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UTC Document Register for 2019

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/19-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2018 Rick McGowan 2019-01-02
L2/19-002 Comments on three Arabic-derived letters Marc Lodewijck 2019-01-02
L2/19-003 Suspicious identity of U+A9B5 JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN TOLONG Liang Hai, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-01-04
L2/19-004 Properties of U+A9BD JAVANESE CONSONANT SIGN KERET Liang Hai, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-01-04
L2/19-005 Proposal to encode ORIYA SIGN OVERLINE (revised) Lorna Evans 2019-06-21
L2/19-006 Proposal to encode the LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AT for Koalib orthography and gender inclusive language in Portuguese and Spanish Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-01-05
L2/19-007 UTC #158 Agenda Lisa Moore 2019-01-13
L2/19-008 UTC #158 Minutes Lisa Moore 2019-02-08
L2/19-009 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2018-09-14) Rick McGowan 2019-01-10
L2/19-010 Comments on Public Review Issues (Sept 14, 2018 - January 11, 2019) Rick McGowan 2019-01-11
L2/19-011 Proposal to add one Idu character for the place name to UAX #45 Eiso Chan 2019-01-04
L2/19-012 Proposal for encoding symbols for visual acuity charts Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-01-07
L2/19-013 UAX 14 Improve Line Breaking Around Numbers Andy Heninger 2019-01-07
L2/19-014 Revised Regular Expressions in UAX #38 John H. Jenkins 2019-01-07
L2/19-015 Proposed Overhaul of kZVariant Data in the Unihan Database (replaces L2/15-266) John H. Jenkins 2019-01-07
L2/19-016 Revised proposal to encode Old Uyghur (replaces L2/18-126) Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-11
L2/19-017 Comments on L2/18-346: Sequences for Unused Malayalam Letters N. Ganesan 2019-01-08
L2/19-018 ESC Candidate Recommendations for 2019Q1 ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-01-16
L2/19-019 ESC Report for 2019Q1 ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-01-16
L2/19-020 ESC comments on 2019Q1 feedback from PRIs 387, 380, 392 ESC / Peter Edberg 2019-01-11
L2/19-021 ESC Modified data files for L2/18-340 ESC / Mark Davis 2019-01-15
L2/19-022 Gendered Emoji Update II Charlotte Buff 2019-01-08
L2/19-023 Syloti Nagri feedback on L2/18-259 Lorna Evans, et al 2019-01-08
L2/19-024 Proposal to encode SYLOTI NAGRI SIGN ALTERNATE HASANTA Lorna Evans 2019-01-09
L2/19-025 Proposal to add characters from legacy computers and teletext (replaces L2/18-275) [see also version without attachments, mapping files, mapping spreadsheet] Doug Ewell, Rebecca Bettencourt, et al 2019-01-08
L2/19-026 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-027 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2019-01-09
L2/19-028 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-source Ideographs (HTML version) John H. Jenkins 2019-01-09
L2/19-029 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan) (HTML version) John H. Jenkins, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-030 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Andy Heninger 2019-01-09
L2/19-031 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-032 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-033 Proposed Update UAX #34, Unicode Named Character Sequences (HTML version) Addison Phillips 2019-01-09
L2/19-034 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-035 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2019-01-09
L2/19-036 Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML (HTML version) Eric Muller 2019-01-09
L2/19-037 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-038 Public Review Issue #392: Multi-person Emoji (background document) ESC / Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-039 Grapheme break property for U+FF9E and U+FF9F Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-040 General category of U+FFFC Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-041 Linebreak property value of U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-042 Linebreaks inside numbers Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-043 Proposal to add one U-source ideograph Jaemin Chung 2019-01-10
L2/19-044 Bété Script Working Documents Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-045 New charts for Northern and Southern Palaeohispanic Joan Ferrer, Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-046 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-047 Recommendations to UTC #158 January 2019 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2019-01-13
L2/19-048 Draft for Proposed Update UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2019-01-10
L2/19-049 Proposed Change in GCB Property Value for Surrogate Code Points Ken Whistler 2019-01-10
