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UnicodeĀ® Technical Committee Document Registry

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This is the home of the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) document registry. Quick links to all of the recent document registers, organized year-by-year, are provided in the following table.

UTC Document Registers, By Year

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Document Search

UTC Document Search provides a way to find documents by number. This search can also be used to find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register.

Document Submission

For instructions on document submission, see How to Submit Proposal Documents and Submitting Character Proposals. The Proposal Summary Form is required for some types of submissions.

Roadmaps and Pipeline

The UTC maintains the Roadmaps to Unicode together with WG2. The Roadmaps contain current allocations of standardized characters and proposed allocations for future characters, to help guide both the authors of character proposals and the review of those proposals by the UTC and WG2.

The Pipeline page summarizes, in detail, all currently approved characters and scripts that are in various stages of ISO review and/or balloting, and which have not yet been published in any version of the Unicode Standard. This page is also actively used to guide proposal review.


The UTC document registry has been continuously maintained since the founding of the UTC in January, 1991. Online documents were first posted starting in 1997, so the table of register links from this page starts in 1997.

For details regarding the early history of the document registry and UTC meetings, see Earlier UTC Meetings. Links to very early document registers and other historical documents are located at UTC Historical Documents.