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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 11:48:22 EST

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    On 16/03/2004 07:35, Carl W. Brown wrote:

    > ...
    >I suspect that just changing the font to eliminate the dot will be easier.
    >Software won't have to be changed, existing code pages will not have to be
    >changed, searches will work, etc.
    It has the disadvantage of making these fonts useless for Turkish and
    Azeri, and more fundamentally so than fonts which have <f,i> ligatures
    with no visible dot. And of course the fonts would not be acceptable to
    most users of English and other Latin script languages. So any such font
    will be restricted to a small niche market.

    On the other hand, the change to Unicode required for Irish to use
    dotless i would be rather trivial, simply adding Irish to the existing
    list currently consisting of Turkish and Azeri, to which Tatar, Bashkir,
    Gagauz, Karakalpak and various minority languages of Azerbaijan should
    also be added.

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