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Last updated: December 31, 2005

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Doc. # Subject Source Date
L2/05-001 Complete L2/UTC document register 2004 Rick McGowan 2005-01-05
L2/05-002 Proposal to add Greek Letter Lowercase Heta and Greek Letter Capital Heta (supercedes L2/04-388) Updated fonts 2005-04-28. Nick Nicholas 2005-01-01
L2/05-003 Proposal to add Greek epigraphical letters (see also L2/04-389) Updated fonts 2005-04-28. Nick Nicholas 2005-01-01
L2/05-004 Preliminary Agenda for 16 - 18 March 2005 Meeting of SC22/I18NRG (see also L2/04-431 logistics) SC22 2005-01-06
L2/05-005 Re: Gautam Sengupta's proposal for assigning a distinct code point to Bangla Yaphalaa Mike Meir 2005-01-13
L2/05-006 Re: N'Ko Proposal in Amendment 2 Mamady Doumbouya, 2005-01-13
L2/05-007 Informative Annex on 'Characters in Identifiers' (= WG2 N2895) V S Umamaheswaran 2005-01-14
L2/05-008 Proposal for encoding the Balinese script (= WG2 N2908) Michael Everson, I Made Suatjana 2005-01-25
L2/05-009 Letters in support of Phoenician Deborah Anderson 2005-01-19
L2/05-010 Re: N'Ko Proposal in Amendment 2 François Yergeau, Patrick Andries 2005-01-20
L2/05-011 Public Review Issue #29: Normalization Issue (for reference; closed) Mark Davis 2005-01-20
L2/05-012 Pattern Whitespace and Pattern Syntax Characters (revised) Mark Davis 2005-01-20
L2/05-013 Unicode Liaison Report for WG Meeting #46 in Xiamen (= WG2 N2873) Asmus Freytag 2005-01-20
L2/05-014 Pattern_Syntax problematic characters Markus Scherer 2005-01-20
L2/05-015 Property[Value]Aliases.txt changes for compatibility Markus Scherer 2005-01-20
L2/05-016 Tags for Identifying Languages (draft 3066bis) A. Phillips 2005-01-20
L2/05-017 Documents showing old and new N’Ko letters (= WG2 N2914) Mamady Doumbouya 2005-01-22
L2/05-018 Line Break Mark Davis 2005-01-23
L2/05-019 UTS #10 UCA Mark Davis 2005-01-23
L2/05-020 Reasons for Enhancing RFC 3066 Mark Davis 2005-01-23
L2/05-021 Letter of support from Balinese Government (= WG2 N2916) Michael Everson 2005-01-25
L2/05-022 Extension B font versioning: follow-up report, part 1 (text) Richard Cook 2005-01-25
L2/05-023 Extension B font versioning: follow-up report, part 2 (tables: 75pp, 9.6MB) Richard Cook 2005-01-25
L2/05-024 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics Deborah Anderson 2005-01-28
L2/05-025 UTC #102 Agenda Lisa Moore 2005-01-31
L2/05-026 UTC #102 Minutes (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-05-16
L2/05-027 UTC #102 Motions (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-05-16
L2/05-028 Further Collation Items Mark Davis 2005-01-26
L2/05-029 Proposal to encode additional Latin orthographic characters for Uighur (WG2 N2931) Lorna Priest 2005-01-26
L2/05-030 Principles and Procedures for Allocation of New Characters and Scripts and
handling of Defect Reports on Character Names (Replaces N2652R, N2352R, N 2002 and N1876) (= WG2 N2902)
V S Umamaheswaran 2005-01-27
L2/05-031 Summary Report of IRG#24 (= WG2 N2917) IRG 2005-01-27
L2/05-032 Korean Transliteration Rules (Response to Action Item AI-43-11) (= WG2 N2918) Kyongsok Kim 2005-01-27
L2/05-033 Block Names and Annex L update (= WG2 N2919) US Nat'l Body 2005-01-27
L2/05-034 Seventeen Planes restriction (= WG2 N2920) US Nat'l Body 2005-01-27
L2/05-035 Named UCS Sequence Identifiers (= WG2 N2921) US Nat'l Body 2005-01-27
L2/05-036 Consensus on Encoding Phags-pa Script (= WG2 N2922) WG2 ad hoc 2005-01-27
L2/05-037 Request to add clarification concerning some HKSCS CJK Ideographs in Annex P of ISO/IEC 10646:2003 (= WG2 N2925) Taichi Kawabata, Lu Qin 2005-01-27
L2/05-038 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3760 (FPDAM text for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646:2003) (= WG2 N2926) Michel Suignard 2005-01-27
L2/05-039 Proposed Update UAX #9 Bidirectional Algorithm Mark Davis 2005-01-27
L2/05-040 Proposed Update UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2005-01-27
L2/05-041 Proposed Update UAX #14 Line Breaking Properties Asmus Freytag 2005-01-27
L2/05-042 Proposed Update UAX #15 Unicode Normalization Forms Mark Davis, Martin Duerst 2005-01-27
L2/05-043 Proposed Update UTS #22 Character Mapping Markup Language Mark Davis, Markus Scherer 2005-01-27
L2/05-044 Proposed Update UAX #29 Text Boundaries Mark Davis 2005-01-27
L2/05-045 Proposed Draft UTR #33 Unicode Conformance Model Ken Whistler, Asmus Freytag 2005-01-27
L2/05-046 Comments on Public Review Issues (Nov 13, 2004 - Feb 2, 2005) Rick McGowan 2005-01-27
L2/05-047 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3761 (PDAM text for Amendment 2 to ISO/IEC 10646:2003) (= WG2 N2927) Michel Suignard 2005-01-28
