Re: Need encoding conversion routines

From: Pim Blokland (
Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 06:30:44 EST

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    > In particular I need source code (or some way) for following
    > - Convert Unicode code-point to UTF8 encoding and vice-versa.
    > - Convert Unicode code-point to UCS2 encoding and vice-versa.
    > - Convert Unicode code-point to UTF16 encoding and vice-versa.

    Ahem. Unicode *IS* UTF-8, UTF-16 and UCS-2. For instance, codepoint
    U+4321 has the value (hex) 4321, which is defined as its Unicode
    value. This is the same in any encoding. So I'm not sure what you
    want. If the C routines at don't do it for you,
    which conversion do you need? LE byte order to BE and back?
    Canonical decomposing? Fallback character substitutions? BOM
    insertion? What?

    Pim Blokland

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