L2/19-050 Reconsidering gc and InPC values of U+119D2 nandinagari vowel sign i Liang Hai 2019-01-11
L2/19-051 Proposal for encoding the Yezidi script in the SMP (revised) Andrij Rovenchak, et al 2019-05-20
L2/19-052 Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire - First Tranche: Human, God and Goddess (WG2 N5019) Michel Suignard 2019-01-11
L2/19-053 Proposal to Encode Znamenny Musical Notation in Unicode Aleksandr Andreev, Nikita Simmons 2019-04-17
L2/19-054 Feedback on Properties Roozbeh Pournader 2019-01-13
L2/19-055 Proposed Changes in the Segmentation Property Values for Fullwidth Digits Laurențiu Iancu 2019-01-14
L2/19-056 Comments on L2/18-337 - Broaden the scope of what Unicode calls "properties" Michael Saboff 2019-01-15
L2/19-057 The Mongol script encoding - 2018, Meeting Summary D. Badarch 2019-01-15
L2/19-058 Mongolian ad-hoc report (laboratory prototype) Ken Whistler 2019-01-17
L2/19-059 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 UTC / Deborah Anderson 2019-01-18
L2/19-060 Proposal for Emoji: COOKING POT Emojination / Samantha Sunne 2019-01-22
L2/19-061 Proposal for PLACARD Emoji Emojination / Theo Schear, Jennifer 8. Lee 2019-02-19
L2/19-062 Piñata Emoji Proposal Emojination / Rebecca Blaesing, et al 2019-02-04
L2/19-063 A proposal for encoding italics in plain text using Variation Selector 14 William Overington 2019-02-07
L2/19-064 Investigation of Tangut unification issues (WG2 N5031) Andrew West, Viacheslav Zaytsev 2019-02-11
L2/19-065 Compatibility Ideographs and UAX #45 John H. Jenkins 2019-02-19
L2/19-066 Under-specified IRG Source References Richard Cook 2019-02-19
L2/19-067 Proposal to encode the Zoroastrian symbol 'Fravahar' in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-19
L2/19-068 Proposal to add additional characters into the Graphics for Legacy Computing block (revised) Renzhi Li 2019-10-04
L2/19-069 Proposal to encode the Old Turkic ligature ORKHON CI Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-19
L2/19-070 Replacement of Adlam Reference Font in Codesheet to Updated Design Neil Patel, Mark Jamra 2019-01-19
L2/19-071 Preliminary report on L2/17-337, Revised chart of Naxi Dongba characters Duncan Poupard 2019-01-19
L2/19-072 LATIN LETTER TURNED CAPITAL Y Anselm D. Schüler 2019-01-19
L2/19-073 Proposal to add BREATH punctuation marks Andrés Sanhueza 2019-01-19
L2/19-074 Proposal to include Shughni/Roshani Alphabet Habib Zohoori 2019-02-25
L2/19-075 Proposal to add six phonetic characters for Scots (revised, WG2 N5036) Michael Everson 2019-05-07
L2/19-076 Proposal to encode three cross symbols (revised, WG2 N5037) Michael Everson 2019-05-07
L2/19-077 Proposal to include Balti alphabet Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2019-03-06
L2/19-078 Using Gender Inclusive Designs Jennifer Daniel 2019-03-06
L2/19-079 Proposal for revision of Unicode Bangla Block ICT Div, Gov't of Bangladesh 2019-03-06
L2/19-080 Proposal for Transgender Flag Emoji Ted Eytan, et al 2019-03-14
L2/19-081 Proposal to update the U-Source reference for U+2B089 Eiso Chan, et al 2019-03-15
L2/19-082 QID Emoji Proposal (revised) Mark Davis 2019-05-02
L2/19-083 Positional category of Javanese pengkal Norbert Lindenberg, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-03-29
L2/19-084 The Curse of Representation by Specificity, or: Why There Should Not Be a Transgender Flag Emoji Charlotte Buff 2019-03-29
L2/19-085 Smileys under consideration for Unicode 13.0 ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-03-29
L2/19-086 Encoding Model for Conjuncts with Chillus Cibu Johny, et al 2019-03-29
L2/19-087 Proposal for Emoji: ACCORDION Bruce Triggs 2019-03-29
L2/19-088 Proposal for Emoji: SEWING NEEDLE Amanda Hickman, et al 2019-03-29
L2/19-089 Proposal to add 4 music-used ideographs to UAX #45 Eiso Chan, Kushim Jiang 2019-04-01
L2/19-090 Proposal for Emoji: LONG DRUM Emojination / Samantha Sunne 2019-04-01
L2/19-091 Proposal to encode a pair of Ascia symbols for Roman epigraphy (WG2 N5038) Andrew West, Michael Everson 2019-04-01
L2/19-092 Proposal to encode Latin Letter Reversed Half H (WG2 N5039) Andrew West, Michael Everson 2019-04-01
L2/19-093 Proposal to encode three Christian symbols (WG2 N5040) Andrew West, Michael Everson 2019-04-01
L2/19-094 Announcement of Japanese new era name Japan NB 2019-04-01
L2/19-095 Proposal for Emoji: COCKROACH Emojination / Jason Li, et al 2019-04-02
L2/19-096 Proposal for MATRYOSHKA Emoji Jef Gray, Samantha Sunne 2019-04-02
L2/19-097 Proposal for Emoji: WOOD Emojination / Dylan Sherry, et al 2019-04-02
L2/19-098 Proposal for MIRROR Emoji Emojination / Theo Schear, et al 2019-04-02
L2/19-099 Person Looking in Mirror Emoji Jennifer Daniel 2019-04-02
L2/19-100 Preliminary proposal to encode four extended Bopomofo letters for Cantonese Eiso Chan 2019-04-08
L2/19-101 Priorities for Future RGI Emoji Sequences ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-04-08
L2/19-102 Proposal for Emoji: HUT Samantha Sunne 2019-04-09