L2/05-048 Snapshot of Open Public Review Issues web page (for reference to PRI #57, and PRI #58) Rick McGowan 2005-01-28
L2/05-049 Public Review Issue #59, Disunification of Dandas Editorial Committee 2005-01-28
L2/05-050 Charts - Amendments 1 and 2 to ISO/IEC 10646:2003 (= WG2 N2924R) Asmus Freytag 2005-01-28
L2/05-051 Public Review Issue #63: POSIX Data for CLDR Mark Davis 2005-01-28
L2/05-052 ISO 4217 Currency Code Issues (Revised) Mark Davis 2005-03-05
L2/05-053 Preliminary codechart for encoding Vai into the SMP José Rivera, et al 2005-01-31
L2/05-054 Feedback on Proposals for Tack Hetas and Greek Epigraphical Letters (L2/05-002, L2/05-003) Deborah Anderson 2005-02-01
L2/05-055 Comments on PRI 59: Script Specific Danda and Double Danda Eric Muller 2005-02-03
L2/05-056 Comments on Balinese Proposal, L2/05-008 Peter Constable 2005-02-02
L2/05-057 Proposed Principles for Character Disunifications Peter Constable 2005-02-02
L2/05-058 WG2 Consent Docket, Part 1: Unicode 4.1 Issues Ken Whistler 2005-02-02
L2/05-059 WG2 Consent Docket, Part 2: Unicode 5.0 Issues Ken Whistler 2005-02-03
L2/05-060 Open Action List, before UTC #102 and L2 #199 Rick McGowan 2005-02-03
L2/05-061 Analysis of Indian proposal to encode Lepcha script in the UCS Michael Everson 2005-02-05
L2/05-062 Proposed Updates To 4.1.0 Linebreak Properties Asmus Freytag 2005-02-06
L2/05-063 Issues in Representation of Indic Scripts in Unicode Om Vikas 2005-02-07
L2/05-064 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 46 (= WG2 N2904) Mike Ksar 2005-02-07
L2/05-065 UTR #36 issues Mark Davis 2005-02-08
L2/05-066 L2 #199 Agenda Cathy Wissink 2005-02-10
L2/05-067 L2 #199 Minutes Cathy Wissink 2005-02-21
L2/05-068 Missing numeric value for Gothic Letter Nine Hundred Markus Scherer 2005-02-09
L2/05-069 Matching Language Identifiers Addison Phillips 2005-02-09
L2/05-070 Indic ad hoc report Rick McGowan 2005-02-09
L2/05-071 Working draft of UTR #37 on variation selector registry Eric Muller 2005-02-10
L2/05-072 Glottal stop issues Peter Constable 2005-02-10
L2/05-073 Basic line breaking rules for Tibetan, Dzongkha, and Ladakhi Asmus Freytag, Chris Fynn 2005-02-10
L2/05-074 Draft UAX #34 Unicode Named Character Sequences Asmus Freytag 2005-02-10
L2/05-075 Open Action List, after UTC #102 and L2 #199 Rick McGowan 2005-02-16
L2/05-076 Stability of Case Folding Mark Davis 2005-02-16
L2/05-077 Final Follow-Up to INCITS LB 918 - Appointment of International Representative - INCITS/L2 Jennifer Garner 2005-03-03
L2/05-078 Canadian Contribution on the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 I18NRG Canada NB 2005-03-17
L2/05-079 Japanese Contribution to the March 2005 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 I18NRG Japan NB 2005-03-17
L2/05-080 Proposal to Encode 10 Additional Cyrillic Characters (rev 2005/08/18) Lorna Priest 2005-03-17
L2/05-081 Chilling effects of the Chillu: Encoding Problems in Malayalam (background doc) - relates to PRI #66 Mahesh T Pai 2005-03-17
L2/05-082 Proposal to add four characters for Sindhi Michael Everson 2005-03-29
L2/05-083 Word-related properties Mark Davis 2005-03-31
L2/05-084 ISO 4217 Currency Code Issues (final; see also L2/05-052R for draft) Mark Davis 2005-03-31
L2/05-085 Encoding of Chillu forms in Malayalam (PRI #66 feedback) Cibu C. Johny 2005-03-31
L2/05-086 Proposal to add inverted interrobang (WG2-N2935) Michael Everson 2005-04-01
L2/05-087 Correcting Malayalam Digit Zero glyph and adding Malayalam numerics Naga Ganesan 2005-04-11
L2/05-088 Proposed Changes to Gurmukhi Sukhjinder Sidhu 2005-04-12
L2/05-089 ISO/DIS 693-3: Codes for the representation of names of languages (French version also available HERE) Peter Constable 2005-04-12
L2/05-090 Proposed Balinese Character Properties Rick McGowan 2005-04-14
L2/05-091 Proposed Balinese Line-Breaking Classes Rick McGowan 2005-04-14
L2/05-092 Unknown Country Mark Davis 2005-04-18
L2/05-093 Some comments on Unicode line-breaking, mirroring, and bidi line processing Kent Karlsson 2005-04-22
L2/05-094 Use of CGJ in Latin script diacritics Bob Hallissey, Lorna Priest 2005-04-22
L2/05-095 Proposal to encode the Lanna script Martin Hosken 2005-04-25
L2/05-096 Known Anomalies in Unicode Character Names Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler 2005-04-25
L2/05-097 Proposal to Encode Additional Latin Phonetic and Orthographic Characters (revision 2, 2005/08/11) Peter Constable, Lorna Priest 2005-04-25
L2/05-098 Proposal to add Greek epigraphical characters to the UCS (executive summary of L2/05-002 and L2/05-003) Nick Nicholas 2005-04-25
