RE: A proposed change of name for Latin Small Letter TH withStrikethrough

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Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 18:47:56 EST

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    > But that specific use is the same as the use of the reversed t, h
    > ligature that the i.t.a. uses and the proposed U+0246 (LATIN
    > SMALL LIGATURE ITALIC TH) from N2656. While all three
    > have different glyphs, they all represent a voiced th in English,
    > and it is extremely unlikely that any document would use more
    > than one such form.

    By that logic, both the proposed 0246 and your i.t.a. ligature can be
    unified with U+00F0, which is the character used in the IPA convention
    to represent a voiced th in English.

    Problem is, it's not good logic.

    Unicode encodes characters, not orthographic functions. There may be a
    problem with unnecessary proliferation of inconsistent conventions for
    representing a particular phoneme of a given language (one dictionary
    does this while another does that), but that is not a problem that
    should be solved by unifying the different graphic representation into a
    single character that is defined in terms of an orthographic function.

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