Re: Keyboard terminology (was RE: Unicode editing)

Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 18:04:16 EDT

On 05/10/2001 02:11:55 PM Edward Cherlin wrote:

>Regardless of current usage, "keyboard language" is a dreadful term,

I concur.

I find the following terminology generally works and, at least for me,
avoids confusion:

- "input method": Any system for data entry, including simple keyboards,
input method editors, voice or handwriting recognition.

- "keyboard input method" or "keyboard": An input method that uses keyboard

- "input method editor": An input method (usually a keyboard input method)
that allows for some intermediate form of data that can be manipulated
before the text is finally entered. This can take the form of an editing
window, a candidates list, or other such devices.

- "keyboard layout": The characters associated with keys, or what you would
expect to see on the keycaps assuming dedicated hardware. This definition
works best for simple keyboards, but perhaps the definition can be extended
to the general case to mean the behaviour of an input method, i.e. the
relationship between keystroke sequences and resulting character sequences.

- "input locale": The locale ID (if any) that is associated with a given
input method.

- Peter

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