L2/05-099 Proposed Working Draft - Named Sequences Mark Davis 2005-04-28
L2/05-100 Proposal to add Carian to the SMP (WG2 N2938) Michael Everson 2005-04-26
L2/05-101 Proposal to add Lycian to the SMP (WG2 N2939) Michael Everson 2005-04-26
L2/05-102 Proposal to add Lydian to the SMP (WG2 N2940) Michael Everson 2005-04-26
L2/05-103 Use of character names in user interfaces Peter Kirk 2005-04-27
L2/05-104 Malayalam zero glyph (background information) Naga Ganesan 2005-04-29
L2/05-105 Letter in support of additions to IPA block John Esling 2005-05-02
L2/05-106 Byzantine Musical Notation: Proposal for Changes Nick Nicholas 2005-05-02
L2/05-107 UTC #103 Agenda Lisa Moore 2005-05-03
L2/05-108 UTC #103 Minutes (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-06-23
L2/05-109 UTC #103 Motions (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-06-23
L2/05-110 UTR #36: Unicode Security Considerations (draft 3R) [directory also available, with auxiliary files for individual download] Mark Davis 2005-05-02
L2/05-111 Comments on Public Review Issues (Feb 3, 2005 - May 4, 2005) Rick McGowan 2005-05-03
L2/05-112 Public Review Issue #66, Encoding of chillu forms in Malayalam (background doc) Rick McGowan 2005-05-03
L2/05-113 Proposed Update UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2005-05-03
L2/05-114 Snapshot of Open Public Review Issues web page (for reference to PRI #65) Rick McGowan 2005-05-03
L2/05-115 Proposal for New Work Item on ISO/IEC 14651/Amd. 3 (SC2 3791) Alain LaBonté 2005-05-03
L2/05-116 ISO/IEC 14651 / PDAM. 3, Information technology - PDAM ballot (SC2 3792 cover letter) Alain LaBonté 2005-05-03
L2/05-117 ISO/IEC 14651 / PDAM. 3, Information technology (SC2 3792 English text) Alain LaBonté 2005-05-03
L2/05-118 1st Call, for second meeting of Editing Group on 14651 - 2 Sept. 2005(SC2 3793) Alain LaBonté 2005-05-03
L2/05-119 Open Action List, before UTC #103 and L2 #200 Rick McGowan 2005-05-03
L2/05-120 Ligatures of r, ri, and rii INFITT 2005-05-04
L2/05-121 UTS #18 Newline handling Jianping Yang 2005-05-04
L2/05-122 Proposed Extension C2 Submission John Jenkins 2005-05-04
L2/05-123 Information on Unihan Database Proposed Additions for the UTC John Jenkins 2005-05-04
L2/05-124 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics Deborah Anderson 2005-05-04
L2/05-125 Tags for Identifying Languages (draft-ietf-ltru-registry-01) Addison Phillips, Mark Davis 2005-05-04
L2/05-126 Information on adjunct file to L2/05-125 Doug Ewell 2005-05-05
L2/05-127 Proposed Revision of Text Regarding Combining Characters in Chapter 3 of the Unicode Standard Ken Whistler 2005-05-04
L2/05-128 Comments on L2/05-093 Mati Allouche 2005-05-05
L2/05-129 Tamil Named Sequences Michael Kaplan 2005-05-09
L2/05-130 Encoding Model for Syloti Nagri Conjoining Behaviour Peter Constable 2005-05-09
L2/05-131 Information technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) -- AMENDMENT 2: NKo, Phags-pa, Phoenician and other characters (WG2 N2936, SC2 02N3788) Michel Suignard 2005-05-09
L2/05-132 Text for FPDAM ballot 10646:2003 FPDAM2 (SC2 02N3788) SC2 2005-05-09
L2/05-133 Editorial committee, recently closed actions Ken Whistler 2005-05-09
L2/05-134 Categorizing Nonspacing Marks by Position Mark Davis 2005-05-09
L2/05-135 Corrections to N2786 (ref: L2/04-189 cuneiform) Steve Tinney 2005-05-10
L2/05-136 Draft list of visually confusable characters Mark Davis 2005-05-10
L2/05-137 Handling defective names Asmus Freytag 2005-05-10
L2/05-138 Proposal for TR36 Mark Davis 2005-05-10
L2/05-139 Comments concerning Unicode Security considerations (draft TR36) Michel Suignard 2005-05-10
L2/05-140 Proposal to encode dotted square Murray Sargent 2005-05-11
L2/05-141 Scripts Subcommittee Meeting Report Rick McGowan 2005-05-11
L2/05-142 Request for establishment of a Liaison between ISO/TC 37/SC 2 (Terminography and Lexicography) and JTC 1/SC 2 (SC2 02N3797) SC2 2005-05-11
L2/05-143 Information technology Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) AMENDMENT 1: Glagolitic, Coptic, Georgian and other characters (SC2 02N3790) Michel Suignard 2005-05-12
L2/05-144 ISO/IEC 14651 / FDAM 2 Alain LaBonté 2005-05-12
L2/05-145 INCITS 2005 Systematic Review of International Standards (with auxiliary documents) INCITS 2005-05-12
L2/05-146 L2 #200 Agenda Cathy Wissink 2005-05-12
L2/05-147 Comments on PRI 65: Devanagari Eyelash Ra Eric Muller 2005-05-12
L2/05-148 Comments on PRI 66: Mayalam cillaksarams Eric Muller 2005-05-12
L2/05-149 User's guide to the Unihan database John Jenkins 2005-05-12
L2/05-150 Arabic errata Asmus Freytag 2005-05-12