L2/19-103 Proposal for Emoji: TEAPOT Ian Jacobi, Phillip Jacobi 2019-04-09
L2/19-104 Proposal for Emoji: FLIP-FLOP, STRAP SANDAL Emojination / Callum Ponton, et al 2019-04-09
L2/19-105 Bucket Pail Emoji Proposal Emojination / Malik Adan, et al 2019-04-09
L2/19-106 Introducing the Sidetic Script Anshuman Pandey 2019-04-10
L2/19-107 Preliminary proposal on encoding Jianzi Musical Notation and Jianzi Format Controls (WG2 N5041) Culture and Art Publishing House / Eiso Chan 2019-04-15
L2/19-108 Proposal for Emoji: WINDOW Samantha Sunne 2019-04-16
L2/19-109 Two People Hugging Emoji Jennifer Daniel 2019-04-16
L2/19-110 Proposal for BEAVER Emoji Emojination / Joan Donovan, et al 2019-04-16
L2/19-111 Proposal to encode ARABIC LETTER LAM WITH SMALL ARABIC LETTER TAH ABOVE Lorna Evans, et al 2019-05-01
L2/19-112 Proposal to define a space character as a group separator Marcel Schneider 2019-04-18
L2/19-113 Proposal to spread a warning about legibility of six bidi-mirrored symbols Marcel Schneider 2019-04-19
L2/19-114 Proposal to focus line break prevention design on end-user input Marcel Schneider 2019-04-19
L2/19-115 Proposal to ensure usability of fixed-width spaces Marcel Schneider 2019-04-19
L2/19-116 Proposal to clarify the purpose of U+202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE Marcel Schneider 2019-04-19
L2/19-117 Request to change Annotation of U+11FEC and U+11FED in Tamil Supplementary Block Naga Ganesan 2019-04-19
L2/19-118 Proposal to add Arabic letter JEEM WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE and JEEM WITH THREE DOTS BELOW Neil Patel, et al 2019-04-19
L2/19-119 Replacement of Adlam Reference Font in Codesheet to Updated Design (revised) Neil Patel, et al 2019-05-15
L2/19-120 Proposal to correct General_category for a pair of ornamental guillemets Marcel Schneider 2019-04-22
L2/19-121 UTC #159 Agenda Lisa Moore 2019-05-01
L2/19-122 UTC #159 Minutes Lisa Moore 2019-05-09
L2/19-123 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2019-01-10) Rick McGowan 2019-04-26
L2/19-124 Comments on Public Review Issues (January 11 - April 28, 2019) Rick McGowan 2019-04-28
L2/19-125 Comments on L2/19-086: Archaic Malayalam Sequences Naga Ganesan 2019-04-22
L2/19-126 Insufficiency of the existing description of variant selectors and variant sequences in Mongolian Unicode character table Enkhdalai B. 2019-04-22
L2/19-127 Proposal: Modification of description of variant selectors and variant sequences Enkhdalai B. 2019-04-22
L2/19-128 Improvement of Mongolian Unicode Block CITA-WG 2019-04-22
L2/19-129 Refined Phonetic Model (Mongolian) Bolorsoft / Badral S. 2019-04-22
L2/19-130 Towards a well-formed Mongolian specification that allows interoperable implementations Liang Hai 2019-04-22
L2/19-131 Filling the gap between orthographic patterns and shaping specs (Mongolian) Shen Yilei 2019-04-22
L2/19-132 On Mongolian punctuation marks Shen Yilei 2019-04-22
L2/19-133 An introduction to the execution of our Solution with Minimal Modifications (Subtitle: for achieving a stable and unified Mongolian encoding as soon as possible) Liang Jinbao 2019-04-22
L2/19-134 Summary of Mongolian property updates in Unicode since MWG2 Roozbeh Pournader 2019-04-22
L2/19-135 Proposal to create open source for open type tables for modern Mongolian Andrew Glass 2019-04-22
L2/19-136 The Todo encoding and a font proposition Mingzai 2019-04-22
L2/19-137 Demo: unbounded gender propagation to make an user-friendly OpenType Mongolian font Shen Yilei 2019-04-22
L2/19-138 Some possible improvement ideas to the current Mongolian encoding Anand Orkhonbaatar 2019-04-22
L2/19-139 Mongolian Working Group Meeting 3 (MWG3) Report Lisa Moore 2019-04-22
L2/19-140 Summary of alternative encoding solutions to re-syllabified compound words Liang Hai 2019-04-22
L2/19-141 Summary of proposals made during Mongolian Working Group Meeting 3 (MWG3) Roozbeh Pournader 2019-04-22
L2/19-142 General comments and suggestions on the Mongolian Working Group 3 Meeting Mongolian Academy of Sciences 2019-04-22
L2/19-143 Proposal to encode CHAKMA LETTER VAA for Pali Zachary Scheuren 2019-04-23
L2/19-144 Proposal for Emoji: MOUSE TRAP Emojination / Shirley Wang 2019-04-23
L2/19-145 Proposal for Emoji: ROCK Emojination / Christian Krenek 2019-04-23
L2/19-146 Proposal for emoji: OLIVE Emojination / Ziad Wakim, et al 2019-04-23
L2/19-147 Proposal for Slightly Smiling Face with Tear emoji Jennifer Daniel 2019-04-23
L2/19-148 Proposal for Emoji Beetle Aaron Ward 2019-04-23
L2/19-149 Proposal for Emoji: LUNG Emojination / Christian Kamkoff, Shuhan He 2019-04-23
L2/19-150 Proposal for Emoji: HEART (ORGAN) Emojination / Christian Kamkoff, Shuhan He 2019-04-23
L2/19-151 Proposal for a Roller Skate emoji Raphaël Vandon, Twixxi Indigo 2019-04-23
L2/19-152 Proposal for Emoji: KNOT Samantha Sunne 2019-04-23
L2/19-153 Proposal for Emoji: TOOTHBRUSH (revised) Emojination / Callum Ponton, et al 2019-10-04
