RE: Taiwan Aboriginal Languages and Unicode support

From: Dean Harding (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 17:08:52 CST

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    > Hm. Supposing I type by mistake the wrong combining diacritical mark,
    > then when I want to make the correction (by hitting backspace once) I
    > have to retype the main character too ?

    The way it usually works for me is that backspace deletes the combing
    character, then the base character, with two keystrokes. However, you can't
    put the cursor in "between" those two characters, nor can you use delete to
    delete just the base character ("delete" will delete both base + combining).

    It's kind of hard to describe, but once you start using it, its quite

    Of course, any editor can implement their features any way it like...


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