L2/05-151 Annotations to the printing of the 1924 Azhar Qur'an (5.5MB) Thomas Milo 2005-05-12
L2/05-152 Malayalam numeric forms Peter Constable 2005-05-12
L2/05-153 Recommendations on how to handle the input from document L2/05-106 Proposal for Changes in Byzantine Musical Notation Asmus Freytag 2005-05-12
L2/05-154 Malayalam chillu ka Peter Constable 2005-05-12
L2/05-155 Report of linebreaking ad-hoc Asmus Freytag 2005-05-12
L2/05-156 US Ballot comments on 10646 PDAM 2 Michel Suignard 2005-05-12
L2/05-157 L2 #200 Minutes Cathy Wissink 2005-05-24
L2/05-158 Proposal for encoding the Lepcha Script (WG2 N2947) Michael Everson 2005-06-15
L2/05-159 Proposal to add the Vai script to the BMP (WG2 N2948) Michael Everson, et al 2005-07-04
L2/05-160 Report on IRG #24 John Jenkins 2005-05-26
L2/05-161 Comments on Unicode Consortium's Draft UTR #36 Felix Sasaki 2005-06-02
L2/05-162 Public Review Issue #71, Questions on Malayalam Digits Rick McGowan 2005-06-07
L2/05-163 Casablanca Statement on ICT Localisation in Africa Don Osborn 2005-06-21
L2/05-164 Evidence for the correct symbols used for zero,10,100,1000 and fractions in Malayalam (4MB) K.G.Sulochana 2005-07-08
L2/05-165 Proposal to change the glyph of Malayalam Digit Zero Kerala State IT Mission (P. Sreekumar) 2005-07-05
L2/05-166 Towards a Computerization of the Lao Tham System of Writing G. Kourilsky, V. Berment 2005-07-15
L2/05-167 Proposed Changes to Gurmukhi 2 Sukhjinder Sidhu 2005-07-
L2/05-168 Proposal to Obsolete the Grapheme_Link Property Ken Whistler 2005-07-18
L2/05-169 For a correct encoding of N'ko (WG2 N2949) François Yergeau, Patrick Andries 2005-07-18
L2/05-170 Proposal to add Jain Religious Symbol-Teen Lok Manoj Jain 2005-07-21
L2/05-171 List of Contributors and Participants in the Vai Proposal for Unicode Charles Riley 2005-07-28
L2/05-172 Proposal to clarify principles for disunification of combining diacritical marks (draft was here ; WG2 N2976) Asmus Freytag, et al 2005-08-26
L2/05-173 Malayalam related topics (PRI #71) Cibu C Johny 2005-07-21
L2/05-174 Irish comments on Cuneiform Michael Everson 2005-07-28
L2/05-175 Proposal to includes Malayalam Numbers as distinct characters Kerala State IT Mission (P. Sreekumar) 2005-07-29
L2/05-176 CLDR Corrigenda (snapshot of Mark Davis 2005-07-29
L2/05-177 Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) Project (1.4 scheule, snapshot of Mark Davis 2005-07-29
L2/05-178 A Sgaw Karen Unicode Proposal; Extending Myanmar to Incorporate Sgaw Karen Martin Hosken 2005-07-29
L2/05-179 UTC #104 Agenda Lisa Moore 2005-08-05
L2/05-180 UTC #104 Minutes Lisa Moore 2005-08-17
L2/05-181 UTC #104 Motions (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-08-17
L2/05-182 L2 #201 Agenda Cathy Wissink 2005-08-
L2/05-183 Preliminary proposal to add medievalist characters to the UCS Michael Everson, Odd Einar Haugen, et al 2005-08-02
L2/05-184 Dissociating Myanmar Medials: A Proposal to Encode Separate Myanmar Medials Martin Hosken 2005-08-01
L2/05-185 Documentation for KSSA as Non-conjunct Consonant and Conjunct Consonant in Tamil INFITT 2005-08-01
L2/05-186 Suggested Tamil default collation in the UCA INFITT WG02 2005-08-01
L2/05-187 Notification of Approval for the US National Body to Host the Spring 2006 JTC 1/SC 2Plenary INCITS 2005-08-02
L2/05-188 Lao Tham in Terms of Lanna: a response to L2/05-166 from L2/05-095 Martin Hosken 2005-08-02
L2/05-189 Report on progress in implementing the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet with indication of the need for additional characters and symbols Juhani Lehtiranta, et al 2005-08-02
L2/05-190 Disposition of Comments Report for SC 22 N 3666, ISO/IEC FCD 15897 Cathy Wissink 2005-08-02
L2/05-191 Proposal for dealing with lowercase Claudian letters Ken Whistler 2005-08-02
L2/05-192 Draft 7d3 of UTR #25 (Math) Asmus Freytag 2005-08-03
L2/05-193 Proposal to encode Claudian Latin letters to the UCS (WG2 N2960) Michael Everson 2005-08-08
L2/05-194 Proposal to add LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP to the UCS (WG2 N2962) Michael Everson, Chris Harvey 2005-08-10
L2/05-195 Initial Language Subtag Registry Doug Ewell 2005-08-04
L2/05-196 Tags for Identifying Languages (3066bis) Addison Phillips, Mark Davis 2005-08-04
L2/05-197 Suggested changes in the Character Property Model (#23) Mark Davis 2005-08-04
L2/05-198 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics Deborah Anderson 2005-08-04
L2/05-199 Snapshot of Open Public Review Issues web page on August 4, 2005 Rick McGowan 2005-08-04
L2/05-200 Comments on Public Review Issues (May 5, 2005 - August 9, 2005) Rick McGowan 2005-08-09
L2/05-201 Public Review Issue #71: Questions on Malayalam Digits Rick McGowan 2005-08-04
