Unicode 5.0 contents online (free)?

From: Don Osborn (dzo@bisharat.net)
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 12:03:39 CDT

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    Are there any plans to make _The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0_ book (that
    is, its contents) available online?


    A possible model for this would be the way the US National Academies Press
    makes the contents of many books searchable and browsable on its site at no
    cost. The thought is that it is an important reference that should be more
    widely available. Making the contents searchable and accessible in this way
    will probably not affect sales of the book itself - many people who use the
    book regularly and have the means to afford it (or who work for companies
    that will buy it) will still find the physical book more convenient. But for
    many others, including people with less means or living in parts of the
    world where it is more of a problem to order it, it could be a great help.


    The NAP site is http://www.nap.edu/ . As you'll note, they are selling books
    as well as making contents of many available online. One big issue of course
    would be how much it would cost to set up such a feature for Unicode 5.0.


    Don Osborn



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