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Date: Mon Oct 25 2010 - 08:03:50 CDT

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    Le lundi 25 octobre 2010 à 14:08 +0300, Arns Udovīčė a écrit :
    > Hello all,
    > On 2010-06-30 change became effective for Samogitian
    > ( There are one
    > letter which has many problems with rendering. It is E/e with dot
    > above and macron [...] You can see it in: atvīkė̄ or Vielībė̅jė. On
    > Linux it is shown (in different shrifts) as „ė“ with macron between
    > dot and letter or „ė“ with minus near letter (see attachment).

    On my (linux) system, it is well rendered.

    > [...] Try to use in IT is complicated.
    > What I should to do what this letter come to unicode? As I read in
    > it is better to deal
    > about it in this thread at first.

    First, Unicode has stopped long time ago (Unicode 4.1 ?) to encode
    composite latin diacritics. I have the feeling it should be documented
    in , but I've been
    unable to find a clear statement here. The main reason is thet it would
    break normalization stability
    ( )
    causing security problems (see

    That's why, for exemple, letters for Lithuanian like LATIN CAPITAL
    LETTER A WITH OGONEK AND ACUTE; U+0104 U+0301, is not encoded as a
    unicode character but as a named sequence.

    You may ask for encoding *LATIN {CAPITAL,SMALL} LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE
    AND MACRON as a named sequence (see and folllowing), but
    I'm not sure it has a big chance to stay.


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