Re: Unicode-based Cyrillic-Latin transliteration table

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 12:11:45 EDT scripsit:
> I am trying to build a Unicode-based transliteration table from Cyrillic to
> 7-bit ASCII and would like to request the assistance of the Unicode list
> members.

Note that what you are doing is properly "transcription" rather than

> Lots of Cyrillic-Latin transliterations are available for the Russian
> alphabet. I am looking for one that targets only the 7-bit ASCII set, which
> rules out ISO 9, and covers more than just Russian, which rules out many
> others. One-to-one correspondence between letters is not a goal; it is
> perfectly OK to transliterate U+0429 to "SHCH".

I fear you have undertaken something hopeless. One could transliterate
U+0429 as SHCH or S^C^ or any number of other things, but that is only
appropriate for Russian. In Bulgarian, the only natural transcription
of U+0429 is SHT.

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