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Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 19:59:35 CDT

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    In defence of "illiterate" Slavs, let me remind you that Christianity for
    centuries has been destroying identity of many nations. Look for example
    the movie Braveheart: in it there is a mention that bagpipes were outlawed
    in Scotland of the time of William Wallace. In Russia they collected all
    musical instruments and burned them in public places. That was common
    practice of that time to destroy everything Slavic, any evidence
    of pre-christian history, and
    Queen Yekaterina II in her "Notes concerning Russian history"
    mentioned that "Slavs before birth of Christ had had many writings" (my
    translation may be inacurate).

    Even today, after centuries of eradication there is still a lot of evidence
    of pre-christian Slavic writings that create contraversy about the origines
    of Slavic writing.

    This Russian website has a collection of books about researches in that area: (all books are available on-line for free as in word

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