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Web Bookmarks for the UnicodeĀ® Standard

The web bookmark pages provide a way to access specific sections of the online PDF editions of the Unicode Standard, starting with Version 4.0. Each bookmark page lists the contents of that version and has links to the chapters, sections, subsections, figures, and tables of the core specification.

Bookmarks for specific versions of the Unicode Standard are completely stable. Links to the "latest" bookmarks will automatically refer to the latest published version of the standard. A "latest" bookmark can be constructed by taking the URL for a specific version bookmark, and replacing the specific version part of the URL with the string "latest". For example:



The first of those links is a link to the "Version Numbering" subsection of Chapter 3 of the core specification specifically for Version 11.0. The second of these links is to the same subsection in the latest Chapter 3 of the core specification, which in 2020 resolves to Version 13.0, but which sometime in 2021 will resolve to Version 14.0, and so forth.

Note that every attempt is made to keep bookmarks stable between versions — the structure of the core specfication is only modified when necessary, and section numbering, figures, and tables are kept as stable as possible. Be aware, however, that section, figure, or table numbering occasionally changes between versions. Even in such cases, the bookmarks still work correctly, but may be pointing to a section with a different number. For example, Dogra in Version 12.0 is Section 15.16, but Dogra in Version 13.0 is Section 15.17. However, in both cases, the actual pdf file for the chapter and the anchor for the bookmark are identical, so the bookmarks will continue to point to the expected material across versions, even though the section numbering has changed.

Versions 4.0 and 5.0 of the Unicode Standard were published as books and were also available in online editions. Beginning with Version 6.0 of the Unicode Standard, the core specification has been published as an online edition only. Versions that were not published as separate online PDFs, such as Version 5.1, do not have web bookmarks and are therefore not included in this list. Bookmarks for versions prior to Version 6.0 do not include subsections, figures, or tables.

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