Re: Tajik alphabet code

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 19:52:38 EST

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    On Mar 1, 2004, at 3:57 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > There are LOTS of legacy software (not necessarily standard OS or
    > office
    > software, but also private softwares used in administrations, banks,
    > and various
    > private organizations, etc...) which are needed today and will need to
    > continue
    > to work for many years as there's not a lot money to adapt them to
    > Unicode
    > immediately, but that must be used coherently with a 8-bit charset
    > that will
    > match the languistic needs.

    Except that most of that legacy software won't be able to handle a new
    part to 8859 any more than it can handle Unicode. It has to be revised
    either way. (Granted, the cost of revision is overall less for a new
    8859 than for Unicode.)

    John H. Jenkins

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