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Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 18:40:01 EST

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    At 16:48 -0500 2003-03-03, John Cowan wrote:
    >Mijan scripsit:
    >> Let's consider the ra+virama+ya case. In the mostpart the ra+virama+ya is
    >> displayed as ya+reph. This obviously seems to be an
    >> instance of ambiguous interpretation because ra+virama+ya could
    >>also represents
    >> ra+ja-phalaa. ya+reph and ra+ja-phalaa are used in different words and have
    >> different meaning.
    >I'm responding to this message in order to isolate this point. If
    >correct, then
    >the current model of YA PHALAA is inadequate.

    ZWJ can be used to produce the required differentiation.

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