RE: Ligatures (was: FAQ entry)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 05:39:46 EST

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    > I agree with you; on the one hand, the examples mentioned like f
    > and f and so on don't look very nice as is and could use a little
    > correction; but they would benefit more from adding a pixel or so of

    I was thinking more about high resolution (where pixels are so small
    you nearly cannot see them)...

    > extra space than from merging the fs and the accent marks together.

    They should NOT be tweaked apart by kerning. That would destroy the normal
    spacing of glyphs within words. "Adding" or "removing" an accent should
    NOT change the spacing between letters. NOR should a letter and a nearby
    accent be merged (typographic ligature). Note that I did NOT say that
    they should be merged!

    You seem to have missed a part of my message:

    :: Note that by "ligature" I don't always mean a typographic ligature
    :: (nicely(?) joined "ink"), but just technically a ligature (a single
    :: glyph, but the "inks" for what an onlooker would see as the letters
    :: may be separate), or other contextual shaping that has the same effect.
    :: (Without creating terrible spacing effects...)

    This includes all of the techniques mentioned by John Hudson, but would
    (intentionally) exclude kerning differences (either way) relative to the
    "unaccented" case. (B.t.w., sometimes "Ta", "Te" and the like are kerned
    too close...)

                    /kent k

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