L2/19-154 Proposal for Emoji: TAMALE Emojination / Chasen Le Hara 2019-04-23
L2/19-155 Proposal for a New Emoji: Seal Erik Carter 2019-04-23
L2/19-156 Proposal for Emoji: LATIN CORNBREAD Sebastian Delmont 2019-04-23
L2/19-157 Proposal for Emoji: BLUEBERRIES Emojination / Ankita Devasia, et al 2019-04-23
L2/19-158  Proposal for Emoji: PLUNGER  Emojination / Christian Krenek 2019-04-23
L2/19-159 "What do you want?" Pinched Fingers Emoji Proposal Emojination / Adriano Farano, et al 2019-04-23
L2/19-160 Proposal to add kTGHZ2013 to the Unihan Database Jaemin Chung 2019-04-24
L2/19-161 New kMandarin readings for 148 ideographs Jaemin Chung 2019-04-24
L2/19-162 Garay math notation Andrij Rovenchak 2019-04-24
L2/19-163 Feedback on Garay Andrij Rovenchak, Charles Riley 2019-04-24
L2/19-164 Information on Yezidi UUM and hamza Andrij Rovenchak 2019-04-24
L2/19-165 Peoplese half-length hyphen William Moore 2019-04-24
L2/19-166 Brief Report from meeting on Cypro-Minoan, Paris, March 2019 Deborah Anderson 2019-04-24
L2/19-167 Response to Script Ad Hoc re: L2/18-319 on Bindi before Bihari in Gurmukhi Manvir Singh 2019-04-24
L2/19-168 Supporting string properties in regular expressions Mathias Bynens 2019-04-24
L2/19-169 Proposal to establish NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE as a definitely usable avatar of THIN SPACE Marcel Schneider 2019-04-24
L2/19-170 Request to change the default behavior of Newa Initial Ra Zachary Scheuren, Ananda Maharjan 2019-04-24
L2/19-171 Final List of Characters and Quadrats for Mayan Codices (revised) Carlos Pallán 2019-05-21
L2/19-172 Proposal to add one or two Latin Tironian letters (WG2 N5042) Michael Everson, Andrew West 2019-05-07
L2/19-173 Recommendations to UTC #159 April-May 2019 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2019-04-28
L2/19-174 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2019-04-26
L2/19-175 Glyph for U+2F2A KANGXI RADICAL LAME John H. Jenkins 2019-04-26
L2/19-176 Distributed File to be Described in UAX #45 John H. Jenkins 2019-04-26
L2/19-177 Proposal to encode Cantonese Bopomofo Characters (revised) Ben Yang, Eiso Chan 2019-05-02
L2/19-178 Proposal to add ten characters for Middle English (WG2 N5043) Michael Everson, Andrew West 2019-06-10
L2/19-179 Proposal for the addition of four Latin characters (WG2 N5044) Michael Everson, Chris Lilley 2019-05-28
L2/19-180 Proposal to add two characters for Middle Scots (revised, WG2 N5045R) Michael Everson 2019-10-05
L2/19-181 CD 10646 6th Edition, Disposition of comments Michel Suignard 2019-04-27
L2/19-182 Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2019 (6th ed.) CD.2 Michel Suignard 2019-04-27
L2/19-183 SBL Hebrew Font User Manual (Font version 1.50) John Hudson 2019-04-28
L2/19-184 Response to L2/19-117 on Tamil annotations Shriramana Sharma 2019-04-29
L2/19-185 Proposed Horizontal Extension to ISO/IEC 10646 John H. Jenkins 2019-04-29
L2/19-186 Unihan Ad Hoc Report on Variant Changes John H. Jenkins 2019-04-29
L2/19-187 Proposal for BISON emoji Alex Schmidt 2019-04-30
L2/19-188 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Mark Davis, Chris Chapman 2019-04-30
L2/19-189 Proposal for Consistent Gender Options for Emoji ZWJ Sequences (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2019-10-22
L2/19-190 Emoji Recommendations 2019Q2 (revised) (spreadsheet aux) ESC / Mark Davis 2019-05-03
L2/19-191 UAX#38 vs. UAX#42, and Unihan properties Richard Cook 2019-05-01
L2/19-192 Review of Unicode 2018 Henri Sivonen docs Markus Scherer 2019-05-01
L2/19-193 Updates to data files for Emoji 13.0 ESC / Mark Davis 2019-05-01
L2/19-194 Response to The Curse of Representation by Specificity, or: Why There Should Not Be a Transgender Flag Emoji ESC / Olli Jones 2019-05-01
L2/19-195 Comments on comments about L2/19-063 Italics in Plain Text William Overington 2019-05-02
L2/19-196 Bangladesh Proposal for UTC#159 (PDF of slide presentation) ICT Div, Gov't of Bangladesh 2019-05-02
L2/19-197 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #52 Ken Lunde 2019-05-07
L2/19-198 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 UTC / Deborah Anderson 2019-05-03
L2/19-199 Response to the proposal to add the Tironinan letters Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-05-10
L2/19-200 Renaming the IRG (IRG N2381) John H. Jenkins, Ken Lunde 2019-05-15
L2/19-201 Proposal to correct LATIN SMALL LETTER TONE SIX (U+0185) Juechen Zhong 2019-05-15
L2/19-202 Proposal on 12 China's UNCs for Science & Technology to URO+ (IRG N2378) China NB 2019-05-17
L2/19-203 Working Draft for Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (revised) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2019-07-15
L2/19-204 U+891D 衤单 erratum? Richard Cook 2019-05-24
L2/19-205 IRG Meeting #52 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2019-05-24
L2/19-206 Some Comments on Persian Siyaq Proposal Emad Sheykh 2019-05-28