L2/05-202 Public Review Issue #72: Stability of the Bidi Mirrored Property Mark Davis 2005-08-04
L2/05-203 Public Review Issue #73: Representative Glyphs for Arabic Characters U+06DF, U+06E0, and U+06E1 Rick McGowan 2005-08-04
L2/05-204 Proposed Draft UAX #24, Script Names Mark Davis, Asmus Freytag 2005-08-04
L2/05-205 Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Standard #37, Registration of Ideographic Variation Sequences Hideki Hiura, Eric Muller 2005-08-04
L2/05-206 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2005-05-05) Rick McGowan 2005-08-05
L2/05-207 Open Action List, before UTC #104 and L2 #201 Rick McGowan 2005-08-05
L2/05-208 Approval of new IPA sound: the labiodental flap Peter Constable, John Esling 2005-08-05
L2/05-209 Proposed Update UTR #36, Security Mark Davis 2005-08-05
L2/05-210 Chandrakkala. Samvruthokaram. Chillaksharam, from the perspective of Malayalam Collation R. Chitrajakumar , N. Gangadharan 2005-08-05
L2/05-211 Suggestions for UAX #15 Mark Davis 2005-08-05
L2/05-212 Background Information on IPA Mark Davis 2005-08-05
L2/05-213 Samvruthokaram and Chandrakkala (accompanies L2/05-210) R. Chitrajakumar , N. Gangadharan 2005-08-07
L2/05-214 Chillaksharam of Malayalam Language (accompanies L2/05-210) R. Chitrajakumar , N. Gangadharan 2005-08-07
L2/05-215 Feedback on Cyrillic letters EL WITH HOOK and HA WITH HOOK (L2/05-080) Deborah Anderson 2005-08-07
L2/05-216 Letter of Recommendation re Encoding of Myanmar Alphabets in Unicode (WG2 N2966) Myanmar N.B. 2005-08-07
L2/05-217 Revised Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3788 : ISO/IEC 10646:2003/FPDAM 2, Information technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet
Coded Character Set (UCS) -- AMENDMENT 2: NKo, Phags-pa, Phoenician and other characters (2.2MB) (WG2 N2959)
SC 2 Secretariat 2005-08-07
L2/05-218 Proposal on Encoding Three Todo Mongolian Punctuation Marks in the
BMP (WG2 N2963)
China N.B. 2005-08-07
L2/05-219 A User's Agreement Related to Phags-pa Script (WG2 N2964) China N.B. 2005-08-07
L2/05-220 Revised Summary of Voting on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 N 3791 : Proposal for New Work Item on ISO/IEC 14651/Amd. 3 SC 2 Secretariat 2005-08-07
L2/05-221 Revised Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3792: ISO/IEC 14651/PDAM 3 SC 2 Secretariat 2005-08-07
L2/05-222 Final revised proposal to encode the Saurashtra script (WG2 N2969) Michael Everson, J. C. Krishnamoorty 2005-08-08
L2/05-223 Comments on L2/05‐172 (On Criteria for disunifying Diacritics) From : P. Andries and F. Yergeau P. Andries, F. Yergeau 2005-08-08
L2/05-224 Letter in Support of L2/05-194 (glottal stop) Lorna Priest 2005-08-08
L2/05-225 Security Aspects in IDN Marcos Sanz 2005-08-08
L2/05-226 Working draft of Unicode Technical Standard #37, Registration of Ideographic Variation Sequences Hideki Hiura, Eric Muller 2005-08-10
L2/05-227 Draft Letter to ISO regarding Ideographic Variation Sequences Eric Muller 2005-08-10
L2/05-228 Analysis of a TDIL proposal for Vedic Eric Muller 2005-08-11
L2/05-229 Unicode Security Considerations, UTR #36 (IETF slide presentation) Michel Suignard 2005-08-11
L2/05-230 Nameslist annotations for new Cyrillic letters Lorna Priest 2005-08-11
L2/05-231 Regarding the proposed changes for the representative glyphs for 06DF, 06E0, and 06E1 Kamal Mansour 2005-08-11
L2/05-232 Comments on Saurashtra Michael Everson 2005-08-11
L2/05-233 Open Action List, after UTC #104 and L2 #201 Rick McGowan 2005-08-17
L2/05-234 Letter from Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN Indonesia) re Balinese Indonesia N.B. 2005-08-19
L2/05-235 Minutes for 16 - 18 March 2005 meeting of ISO/JTC1/SC22/I18NRG SC2 2005-08-19
L2/05-236 Malayalam Language -- Inclusion of Chillu characters Kerala State IT Mission 2005-08-25
L2/05-237 Clarification on the identity and use of three N'Ko letters (WG2 N2977) Mamady Doumbouya, et al 2005-08-26
L2/05-238 Proposed change in properties for brackets Asmus Freytag 2005-08-23
L2/05-239 Liaison Report from the Unicode Consortium (to ISO TC37/SC2) Peter Constable 2005-08-25
L2/05-240 Response to US/UTC proposal on principles for disunification of combining diacritical marks (WG2 N2978) Ireland N.B. 2005-08-28
L2/05-241 Old Anatolian scripts Michael Everson 2005-08-31
L2/05-242 TC37/SC2 Liaison Report to the Unicode Consortium Peter Contable 2005-09-21
L2/05-243 Final proposal to encode the Ol Chiki script (WG2 N2984) Michael Everson 2005-09-08
L2/05-244 Proposal to add four Tibetan characters for Balti (WG2 N2985) Michael Everson 2005-09-06
