Re: [unicode] What is a Chinese font?

Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 01:04:09 CST

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    Here I attached 3 sample TTFs that I modified UnicodeRanges
    and CodePageRanges by binary editor.

    All bits in UnicodeRange in OS/2 are set, so all Unicode
    characters are declared as available. CodePageRange
    bits are left (original vs17.ttf declares Latin1 codepage).

    All bits in CodePageRange in OS/2 are set, so all codepages
    are declared as available. UnicodeRange bits are left
    (original vs17.ttf declares CJK Symbols & Punctuations only).

    All bits in UnicodeRange and CodePageRange in OS/2 are set.

    When I install in Microsoft Windows XP and check wordpad.exe,
    vs17-ucr.ttf is shown as Latin1 font, but vs17-cpr, vs17-ucr+cpr
    are shown as capable: Big5, GB2312, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic,
    Symbol, Thai, Turky, Baltic, Korean Wansung, Korean Johab,
    Vietnamese, Hebrew, Latin1, Central European, and Japanese.
    So I think CodePageRange may be important. Please try the fonts
    in your environment.


    On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 18:39:28 -0600 wrote:

    >In the process of preparing a document for unicode related work I made
    >the attached small font containing 19 cjk glyphs. On linux the font
    >functions as expected, however when installed on
    >windunicode@unicode.orgows XP (Chinese version), in both word and
    >wordpad the font is considered by the system to be a western font and
    >therefore can not be used for cjk characters.
    >My question then are, "How does windows decide whether a font is
    >Chinese or not? What needs to be added to this font."
    >John Knightley

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