Re: Using hex numbers considered a geek attitude

From: James Kass (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 14:01:45 EDT

Marco Cimarosti wrote:

>John Cowan wrote:
>> There is no general way in pre-W2000 versions of Windows to
>> enter characters using Unicode codes.

Windows 3.1 and any DOS hex editor? Cumbersome...

>Funny thing... It seems that we are both right in part: it depends on the
>I have Windows NT 4.0, but installed Office 2000. In Outlook 2000, I can
>type ALT+01488 and get an "א": a Hebrew aleph (U+05D0 = decimal 1488 -- BTW,
>sorry for sending one more UTF-8 message).

In Windows Millennium Edition, the ALT+NCR method works
in Word without Office. These characters: "両丢丣两严並" were
entered from the keyboard in that fashion and are decimal
numbers 20000 through 20005. (Of course, they had to
be copied from Word into this e-mail. The Outlook Express,
oddly enough, doesn't have this great feature enabled.)

The decimal numbers are quite useful in this respect for the
entire BMP.

Special characters on PCs have been entered in this fashion
since before Windows, and this might have been one of the
reasons that decimal numbers were originally chosen for
HTML notation -- users already had the decimal numbers
of their commonly used special characters memorized.

Of all my favorite tools involving Unicode, practically the
only one that uses hexadecimal notation is TUS.

Best regards,

James Kass.

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