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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 17:11:44 EST

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    Regarding Moon script... and Braille...

    > And surely Braille could equally be
    > considered a cipher of Latin script (although the same symbols are also
    > used as a cipher of other scripts).

    No, Braille is not a cipher of any other script. It is *not* simply
    one-to-one mappable to/from the Latin script. There are ambiguous
    constructs that cannot be back-mapped uniquely. It is in fact a separate

    Regarding Moon, my informant last said in 2002: "This is a raised script
    used by a small user community in Great Britain." He further said,
    "computerized Moon is always read from left to right".

    Again, "The Royal National Institute for the blind is the last producer of
    Moon texts" and "it is widely read by older blind persons in England."

    Nobody has made any proposal for encoding it.

    It is English only; and it is a cipher of Latin, except for a few symbols
    for word abbreviations, which certainlly *could* be encoded if someone
    wanted to take the trouble to propose them. A Unicode implementation would
    then use higher level protocol -- a "font shift" into Moon font using A-Z,
    with special symbols for the abbreviations.


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