Re: About the Kikaku script for Mende, and an existing font for it

Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 13:36:24 EST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote,

    > So it seems that tone marks used in the latin transcription of Mendé ˇre not
    > marked in the Kikaku script. It would be interesting to have some book prints
    > available to see if there are punctuation signs or symbols to mark word
    > separation, as well as digits or numbers (some syllables in the Kikaku script
    > closely ressemble to the European digits, and I wonder if an alternate notation
    > was used to mark numbers, or dates, or simply commercial quantities for market
    > exchange and accounting or for marriage dotations, or for customary judiciary
    > decisions, in countries where most of negocations were performed orally).

    Does anyone have access to a copy of the following?:
         Tuchscherer, K.T. 1996. The Kikakui (Mende) syllabary
         and number writing system. Ph.D., London School of
         Oriental and African Studies.

    Based on the title, it seems that Kikakui might have additional symbols
    for numbers.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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