L2/19-207 Proposal to encode nine Tangut ideographs and six Tangut components (WG2 N5064) Andrew West, et al 2019-05-28
L2/19-208 Proposal to Encode the Lisu Monosyllabic Scripts (WG2 N5047) China NB 2019-05-28
L2/19-209 Proposal to Deprecate Three Fields in the Unihan Database John H. Jenkins 2019-05-30
L2/19-210 UTC Mongolian Liaison Report to SC2/WG2 Lisa Moore 2019-06-06
L2/19-211 Proposed Draft UTR #54, Unicode Mongolian 12.1 Baseline Ken Whistler 2019-06-07
L2/19-212 Proposal to change the font for the CJK Radicals Supplement & Kangxi Radicals blocks (revised; WG2 N5069R) Ken Lunde 2019-06-20
L2/19-213 Proposal for the addition of LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED W (WG2 N5070) Michael Everson 2019-06-11
L2/19-214 Proposal to change some cross-references in CJK Radicals Supplement (revised) Jaemin Chung 2019-06-20
L2/19-215 Emoji Proposal: DIAPER Tim Resudek, et al 2019-06-11
L2/19-216 Preliminary proposal to encode a set of 30 Tamga symbols (WG2 N5092) Andrew West, Viacheslav Zaytsev 2019-06-12
L2/19-217 Proposal to encode Western Cham (revision 3) Martin Hosken 2020-01-09
L2/19-218 Proposal to improve alternative names in the Chakma block Bivuti Chakma 2019-06-17
L2/19-219 Proposal for Biting Lip emoji Jennifer Daniel 2019-06-19
L2/19-220 Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire / First Tranche: Human, God and Goddess / Second Tranche: Human parts, Mammals, Mammal parts (WG2 N5063) Michel Suignard 2019-06-20
L2/19-221 Comments on Mongolian in UCS6CD2 (WG2 N5073) China NB 2019-06-20
L2/19-222 A Proposal to Add Description For Bopomofo Usage to Four Combining Characters, and to Encode Two Bopomofo Combining Tone Marks (WG2 N5088R) TCA / Bobby Tung, Selena Wei 2019-06-20
L2/19-223 Re propose the Oracle Bone encoding in 2020 (WG2 N5090) TCA, China NB 2019-06-20
L2/19-224 Komi Latin letters missing in Unicode (WG2 N5101) Jack Michael Rueter 2019-06-20
L2/19-225 Feedback to N5006 for Adding New Symbols as Counting Rod Numbers (WG2 N5071) Tao Yang 2019-06-20
L2/19-226 Comments on WG2-N5041 (WG2 N5074) China National Database of Characters Program 2019-06-20
L2/19-227 Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2019 (6th ed.) CD-3, Draft (WG2 N5100R3) Michel Suignard 2019-07-24
L2/19-228 Proposal to encode Small Seal Script (WG2 N5105) (Appendix Zip file of charts here 31MB) TCA, China NB 2019-06-20
L2/19-229 SC2/WG2 Mongolian Ad Hoc Report (WG2 N5103) Lisa Moore 2019-06-20
L2/19-230 Amended Proposal to add the "6 letters" (Hangul Jamo) Obayashi Muneaki 2019-06-25
L2/19-231 Recommendations for Gendered Emoji ZWJ Sequences for Unicode 13.0, Phase 2 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2019-07-24
L2/19-232 Proposal for Emoji: TROLL (WG2 N5058) Andrew West, Michael Everson 2019-06-25
L2/19-233 Comments on L2/19-230R (six hangul jamo letters) Jaemin Chung 2019-06-25
L2/19-234 Oppose the L2/19230 document of Hangul Letters Sim CheonHyeong 2019-06-26
L2/19-235 Response to L2/19-056 on broadening the scope of "properties" Mathias Bynens 2019-06-26
L2/19-236 Corrections to UCS6CD2 (ISO/IEC CD.2 10646 6th edition, CJK Ext G) (WG2 N5065) Chen Zhuang 2019-06-26
L2/19-237 Editorial Report on Miscellaneous Issues (meeting IRG#52) (WG2 N5068) CJK editorial group 2019-06-26
L2/19-238 UNC Proposal on China & TCA Science and technology (WG2 N5072R) China NB 2019-06-26
L2/19-239 Disunification of 4 CJK characters (WG2 N5080) TCA 2019-06-26
L2/19-240 Disunification of U+2F83B/U+5406 (WG2 N5081) TCA 2019-06-26
L2/19-241 Errata report for WG2 submission_TCA (WG2 N5083) TCA 2019-06-26
L2/19-242 20 questionable V4-Source characters in Ext. C and Ext. E (WG2 N5094) Eiso Chan 2019-06-26
L2/19-243 Disposition of comments on ISO/IEC CD.2 10646 6th edition (WG2 N5106) Michel Suignard 2019-06-26
L2/19-244 TCA's UNC Proposal for WG2 submission (WG2 N5107) TCA 2019-06-26
L2/19-245 Report of Seal Script discussion in WG2 #68 (WG2 N5108) Toshiya Suzuki 2019-06-26
L2/19-246 Logistic information on Small Seal meeting, Taipei, September (WG2 N5109) TCA 2019-06-26
L2/19-247 Recommendations from WG 2 meeting 68 WG2 / V. S. Umamaheswaran 2019-06-26
L2/19-248 Comments on Mr. 小林 Muneaki's newly preparing document (hangul) Sim CheonHyeong 2019-06-28
L2/19-249 Working Draft for Proposed Update UTS #18, Unicode Regular Expressions (revised) Mark Davis, Andy Heninger 2019-07-25
L2/19-250 WG2 Consent Docket (meeting #68) Debbie Anderson, et al 2019-07-01
L2/19-251 Comments on L2/19-230R (six Hangul jamos) Kyongsok Kim 2019-07-02
L2/19-252 Proposal to include Balti alphabet ARABIC LETTER GRAF Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2019-07-02
L2/19-253 My idea about the comments of 2 Drs. (hangul jamos) Obayashi Muneaki 2019-07-02
L2/19-254 Proposal to change the accepted character names for A7F5 and A7F6 Mark Urupin 2019-07-03
L2/19-255 Comments on L2/19-253 (hangul jamos) Jaemin Chung 2019-07-03
