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Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 11:09:55 EST

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    At 14:57 -0600 2004-03-19, Unspecified wrote:
    >Quoting Peter Kirk <>:
    >> I don't think it affects Irish, unless you want to be dotless Marıon ın
    >> Irısh even when usıng a non-Gaelıc font. The consensus on the list seems
    >> to be that Irish should be written with a normal i character and the dot
    >> removed in particular fonts.
    >That's exactly the point. When the dot-convention for lenition is being used,
    >the "i" should never be dotted, even when using a non-Gaelic font, because
    >there's no such thing as a lenited "i" in Irish.
    >It's not a character-glyph issue.

    I'm in Roscommon celebrating my partner's
    sister's birthday, but I will check some
    resources I have at home on this issue.

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