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Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 11:02:27 EST

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    At 19:46 +0000 2004-03-19, Marion Gunn wrote:
    >Ar 15:41 +0000 2004/03/18, scríobh
    >>Anyone who feels that past monetary contributions towards encoding
    >>efforts were made based on false pretenses may be able to seek legal
    >>James Kass
    >An admission of having made a seemingly foolhardy investment hardly amounts
    >to making such a claim as you say, James.: -)

    How very cute.

    What money was spent by that company between 1993
    and 2001 on standardization was chiefly for
    JTC1/SC2/WG2 and CEN/TC304 activities, and it was
    spent with the agreement of the two co-owners
    co-directors who both signed the cheques. For my
    part, I regret not one penny of the money we
    chose to spend on standardization travel, nor one
    minute of the time I invested in drawing up
    script and character proposals. If I may be so
    bold to say so, the Unicode Standard and ISO/IEC
    10646 -- and computer users worldwide -- are
    better off for the "investment" made between 1994
    and 2001 than they would have been otherwise.

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