L2/05-245 Table of Replies for ISO/IEC 14651/FDAM 2, Amendment 2 SC2 Secretariat 2005-09-05
L2/05-246 Letter to Mark Davis from Om Vikas re Malayalam Chillus Om Vikas 2005-09-06
L2/05-247 Comments on N2976 (On Criteria for disunifying Diacritics) P. Andries and F. Yergeau 2005-09-05
L2/05-248 Comments on 2977 (Alleged parallel between 3 N'ko Glyphs & Latin Long S) François Yergeau, Patrick Andries 2005-09-05
L2/05-249 Proposal to include Malayalam Symbols (four fractions) Kerala State IT Mission 2005-09-06
L2/05-250 Canadian Contribution to the September 2005 SC22 Plenary on Canadian Submission to SC22 Plenary 2005 Linux Working Group SC22 Secretariaat 2005-09-06
L2/05-251 Hamza Issue Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2005-09-09
L2/05-252 WG2 Meeting Summary (Sophia Antipolis) Ken Whistler 2005-09-21
L2/05-253 IRG Meeting #24 Resolution (WG2 N2967) Lu Qin 2005-09-21
L2/05-254 Summary Report of IRG #24 (Kyoto, Japan, 2005-05-24 - 27) (WG2 N2968) Lu Qin 2005-09-21
L2/05-255 Glyph Forms for PHAGS-PA LETTER YA and PHAGS-PA LETTER
Andrew West 2005-09-21
L2/05-256 Proposal to add Mahjong symbols (WG2 N2975) Taiwan 2005-09-21
L2/05-257 Phags-pa Glyphs (WG2 N2979) Andrew West 2005-09-21
L2/05-258 Defect report and proposal to add one musical multiple rest character (WG2 N2983) Patrick Andries 2005-09-21
L2/05-259 Proposed additions to Principles and Procedures document (WG2 N2987) US N.B., V. S. Umamaheswaran 2005-09-21
L2/05-260 Proposal to correct the Character Names for Tai Xuan Jing (WG2 N2988) Taiichi Kawabata 2005-09-21
L2/05-261 Proposal to add six additional Uralicist characters (WG2 N2989) Klaas Ruppel, Erkki Kolehmainen, et al 2005-09-21
L2/05-262 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3788 (FPDAM text for Amendment 2 to ISO/IEC 10646:2003) (WG2 N2990) Michel Suignard 2005-09-21
L2/05-263 Supporting references for N2931: Proposal to Encode Additional Latin Characters for Uighur and Kazak Latin Alphabet (WG2 N2992) China N.B. 2005-09-21
L2/05-264 Request to clarify text on conjoining Jamo (WG2 N2994) Asmus Freytag, Ken Whistler 2005-09-21
L2/05-265 Clause 26.1 of ISO/IEC 10646:2003 (WG2 N2996) Korea N.B. 2005-09-21
L2/05-266 Guidelines for handling requests to add to FDAM (WG2 N2997) V.S. Umamaheswaran 2005-09-21
L2/05-267 Proposed annotations for Annex P – reference N2988 (WG2 N2998) Japan N.B. 2005-09-21
L2/05-268 SC2/WG2 Proposed Modification to Program of Work (WG2 N2999) Michel Suignard 2005-09-21
L2/05-269 Clarification concerning Hangul syllable method (WG2 N3006) Michel Suignard 2005-09-21
L2/05-270 WG2 Consent Docket (Sophia Antipolis) Ken Whistler 2005-09-22
L2/05-271 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 47 (WG2 N2954R) Mike Ksar 2005-09-22
L2/05-272 Summary of repertoire for FDAM 2 of ISO/IEC 10646 (WG2 N2992) Asmus Freytag 2005-09-22
L2/05-273 Summary of repertoire of PDAM 3 of ISO/IEC 10646 (WG2 N2993) Asmus Freytag 2005-09-22
L2/05-274 Snapshot of Pictorial view of Roadmaps to BMP, SMP, SIP and SSP (WG2 N2986) V. S. Umamaheswaran 2005-09-23
L2/05-275 Recommendations to the next SC2 Plenary concerning the Editing Group of ISO/IEC 14651 (WG2 N3007) Alain LaBonté 2005-09-23
L2/05-276 U+1DBF Modifier Letter Small Theta Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2005-09-27
L2/05-277 Problems with a Language-based Security Approach Michel Suignard 2005-10-06
L2/05-278 UTC #105 Agenda Lisa Moore 2005-11-09
L2/05-279 UTC #105 Minutes (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-11-10
L2/05-280 UTC #105 Motions (pre-preliminary) Lisa Moore 2005-11-10
L2/05-281 Proposed annotations for Annex P – reference N2988 Japan N.B. 2005-09-30
L2/05-282 Proposal for ISO/IEC 14651 Second Edition Alain LaBonté 2005-09-30
L2/05-283 ISO/IEC 14651/FPDAM 3 - Text for FPDAM ballot Alain LaBonté 2005-09-30
L2/05-284 ISO/IEC 14651/FPDAM 3 Alain LaBonté 2005-09-30
L2/05-285 Common table for ISO 14651 FPDAM 3 (do not print for meeting) Alain LaBonté 2005-09-30
L2/05-286 Recommended changes to UAX #29, #14 Mark Davis, Andy Heninger 2005-10-05
L2/05-287 U+047C/U+047D Cyrillic Omega with Titlo Alexej Kryukov 2005-10-05
L2/05-288 Principles and Procedures for Allocation of New Characters and Scripts and handling of Defect Reports on Character Names (WG2 N3002) V.S. Umamaheswaran 2005-10-07
L2/05-289 Cuneiform property inconsistencies Ken Whistler 2005-10-10
L2/05-290 Unicode Standard 5.0, Chapter 3 draft Julie Allen 2005-10-10
L2/05-291 ISO 4217 Currency Code Issues Cathy Wissink, Mark Davis 2005-10-10
L2/05-292 Linebreak Issues Mark Davis 2005-10-10
L2/05-293 Business Plan for JTC1/SC2 Tatsuo Kobayashi 2005-10-12
L2/05-294 Proposed revision to UAX 29 Deborah Goldsmith 2005-10-12