L2/19-256 Proposal to change the representative glyphs of the Latin letter tone six (U+0184/0185) Karl Pentzlin 2019-07-09
L2/19-257 Unihan Definitions Error Report Michel Mariani 2019-07-09
L2/19-258 The baybayin "ra", its origins and a plea for its formal recognition (revised) Fredrick R. Brennan 2019-07-18
L2/19-259 Proposal to encode Balinese Archaic Jnya Ben Yang, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-07-09
L2/19-260 Supplemental proposal on the Latin letter S with short stroke overlay Karl Pentzlin 2019-07-09
L2/19-261 Proposal to encode Latin letters for the Komi Latin alphabet (supplementing L2/19-224) Karl Pentzlin 2019-07-10
L2/19-262 Properties that Apply to Sequences Asmus Freytag 2019-07-12
L2/19-263 Representation of conjuncts involving Ra in Dogra script Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2019-07-15
L2/19-264 Proposal to encode the Abbreviation Sign for Takri Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2019-07-15
L2/19-265 Right Hand Gesturing Right and Right Hand Gesturing Left (+ related ZWJ sequence to create Multi-Skintoned Handshake Emoji) for Unicode 14.0 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2019-07-23
L2/19-266 CJK radical sun is a misnomer William T. Nelson 2019-07-15
L2/19-267 Brief IR Report from WG2 Meeting #68 (Redmond, WA, June 2019) Deborah Anderson 2019-07-17
L2/19-268 Addition of Luo Lakeside Script Kefa Ombewa 2019-07-15
L2/19-269 UTC #160 Agenda Lisa Moore 2019-07-22
L2/19-270 UTC #160 Minutes Lisa Moore 2019-08-02
L2/19-271 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2019-04-26) Rick McGowan 2019-07-18
L2/19-272 Comments on Public Review Issues (April 28, 2019 - July 23, 2019) Rick McGowan 2019-07-23
L2/19-273 Emoji Comments Lisa Moore 2019-07-17
L2/19-274 Proposal to Define Emoji Variation Sequences for PLAYING CARD BLACK JOKER Charlotte Buff 2019-07-17
L2/19-275 Alternate ZWJ sequences for women/men holding hands (revised) Peter Edberg, Ned Holbrook 2019-08-27
L2/19-276 Proposal for White Wine Emoji ZWJ Sequence for RGI (revised; replaces L2/18-208) Maggie Curry 2019-09-03
L2/19-277 Proposal for Emoji: BLACK CAT (revised) Samantha Sunne 2019-08-06
L2/19-278 Introducing the Toto script Deborah Anderson 2019-07-18
L2/19-279 ESC Response to WG2 Comments on Draft Emoji Candidates (L2/19-273) ESC / Ken Lunde 2019-07-19
L2/19-280 Proposed Horizontal Extension John H. Jenkins 2019-07-18
L2/19-281 Proposed Contents for kZVariant Field John H. Jenkins 2019-07-18
L2/19-282 Proposed Contents for kSpoofingVariants Field John H. Jenkins 2019-07-18
L2/19-283 Feedback on Gurmukhi BINDI and TIPPI Deborah Anderson 2019-07-18
L2/19-284 Proposal to Encode Proto-Cuneiform Laura Hawkins 2019-07-18
L2/19-285 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2019-07-19
L2/19-286 Recommendations to UTC #160 July 2019 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2019-07-22
L2/19-287 IRG #52 Liaison Report John H. Jenkins 2019-07-22
L2/19-288 Proposal to add a character used in printed Glagolitic works (revised) Zoran Vukojević 2019-09-09
L2/19-289 Proposal to encode fourteen Arabic honorifics (revised) Roozbeh Pournader, Mustafa Jibaly 2019-07-26
L2/19-290 Towards a better documentation of script exemplars Roozbeh Pournader 2019-07-22
L2/19-291 Currency signs missing in Unicode Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-07-24
L2/19-292 ESC Recommendations for 2019Q3 UTC (revised) ESC / Mark Davis 2019-07-25
L2/19-293 Ellipsis in Linebreak (142-A23) Mark Davis 2019-07-24
L2/19-294 Apparent Sentence_Break miscategorizations (PRI #372) Mark Davis 2019-07-24
L2/19-295 Agenda for the 68th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2, Redmond, WA, USA. 2019-June 17-21 Michel Suignard 2019-07-24
L2/19-296 Proposal for Emoji: POLAR BEAR (revised) Samantha Sunne, Frederik Riedel 2019-08-06
L2/19-297 Preliminary analysis of L2/19-221 (WG2 N5073), China national body's comments on Mongolian Liang Hai 2019-07-26
L2/19-298 Making Emoji Properties a Part of the UCD for Unicode 13.0 Ken Whistler 2019-07-26
L2/19-299 Revisiting the encoding of Proto-Sinaitic Anshuman Pandey 2019-07-31
L2/19-300 Proposal to clarify radical assignments in IRG working sets and other submissions (revised) Ken Lunde, et al 2019-10-09
L2/19-301 Unihan kIRG sources modifications applied to Unicode 13.0 and ISO/IEC 10646 6th ed Michel Suignard, Ken Lunde 2019-08-07
L2/19-302 Additional Unihan kIRG sources modifications applied to Unicode 13.0 and ISO/IEC 10646 6th Edition Michel Suignard, Ken Lunde 2019-08-07
L2/19-303 Face with X Eyes Emoji Proposal for Unicode 14.0 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2019-08-12
L2/19-304 Face With Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth Emoji Proposal for Unicode 14.0 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2019-08-13
L2/19-305 Proposal for SUBMARINE Emoji Fred Benenson, Nazir Agah 2019-08-20
L2/19-306 Arabic additions for Quranic orthographies Roozbeh Pournader, Deborah Anderson 2019-09-29
