Re: minimizing size (was Re: allocation of Georgian letters)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2008 - 13:56:16 CST

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    I have copied ordinary text from Notepad to lots of other applications
    and had no problem, whereas I have copied ordinary text from other
    applications to BabelPad and had the mojibake problem. I suppose there
    is a possibility that something other than BabelPad is the culprit, but
    I'm applying the duck test here.

    As I said earlier, I assume Andrew will fix this for the next release of
    BP, if he hasn't already.

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    Subject: Re: minimizing size (was Re: allocation of Georgian letters)
    > Doug Ewell wrote,
    >> ... Sometimes there is a large chunk of random text after the "real" 
    >> data; there have been other symptoms as well.
    > Oh, you sometimes get those bizarre chunks at the end, too?
    > I'm guessing that this bug relates to non-textual formatting 
    > information being sent to the clipboard which, when pasted into a text 
    > editor, gets displayed as the mojibake it is.
    > I often get a whole bunch of extra empty lines followed by what appear 
    > to be random strings of a repeated Chinese ideograph (U+8080) 
    > interspersed with a control character (U+0080).  (Sometimes there's 
    > additional gibberish.)
    > This happens in BabelPad, but not Notepad.  Notepad apparently assumes 
    > that it knows better than the user and/or other applications and 
    > removes the mojibake, whereas BabelPad faithfully inserts whatever is 
    > in the clipboard memory to the text area.
    > Which application has the bug, BabelPad or Notepad?  (Trick question, 
    > opinions will differ, and the real bug is in the clipboard and/or the 
    > application from which the data was copied.)
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass

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