicode Ideographic Variation Database, with an expected close date of 2014-03-10.

At the end of the review period, the submission has been incorporated into the 2014-05-16 version of the IVD, with minor adjustments, as 10,710 registered IVSes for the Moji_Joho collection, 9,685 of which are shared with the Hanyo-Denshi collection. Please refer to the Disposition of public comments for PRI 259 document for details about the resolution of comments received.

This page remains available for archival purposes.

Review instructions

Reviewers are encouraged to comment on any aspect of the submissions, but more particularly on:

  • whether the glyphic subset corresponding to a proposed sequence is indeed a glyphic subset of the base character for the sequence
  • whether the proposed sequences are congruent with the scope of their collection, or whether a new collection may be more appropriate

All comments should be sent via the reporting form and will be forwarded to the submitter. The content of the submission may be adjusted during the review period to account for the comments received.

Submission details

The content of this section has been provided by the submitter, but was edited by the IVD Registrar.


  • Name and address of registrant: Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan, Information Processing Society of Japan, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 JAPAN
  • Names and email addresses of representatives: Tetsuji ORITA
  • URL of the website describing the collection: http://mojikiban.ipa.go.jp/mjc/1/
  • Suggested identifier for the collection: Moji_Joho
  • Pattern for the sequence identifiers: MJ[0-9]{6}


Over the past several years there was a Japanese government project, called the Moji Joho Kiban Project (文字情報基盤整備事業), which was used to gather and consolidate, from a glyphic point of view, all ideographic characters used by the government for residential administration purposes. This project was conducted by the Moji Joho Kiban Committee under the IT Strategic Headquarters (an organization within the Japanese Cabinet).

Some of the glyphs that have no corresponding UCS code point have been proposed to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG as candidate characters to be standardized in CJK Unified Ideographs Extension F. Some of the glyphs that are unified with a UCS code point in accordance with Annex S unification rules are be treated with the IVD mechanism. The committee decided to register such glyphs as a new IVD collection, and requested the Japan SC2 committee to be the registrant on their behalf.

Recently, the Japanese Cabinet decided in principal that the result of this project shall be used as the basis for developing of new government IT systems. Accordingly, this new IVD collection registration is considered very urgent and important in order to advance Japan's current IT policy.

Note about shared IVSes among collections

The Moji_Joho collection is the first collection that shares IVSes with a previously-registered collection, specifically the Hanyo-Denshi collection.

The Hanyo-Denshi project is the predecessor of the Moji Joho Kiban project, and the Moji Joho Kiban project inherited a lot of the fruit of the Hanyo-Denshi project. Accordingly, the Moji_Joho collection shares almost all IVSes with the registered Hanyo-Denshi collection, with a few exceptions.

List of proposed sequences

A data file listing the proposed sequences is available at http://mojikiban.ipa.go.jp/mjc/1/IVD_Sequences_MJ20131129.txt.

A one-line description of the collection to be included in the IVD_Collections.txt file is available at http://mojikiban.ipa.go.jp/mjc/1/IVD_Collections_MJ20131122.txt.

Representative Glyph Charts

Representative glyphs for the submitted sequences are available in PDF format at http://mojikiban.ipa.go.jp/mjc/1/List_of_Glyphs_MJ20131122.pdf

Updates and Comments received

The IVD Registrar would like to bring to the attention of the reviewers the following comments:

Comments received on 2014-03-05

Comments received on 2014-03-10