L2/19-307 Proposal for Emoji: CROW; RAVEN Jenny Stinehour 2019-09-10
L2/19-308 Proposal to add 96 place names used ideographs to UAX #45 (revised) Wang Xieyang 2019-09-16
L2/19-309 Regarding Proposed Additions to UAX #45 John H. Jenkins 2019-09-13
L2/19-310 Mirror Ball Emoji Proposal Emojination / Gero Simone, Theo Schear 2019-09-17
L2/19-311 Proposal for Emoji: Bubbles Jay Peters 2019-09-17
L2/19-312 Proposal for Emoji: CHAINSAW Bryan Kappa 2019-09-17
L2/19-313 Proposal to encode an Arabic qaf with dot below Marijn van Putten, Roozbeh Pournader 2019-09-29
L2/19-314 Agenda for meeting on Egyptian Hieroglyphs, September 12-13, 2019 (WG2 N5115) Deborah Anderson 2019-09-24
L2/19-315 Meeting report on Egyptian Hieroglyphs (WG2 N5116)  Michel Suignard 2019-09-24
L2/19-316 Low Battery Emoji Proposal for Unicode 14.0 Jennifer Daniel 2019-09-26
L2/19-317 Proposal to update some statements about space characters in UAX #14: Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm Marcel Schneider 2019-09-27
L2/19-318 Proposal to encode two Balinese punctuation marks Ben Yang, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-09-27
L2/19-319 Proposal to encode two more Arabic honorifics Roozbeh Pournader, Mustafa Jibaly 2019-09-30
L2/19-320 Proposal to add four new Arabic characters for Balochi language Qazi Rehan 2019-09-30
L2/19-321 Unihan kJapaneseKun & kJapaneseOn Error Report (revised) Michel Mariani 2019-11-01
L2/19-322 UTC #161 Agenda Lisa Moore 2019-10-07
L2/19-323 UTC #161 Minutes Lisa Moore 2019-11-01
L2/19-324 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2019-07-18) Rick McGowan 2019-10-03
L2/19-325 Comments on Public Review Issues (July 23, 2019 - October 6, 2019) Rick McGowan 2019-10-06
L2/19-326 Raised Little Finger Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel 2019-10-01
L2/19-327 Hand with index finger and thumb crossed Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel 2019-10-01
L2/19-328 Issues with kSpoofingVariant data William T. Nelson 2019-10-03
L2/19-329 Proposal to Adjust Identifier Properties (revised) Asmus Freytag, et al 2019-10-08
L2/19-330 Proposal for encoding the Toto script Deborah Anderson 2019-10-03
L2/19-331 A note on OpenType implementation of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text Mark-Jan Nederhof 2019-10-03
L2/19-332 Proposal to encode the Northern Palaeohispanic script Joan Ferrer i Jané, et al 2019-10-03
L2/19-333 Proposal to encode the Southern Palaeohispanic script Joan Ferrer i Jané, et al 2019-10-03
L2/19-334 Proposal for Emoji: RIVER Christian Krenek 2019-10-03
L2/19-335 Proposal for Emoji: VULTURE Álvaro Flórez Estrada Public School, et al 2019-10-03
L2/19-336 Person, Woman, and Man feeding baby emojis for Unicode 13.0 (revised) Jennifer Daniel 2019-10-22
L2/19-337 Comments on Tibetan DOUBLE SHAY (response to Error report by D. Corbett) Andrew West, Peter Lofting 2019-10-04
L2/19-338 Expanding the "Syriac Supplement" U+0860 Block for historical glyphs and marks Sebastian Kenoro Kiraz, et al 2019-10-04
L2/19-339 Proposal to encode Bosnian Arabic characters Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2020-05-13
L2/19-340 Proposal to encode Javanese and Sundanese Arabic characters Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2020-05-13
L2/19-341 Comments on proposed kMandarin changes per 3 UTC actions & documents (revised) Peter Edberg 2019-10-08
L2/19-342 Summary of Meeting Report on Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Michel Suignard (L2/19-315) and Additional Comments Deborah Anderson 2019-10-04
L2/19-343 Recommendations to UTC #161 October 2019 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2019-10-06
L2/19-344 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2019-10-04
L2/19-345 Alternative encodings for Malayalam "nta" (revision 2) Liang Hai 2020-01-16
L2/19-346 On Encoding Policy of Gongche Notations and Upcoming Para-ideographs (tentative) Wang Yifan 2019-10-05
L2/19-347 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #53 (IRG N2402R, revised) Ken Lunde 2019-10-14
L2/19-348 Response to L2/19-345: Alternative encodings for Malayalam "nta" Cibu C Johny 2019-10-06
L2/19-349 Proposed Update UAX #31 Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax Mark Davis 2019-10-07
L2/19-350 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Andy Heninger 2019-10-07
L2/19-351 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2019-10-07
L2/19-352 Proposed Update UTS #18, Unicode Regular Expressions Mark Davis, Andy Heninger 2019-10-07
L2/19-353 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes Laurențiu Iancu, Rick McGowan 2019-10-07
L2/19-354 Proposed Update UAX #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout Koi Ishii, Ken Lunde 2019-10-07
L2/19-355 Proposed Update UAX #24, Unicode Script Property Ken Whistler 2019-10-07
