Re: [Slightly OT] Font examiner program/utility?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 17:13:47 EST

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    At 12:14 PM 3/24/2004, Mike Ayers wrote:

    > Does anyone know of a good program for examining fonts? What I
    > am looking for is some way to, given a font, find out both the glyphs
    > contained and the code points (bad term?) at which those glyphs are
    > situated. Ability to read hinting/shaping tables a bonus. Suggestions?

    For TT (and TT based OT) fonts, on Windows, you can use the Unibook utility.
    You can load any TT font and it will show all the glyphs in the font at the
    Unicode position.
    You can load a nameslist from the Unicode Character Database and look up
    character names
    as well.

    You can see private use code assignments and you can graphically display a
    limited set of font metrics.

    It supports both fonts installed on your system, as well as direct access
    to TT font files.

    You can get it (free) at:

    I use it in this mode whenever someone sends me a font for characters not
    yet encoded - I always need to hunt down the glyphs as (being unencoded)
    they are either somewhere in the PUA or in overloaded Latin-1 space.


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