Re: The Unicode Standard Withdrawn

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 17:39:44 CST

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    I was just remarking on another list that it was too bad there is not French
    (and by extension other major language) translation of announcements from the
    Consortium. How are non-English speakers to know that there's no Unicode
    anymore? Some don't know about Version 4.1 - or the whole enterprise - and now
    this on top of everything else!


    Quoting Kenneth Whistler <>:

    > Mountain View, CA, April 1, 2005 - The Unicode(R) Consortium announced
    > today that due to irreconcilable technical problems, the Unicode
    > Standard has been withdrawn. All Unicode characters are now
    > considered deprecated, until such time as further study and input
    > can rectify any mistakes in the standard.
    > "We have received numerous complaints about the Unicode Standard
    > insulting minority languages," said Mark Davis, President of the
    > Unicode Consortium. "It is clear that we have inadvertantly
    > published misleading and mistaken character names in our
    > standard. We consider this situation intolerable, and had no
    > choice but to shut down the enterprise until corrective actions
    > could be taken."
    > The Unicode Consortium apologizes to developers around the world
    > for any inconvenience caused by withdrawal of the standard, and hopes
    > that alternative solutions can be found on a speedy basis.
    > The Unicode office will be happy to refer inquiries about
    > code page and character support to major software vendors, who can be
    > expected to take up the slack in the absence of the Unicode
    > Standard.
    > About the Unicode Standard
    > The Unicode Standard used to be a fundamental component of
    > all modern software and information technology protocols.
    > It provided a uniform, universal architecture, and managed
    > to equally insult all languages of the world. It had over
    > 96,000 characters encoded, many of them mistakenly. It was
    > the basis for mis-processing, data loss and misbehavior of
    > browsers worldwide. It led to an epidemic of undisplayable
    > character boxes. Unicode was regularly lambasted by
    > developers of modern protocols such as IDN and has been
    > blamed for security problems on the Internet because it
    > encoded more than 94 characters -- some of which happened
    > to look like each other.
    > About the Unicode Consortium
    > The Unicode Consortium was a non-profit organization founded
    > to develop, extend and promote software globalization. Because
    > withdrawal of the Unicode Standard has pretty much left it
    > without a mission and the officers with nothing to do, the
    > Unicode website has been repurposed to take advantage of
    > online gambling, so we can finally make a profit.
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