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Convenor: Michel Suignard (michel@unicode.org)

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 is the international standardization working group for the coded character set UCS - the Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set - ISO/IEC 10646. The scope is to develop a universal multiple-octet coded character set that encompasses the world's scripts. ISO/IEC 10646 and the Unicode Standard share the same repertoire, the Unicode Standard containing more implementation guidelines and documentation concerning the various writing systems encoded in the two standards. Various elements, such as the History, Timeline, and Synchronization points between the two standards can be found in the Annex C of the Unicode Standard.

ISO/IEC 10646 Latest versions

ISO/IEC 10646 latest versions and their published amendments are typically freely available on the ITTF list of Publicly Available Standards, currently:

ISO/IEC 10646:2014 (4th edition) Published 2014-09-01
Electronic inserts Published 2014-09-01
ISO/IEC 10646:2014/Amd 1:2015 Published 2015-05-15
Electronic inserts Published 2015-05-15
ISO/IEC 10646:2014/Amd 2:2016 Published 2016-05-01
Electronic inserts Published 2016-05-01
ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th edition) Published 2017-12-01
ISO/IEC 10646:2017/Amd 1:2019 Published 2019-01-01
ISO/IEC 10646:2017/Amd 2:2019 Published 2019-06-01

Starting with the 5th edition, ISO/IEC 10646 code charts and data files are also hosted on the unicode.org site. For more information, see About the Code Charts.

Related Organizations

The official ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 WG2 site is: ISO SC2/WG2. Consult that site for official documents (agendas, minutes, ...) related to the working group process. All other documents, such as encoding proposals, liaisons statement, any other technical contributions are primarily posted on the Unicode hosted WG2 Document Registry.

The parent sub-committee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2  site is: ISO SC2. Consult that site for ISO/IEC 10646 ballot documents, new work item proposals. You may need accreditation from your local ISO member structure to get full access to both WG2 and SC2 ISO web sites.

 WG2 has a sub-group: Ideographic characters Rapporteur Group - IRG which is dedicated to the encoding of CJK Ideographs.

Calendar of Meetings

WG2 meets approximately once a year along with its parent committee SC2. The following table shows a list of recent and upcoming meetings:

Meeting # Location Dates Call and Logistics
65 San Jose, CA (USA) September 26-30, 2016  
66 Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China September 25-29, 2017  
67 London, United Kingdom June 18-22, 2018  
68 Redmond, WA, USA June 17-21, 2019  
69 Takamatsu, Japan June 15-19, 2020 N5150, N5127

WG2 maintains an attendance log of past meetings starting at meeting #23. There is also a summary of past WG2 meetings, including agenda, resolutions, minutes, and action items.

Principle and Procedures

The current WG2 Principles and Procedures document is accessible here:

 Principles and Procedures