L2/05-295 Proposal to add 3 Malayalam Numbers 10, 100, 1000 and 3 Fraction
symbols 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 (WG2 N2970)
V.S. Umamaheswaran 2005-10-13
L2/05-296 Correct the glyph shape of Malayalam digit zero - Editorial Corrigendum (WG2 N2971) V.S. Umamaheswaran 2005-10-13
L2/05-297 New Work Item Proposal: amendments to ISO 4217 TC68 2005-10-13
L2/05-298 New Work Item Proposal: amendments to ISO 4217 - ballot results TC68 2005-10-13
L2/05-299 Change Management for the Unicode Collation Algorithm Data Table (DUCET) Ken Whistler, et al 2005-10-13
L2/05-300 Request for Egyptian transliteration characters as provided in N2241: Proposal
to add 6 Egyptological characters to the UCS by Michael Everson
Deborah Anderson 2005-10-13
L2/05-301 UCA Default Table Criteria for New Characters Ken Whistler 2005-10-18
L2/05-302 Collation Upper- and Lower-Bound Characters Ken Whistler 2005-10-18
L2/05-303 Inconsistencies in the set of Linebreak=SA characters Mark Davis 2005-10-18
L2/05-304 General category and bidi property for some Indic characters Asmus Freytag 2005-10-21
L2/05-305 L2 #202 Agenda Cathy Wissink 2005-10-21
L2/05-306 Letter Ballot for the Approval of Resolution 05-30a: Cancellation of the
Revision ISO/IEC 15897, Procedure for the Registration of Cultural Elements
SC22 2005-10-21
L2/05-307 ZWJ/ZWNJ behavior under Indic scripts with special reference to chillu, conjuncts, etc in Malayalam Rajeev J Sebastian 2005-10-21
L2/05-308 Problems of Malayalam Encoding in the Indic context (Rachana's response to Malayalam encoding debate) R. Chitrajakumar , N. Gangadharan 2005-10-21
L2/05-309 Proposal for addition of characters to Malayalam Block (revised) R. Chitrajakumar 2005-10-31
L2/05-310 Rachana Documents (cover letter for L2/05-307, 308, 309) R. Chitrajakumar 2005-10-21
L2/05-311 Revised proposal to encode Egyptian hieroglyphs in Plane 1 (1.1 MB, 37pp) Richard Cook, et al 2005-10-24
L2/05-312 Sample of Hieroglyphic mapping data file Richard Cook, et al 2005-10-24
L2/05-313 Scans from Catalog of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Printing Type (2MB, 59pp) Richard Cook, et al 2005-10-24
L2/05-314 Comments on Mark's proposals re: linebreaking Asmus Freytag 2005-11-02
L2/05-315 Comments on properties for characters to be introduced in Unicode 5.0 Kent Karlsson 2005-10-24
L2/05-316 Comments on 5.0 properties, and property consistency, for some Indic characters (introduced before 5.0) Kent Karlsson 2005-10-24
L2/05-317 Comments on ICANN draft Guidelines Mark Davis 2005-10-24
L2/05-318 Proposals for Unicode Consortium (Arabic math) - overview document Azzeddine Lazrek 2005-10-24
L2/05-319 Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols (amas5l.pdf) Azzeddine Lazrek 2005-10-24
L2/05-320 Arabic Mathematical Diverse Symbols (amds4l.pdf) Azzeddine Lazrek 2005-10-24
L2/05-321 Arabic Mathematical Old Symbols (amos3l.pdf) Azzeddine Lazrek 2005-10-24
L2/05-322 Mathematical Symbols (ms3l.pdf) Azzeddine Lazrek 2005-10-24
L2/05-323 Letter from Dumbarton Oaks re Byzantine Greek inscriptions (see also scanned version with signature delivered by mail here) Deborah Anderson 2005-10-24
L2/05-324 Proposed Update UAX #9: Bidirectional Algorithm Mark Davis 2005-10-24
L2/05-325 Proposed Update UTR #25: Unicode Support for Mathematics Mark Davis 2005-10-25
L2/05-326 Proposed Update UAX #29: Text Boundaries Mark Davis 2005-10-25
L2/05-327 Draft UTS #37, Ideographic Variation Database Hideki Hiura, Eric Muller 2005-10-25
L2/05-328 Proposed Draft UTR #36: Unicode Security Considerations Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2005-10-25
L2/05-329 Proposed Draft UTS #39: Unicode Security Mechanisms Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2005-10-25
L2/05-330 Proposed Update UAX #31: Identifier and Pattern Syntax Mark Davis 2005-10-25
L2/05-331 Comments on Public Review Issues (August 10, 2005 - October 28, 2005) Rick McGowan 2005-10-28
L2/05-332 Public Review Issue #80 background document (for UAX #9 update) Mark Davis 2005-10-25
L2/05-333 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2005-08-18) Rick McGowan 2005-10-25
L2/05-334 Critical review of Rachana (L2/05-210) and other arguments to encode Malayalam Chillus Cibu C Johny 2005-10-25
L2/05-335 DENIC’s Comments on ICANN’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names, Version 2.0 Marcos Sanz 2005-10-25
L2/05-336 Suggestions for amending PropertyValueAlias.txt Michael Everson 2005-10-25
L2/05-337 Letter from Amadeu Abril i Abril in support of inverted interrobang Michael Everson 2005-10-25
L2/05-338 Comments on N2985 – Balti Tibetan additions (WG2 N3010) Andrew West 2005-10-25
