RE: Tags and the Private Use Area

From: Ayers, Mike (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 15:29:37 EDT

> From: William Overington []
> Can there be found a possible usage that such a scheme would
> not support?
> Finding just one would resolve the question.

        I suspect that the whole issue is covered by Goedel's(sp?)
Incompleteness theorem, which says (approximately) that any mathematical
system above a certain complexity can not be fully mathematically described
(characterized) within itself. Any scheme to describe PUA usage involving
only PUA characters cannot be distinguished with certainty from random use
of PUA characters. A scheme which used non-PUA characters could work, but,
as has been stated many times, will not happen.

        I'd like to point out that I consider it a Good Thing not to have a
classification system. Should I choose to use PUA characters, I don't want
any application that I didn't write attempting to interpret their meaning,
since I may use them for anything (wasn't it you, William, who was working
on a soft processor which used PUA codepoints as instructions?) and I don't
want to waste time describing the usage for other applications (if the usage
can even be described).


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