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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 11:26:44 EST

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    Kent Karlsson scripsit:

    > Ligating ae into æ works for Latin
    > and sometimes English (could be done via a "smart" font).

    Always for English, I think: if someone finds a counterexample, let them
    use a + ZWNJ + e.

    > Note that e.g. an fj
    > ligature is just as legitimate and useful as an fi ligature (fjord,
    > fjol, fjärde, fjäll, fjorton, fjäder,...), but since it is of no
    > orthographic significance,

    Actually, it is of orthographic significance: it is not uncommon for good
    fonts to have an fj ligature.

    > there's no character for fj ligature, and
    > there should not, strictly speaking, have been one for the fi ligature;
    > both the fi and fj ligatures (and many more) should be generated
    > just via the rendering system+font.

    Sure. fi-ligature exists in Unicode for round-trip compatibility with MacRoman.

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