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From: hsv@tbbs.net
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 09:48:25 CDT

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    I was looking at "UnicodeData.txt", in hope of finding some of the queer
    characters used for the IBM 1400s, 7090, 7040, and such, group mark,
    record mark, numeric blank, .... Nothing matches. Are they there?

    Although these were controls, there were graphics, too, for them. The
    record-mark looked like a sanserif double-dagger, and more symmetrical.
    Another was made of a long stroke crossed by three short strokes, and a
    third of a "b" with a stroke across its stem--the like of this had often
    been among the marks used for a blank space when it was important to show
    howmany there were in a character-string. One was made of two curved
    strokes meetind at a point in the middle.

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