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Hi Michal,

Our company produces a product that addresses your problem, including all
the issues mentioned by John Jenkins below. We call it our
Chinese-to-Chinese Script Converter, or C2C for short.

In particular it does not only code-point conversion but also orthographic
and lexemic conversions, based on a set of cross-idiom dictionaries and word
identification in streams of Chinese text. It is fully Unicode based
internally, although conversion to and from other character sets is also

You can read more about it at, or contact me
directly for more information.

Ted Peck
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>I am working with UNICODE and the CJK market and need to know: Is there
>any one table or formula for moving from simplified to traditional
>characters and back in UNICODE? thank you very much for your help!
>Michelle g.

Partial data to interconvert between simplified and traditional
characters is available through the Unihan database. However, the
problem is not a simple one, as there are frequently multiple
traditional forms that correspond to a single simplified form.
Moreover, the vocabulary used in the PRC with simplified characters
differs on occasion from the vocabulary used in Taiwan and elsewhere
for traditional ones (e.g., the names of the chemical elements, until
recently the word for "computer"). It really isn't possible to
convert between simplified and traditional characters without doing a
lexical analysis.

John H. Jenkins

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