L2/05-339 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics Deborah Anderson 2005-10-25
L2/05-340 ICANN Email List Archives, comments on IDN draft Sept-Oct 2005 (36pp) various 2005-10-25
L2/05-341 Summary of proposed changes from L2/05-106, Byzantine Musical Notation Deborah Anderson 2005-10-25
L2/05-342 Lithuanian case folding John Cowan 2005-10-25
L2/05-343 Proposal to Encode the Kaithi Script in Plane 1 Anshuman Pandey 2005-10-26
L2/05-344 Proposed changes to Gurmukhi 3 Sukhjinder Sidhu 2005-10-27
L2/05-345 Proposal to encode one Tibetan astrological character (WG2 N3011) Andrew West 2005-10-27
L2/05-346 Proposal to encode three archaic Tibetan characters (WG2 N3012) Andrew West 2005-10-27
L2/05-347 Comments on: N3012 - Proposal to encode three archaic Tibetan characters Christopher J. Fynn 2005-10-27
L2/05-348 5th Working Draft - Information Technology - Screen icons and symbols for
personal mobile communication devices
SC35 (A. Winkler) 2005-10-27
L2/05-349 Information Technology - Screen icons and symbols for personal mobile communication devices SC35 (A. Winkler) 2005-10-27
L2/05-350 New Work item Proposal Information Technology - User Interfaces - Accessible User Interface for Accessibility Setting on Information Devices Part I : General and methods to start. SC35 (A. Winkler) 2005-10-27
L2/05-351 Report of the SC 35 Plenary Meeting – University of Madison, Wisconsin – July 5th – 9th 2005 SC35 (A. Winkler) 2005-10-27
L2/05-352 TR 29 and Myanmar/Khmer Martin Hosken 2005-10-28
L2/05-353 Feedback on UTR #36 Mark Davis 2005-10-28
L2/05-354 Chillu and Semivowel examples (this is an addendum to L2/05-308) R. Chitrajakumar , N. Gangadharan 2005-10-28
L2/05-355 SG 17 requirements for future editions of ISO/IEC 10646 ITU-T Study Group 17 2005-10-28
L2/05-356 Proposed UTN "Unicode, BOM, Signatures" Markus Scherer 2005-10-28
L2/05-357 Note on Lao Character Names Andrew West 2005-10-31
L2/05-358 Sample code chart with extra information Mark Davis 2005-11-02
L2/05-359 Complex Mapping Description: A Description of an Extension to UTR22 Martin Hosken 2005-11-03
L2/05-360 L2 #201 Minutes Cathy Wissink 2005-11-03
L2/05-361 Call for Volunteers - Chairman - INCITS/L2 Jennifer Garner 2005-11-03
L2/05-362 Bidi ad hoc report: bidi mirroring characters Mark Davis 2005-11-03
L2/05-363 Guidelines for the Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names Gary Karp, et al 2005-11-03
L2/05-364 Re: New Tibetan Proposals Chris Fynn 2005-11-04
L2/05-365 ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amd.2:2006 (FDAM 2) - additional files are HERE Michel Suignard 2005-11-04
L2/05-366 ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amd.3:2006 (PDAM 3) - additional files are HERE Michel Suignard 2005-11-04
L2/05-367 L2 #202 Minutes Lisa Moore 2005-11-04
L2/05-368 Towards an encoding of the Kaithi script Michael Everson 2005-11-10
L2/05-369 W3C-Unicode Liaison Report Felix Sasaki 2005-11-11
L2/05-370 Letter to ITU re Liaison membership Lisa Moore 2005-11-17
L2/05-371 Gurmukhi annotations Sukhjinder Sidhu 2005-11-21
L2/05-372 Chillus, Samvrithokaram and Chandrakkala - A Problem Which is Not Mahesh T. Pai 2005-11-22
L2/05-373 Malayalam keyboard layout and character encoding. Report of the Government of Kerala Committee, May 2001 Gov't of Kerala 2005-11-30
L2/05-374 (void - see L2/05-371)    
L2/05-375 Statement from UTC to ICANN Mark Davis 2005-11-28
L2/05-376 Script value for unassigned code points Mark Davis 2005-11-28
L2/05-377 Request to Allocate the Sharada Script in the Unicode Roadmap Anshuman Pandey 2005-11-30
L2/05-378 Proposal to change the script property for three Mongolian punctuation marks Eric Muller 2005-12-05
L2/05-379 Proposal to add the property Jamo_Short_Name property Eric Muller 2005-12-05
L2/05-380 Proposal to encode the Lycian and Lydian scripts (WG2 N3019) Michael Everson 2005-12-30
L2/05-381 ISO/IEC PDTR 19765 - Information Technology - Survey of icons and symbols that provide access to functions and facilities to improve the use of IT products by the elderly and persons with disabilities SC35 Secretariat 2005-12-09
L2/05-382 ISO/IEC FDIS 15897 - Procedures for registration of cultural elements, Explanatory Report SC22 2005-12-28
L2/05-383 ISO/IEC FDIS 15897 - Procedures for registration of cultural elements SC22 2005-12-28
L2/05-384 Proposal to encode Gurmukhi Udaat (See also L2/05-344) Sukhjinder Sidhu 2005-12-30
L2/05-385 L2 Letter Ballot on ISO/IEC FDIS 15897 (link not yet live) Cathy Wissink 2005-12-30
L2/05-386 Proposal to encode the Carian script (WG2 N3020) Michael Everson 2005-12-31

End of document