L2/19-356 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan) John H. Jenkins, et al 2019-10-07
L2/19-357 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-source Ideographs (Oct 9 Working Draft for UTC review) John H. Jenkins 2019-10-07
L2/19-358 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database Ken Whistler, Laurențiu Iancu 2019-10-07
L2/19-359 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation Mark Davis, Christopher Chapman 2019-10-07
L2/19-360 Proposed Update UAX #15, Unicode Normalization Forms Ken Whistler 2019-10-07
L2/19-361 Comments on L2/19-341 (kMandarin) Jaemin Chung 2019-10-07
L2/19-362 Proposal to change some kMandarin values to follow 通用规范汉字表 Jaemin Chung 2019-10-07
L2/19-363 Emoji Subcommittee Report 2019Q4 UTC (revised) ESC / Mark Davis 2019-10-09
L2/19-364 Feedback on Proposed Update UTS #18 (revised) Markus Scherer 2019-10-09
L2/19-365 Structuring Tai Tham Unicode Martin Hosken 2019-10-09
L2/19-366 Ad Hoc report on Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Oct. 7 2019) (revised) Deborah Anderson 2019-10-25
L2/19-367 Core spec changes for 2018 Henri Sivonen  docs Markus Scherer 2019-10-10
L2/19-368 Draft technical note: Text representation and shaping specification of the Mongolian script Liang Hai 2019-10-10
L2/19-369 Han Character Subset for Maximal Starting Repertoire - MSR-4 (MSR-4-Han) (~10MB) Asmus Freytag 2019-10-14
L2/19-370 Recommendations for Emoji ZWJ Sequences for multi-skintoned handshake for Unicode 14.0 (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2020-01-14
L2/19-371 Lotus Emoji Elnaz Sarbar, Jennifer Daniel 2019-10-23
L2/19-372 Names for Composition Exclusion Sequences Asmus Freytag, et al 2019-10-25
L2/19-373 IRG Meeting #53 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2019-10-25
L2/19-374 Data file format issues Mark Davis 2019-10-29
L2/19-375 Proposal for Emoji: Orchid Cassidy Moody, Sam Balmer 2019-11-05
L2/19-376 Chapter 2: Remove Comparison of the Advantages of UTFs Markus Scherer 2019-11-07
L2/19-377 Multi-skintone Couples with Heart and Couples Kissing, Emoji ZWJ Sequences for Unicode 14.0 (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2020-01-14
L2/19-378 Face with Peeking Eye Proposal for Unicode 14.0 Gretchen McCulloch, et al 2019-12-12
L2/19-379 Proposal for Emoji: CRUTCH Christian Scheifl, et al / ESC 2019-11-12
L2/19-380 Mending Heart Emoji Proposal for Unicode 14.0 Jennifer Daniel 2019-11-19
L2/19-381 Proposal to Encode Missing Japanese Kana Abraham Gross 2019-11-21
L2/19-382 Proposal to Encode a Kana Character for Transcription of Late Middle Japanese Alexander Zapryagaev 2019-11-22
L2/19-383 Proposal for Emoji - Man nursing baby Simon Tyszko 2019-11-26
L2/19-384 Proposal for Emoji Man Feeding Baby Rune Fogh, Anna Kim Ly 2019-11-26
L2/19-385 Unihan: Publish single-property files Markus Scherer 2019-12-02
L2/19-386 Proposal to change the code chart font for 21 blocks in Unicode Version 14.0 (WG2 N5125) Ken Lunde 2019-12-04
L2/19-387 Issues in "IICore Radical-Stroke Chart" (IICoreRSIndex.pdf) Michel Mariani 2019-12-02
L2/19-388 New Unihan Database property: kUnihanCore2020 (stand-alone data file here) Ken Lunde 2019-12-04
L2/19-389 Smileys for consideration for Unicode 14.0 Jennifer Daniel, Neil Cohn / ESC 2019-12-09
L2/19-390 Comparison of Unicode Faces and JVL morphemes Jennifer Daniel, Neil Cohn / ESC 2019-12-09
L2/19-391 Man with Beard and Woman with Beard emojis for Unicode 14.0 Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2020-01-08
L2/19-392 Recommendations for Multi-skintoned Emoji Sequences for Unicode 14.0 (stand-alone data file here) Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2019-12-18
L2/19-393 Comments about "Arabic additions for Quranic orthographies" proposition Azzeddine Lazrek 2019-12-04
L2/19-394 Proposal for new provisional Unihan Database property: kStrange (stand-alone data file here) Ken Lunde 2019-12-14
L2/19-395 Additional RGI emoji sequences for Ninja Emoji for Unicode 13.0 Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2019-12-12
L2/19-396 Saluting-Face Emoji for Unicode 14.0 Jennifer Daniel, Shiraz Fuman 2019-12-11
L2/19-397 Draft UTR #54, Unicode Mongolian 12.1 Baseline Ken Whistler 2019-12-11
L2/19-398 Emoji Subcommittee Report 2020Q1 UTC Ken Lunde / ESC 2019-12-18
L2/19-399 Proposal for Emoji: TROLL Samantha Sunne, Frederick Mostert 2019-12-17
L2/19-400 Proposal for Emoji: SALUTING FACE Jay Peters 2019-12-17
L2/19-401 Proposal to Encode Telugu Sign Nukta Vinodh Rajan, et al 2019-12-17
L2/19-402 Proposal to Encode 6 Characters in the Brahmi Block Vinodh Rajan, Shriramana Sharma 2019-12-18
L2/19-403 Additional Tangut Glyph Corrections (WG2 N5126) Andrew West, Viacheslav Zaytsev 2019-12-23
L2/19-404 IRG #53 Liaison Report Stephan Hyeonjun Stiller 2019-12-21
L2/19-405 Additional evidence for the use of Nukta sign in Telugu Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2019-12-29


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