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From: David Oftedal (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 11:27:08 EST

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    What an interesting character ij, or y is. It really shows how languages
    evolve over time. As for the :

    >>How do you know that? Either "Caesar" or "Csar" is good Latin.
    We're not necessarily talking about Latin here. In Norwegian and Danish,
    is not a ligature, but a separate sound almost unpronounceable by
    English speakers. Imagine the first A in "Adamant" or "Ass" spoken with
    a very broad Texan accent. It has very little logical connection with
    either a or e. This also goes for (a+a) and , of course. However,
    without understanding how this character is used in Scandinavian
    languages, this could easily be misunderstood.

    >However, breaking up the *character* into separate glyphs for a and e goes
    >against the reason why this character is at all encoded, and the
    >*character* must always be rendered ligated.
    I totally agree. This goes for other ligatures as well. For instance,
    "@" is seldom broken into a+d, "&" is seldom broken into e+t, and "?" is
    very seldom broken into ~, although they COULD be, strictly speaking.

    -Dave Oftedal (

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