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From: Cathy Wissink (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 20:10:56 EDT

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    My comments below.


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    From: Philippe Verdy []

    Wow, thanks for this cool tool! Now I can edit international text for
    most European languages directly from my extended custom French keyboard
    (including the missing OE and AE ligatures that I wanted since long on
    the French keyboard)...

    [caw] You are very welcome. I'm glad it's useful--that was our goal :)

    How does Microsoft support the extended Unicode set from a CP850
    environment? With some ANSI sequences? All I can say is that a command
    like "echo o" is correctly executed and accepted and displays the
    correct character. But "echo o >txt" creates a 4 bytes file which
    contains the small letter o, a CRLF sequence and a DOS EOF mark.

    There's some hidden magic in the console on Windows which actually can
    displays Unicode even in a CP850 environment... I was no aware of that

    [caw] I am definitely not an expert on console (and I'm sure there are
    others on the list more knowledgeable than I on its inner workings), but
    from what I understand, console is more or less Unicode. There are
    still some legacy dependencies on the OEM code page (which you can
    sometimes work around via chcp to use another code page if appropriate),
    but the repertoire in console is not as limited as an OEM code page.
    The hidden magic is (more or less) Unicode.

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