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Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 16:51:50 EST

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    Lest I get jumped upon for inaccuracy!:-) I hasten to add that, if we can
    get an undotted i in fine Gentium I don't care if it als provides dots for
    every single consonant (we may be laughed at as ignorant peasants, but we
    know enough to only use what we need in accordance with the practice of our


    That is why Irish traditional spelling rendered in Gentium looks so silly!

    I'm sure I, or almost anyone else on this august list, could easily adapt
    Gentium to the small extent of removing that extraneous dot, but it would
    probably be illegal to so alter it. Any point asking SIL for that favour?

    That is, asking SIL for a special 'Irish' edition of Gentium with only our
    native dots, for when our native fonts are denied us, for whatever reason.

    Scr甐bh <>:
    >Quoting Peter Kirk <>:
    >> I don't think it affects Irish, unless you want to be dotless Mar覺on 覺n
    >> Ir覺sh even when us覺ng a non-Gael覺c font. The consensus on the list seems
    >> to be that Irish should be written with a normal i character and the dot
    >> removed in particular fonts.
    >That's exactly the point. When the dot-convention for lenition is being used,
    >the "i" should never be dotted, even when using a non-Gaelic font, because
    >there's no such thing as a lenited "i" in Irish.
    >It's not a character-glyph issue.

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