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Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 11:29:13 EST

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    At 20:14 +0000 2004-03-19, Marion Gunn wrote:
    > >In Irish writing that uses the dot-convention, the dot represents lenition.
    > >Vowel phonemes are not liable to lenition, so it doesn't make any sense to
    > >have a dotted i, any more than a dotted a, e, o, or u.
    >Exactly my point. I believe I had a similar
    >conversation in February 14 yrs ago, with a
    >newly-arrived American lad (when I was still on
    >my first Mac and a VM100) who traded me, for a
    >copy of Ó Dónaill's dictionary (and I considered
    >cheap at the price), a poor, raggedy attempt at
    >an Irish font my Department refused to purchase,
    >but which fired my hungry soul's imagination.

    While the bitmap font Gaillimh I designed in 1988
    was not particularly beautiful, it never had a
    dot on the i. My copy of Ó Dónaill's dictionary,
    however, was bought by me in 1985 when I lived in

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