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UTC Document Register for 2021

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/21-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2020 Rick McGowan 2021-01-04
L2/21-002 UTS #18 Editorial additions Mark Davis 2021-01-08
L2/21-003 UTS #18 Editorial additions: EBNF Mark Davis 2021-01-08
L2/21-004 Unicode request for dezh with retroflex hook Kirk Miller, Michael Everson 2021-01-04
L2/21-005 Proposal to add one column to the Egyptian Hieroglyph Format Controls block Andrew Glass 2021-01-04
L2/21-006 ISC assignment for gomukha characters Andrew Glass, Anshuman Pandey 2021-01-04
L2/21-007 Letter of Support for Tulu Guru Prasad 2021-01-04
L2/21-008 UTC #166 Agenda Lisa Moore 2021-01-18
L2/21-009 UTC #166 Minutes Lisa Moore 2021-01-05
L2/21-010 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2020-10-04) Rick McGowan 2021-01-15
L2/21-011 Comments on Public Review Issues (September 23, 2020 - January 8, 2021) Rick McGowan 2021-01-11
L2/21-012 UTC #166 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2021-01-08
L2/21-013 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #166 Meeting Ken Whistler 2021-01-17
L2/21-014 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q1, 2021 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-01-20
L2/21-015 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #166 Meeting Ken Lunde 2021-01-15
L2/21-016 Recommendations to UTC #166 January 2021 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2021-01-22
L2/21-017 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-01-13
L2/21-018 Mismatched T-Source Identifiers William T. Nelson 2021-01-05
L2/21-019 Proposal to encode Tulu U. B. Pavanaja 2021-01-06
L2/21-020 Adinkra Charles Korankye 2021-01-06
L2/21-021 Reference doc numbers for L2/20-266R "Consolidated code chart of proposed phonetic characters" and IPA etc. code point and name changes Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-01-06
L2/21-022 Status on the Update to the Unihan kCantonese Field John H. Jenkins 2021-01-14
L2/21-023 IRG Working Set 2017 Version 5.2 (IRG N2444) IRG 2021-01-07
L2/21-024 Updates for 3 values for 3 Nushu characters in UCD EIso Chan, Kushim Jiang 2021-01-07
L2/21-025 Proposal to Add to UAX #45 Four Ideographs from Japan William T. Nelson 2021-01-07
L2/21-026 Comments on Kawi, L2/20-256 Iain Sinclair 2021-01-07
L2/21-027 Proposal to add the Tangsa Script in the SMP (revised) Stephen Morey 2021-01-29
L2/21-028 Glyph changes to Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Unicode 14.0 with proposed annotations Deborah Anderson, Michel Suignard 2021-01-07
L2/21-029 Proposal to Correct Four Vietnamese Glyphs Vietnam NB / Eiso Chan, et al 2021-01-07
L2/21-030 Requirements and Process for Changing Script Status for Identifier Use (revised) Asmus Freytag 2021-07-20
L2/21-031 Proposal to Encode the Nag Mundari Script (revised) Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin, Biswajit Mandal 2021-04-24
L2/21-032 Proposal to remove and improve provisional Unihan database properties (draft) Ken Lunde 2021-01-11
L2/21-033 Canonical Combining Classes of Znamenny Notation Characters (revised) Charlotte Buff 2021-01-28
L2/21-034 Feedback on L2/20-166 Tangut Glyph Modifications and Corrections Sun Bojun, et al 2021-01-11
L2/21-035 Summary from Zoom calls on Egyptian Hieroglyphs Deborah Anderson, Andrew Glass 2021-01-11
L2/21-036 Proposal to add the OBLIQUE HYPHEN (WG2 N5152) Michael Everson 2021-01-14
L2/21-037 Modern Gurage Orthography Additions to Ethiopic Script Fekeda Menuta, et al 2021-01-12
L2/21-038 Clarify guidance for use of a BOM as a UTF-8 encoding signature Tom Honermann 2021-01-12
L2/21-039 Proposal to include the letter 'Old Polish O' Daniel Bunčić 2021-01-12
L2/21-040 Addendum to Unicode requests for IPA modifier letters, L2/20-252 pulmonic and L2/20-253 non-pulmonic Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-041 Unicode request for additional para-IPA letters Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-042 Unicode request for phonetic punctuation & diacritics Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-043 Unicode request for subscript modifier-letter support Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-044 UNC Proposal for One G Source Ideograph China NB 2021-01-15
L2/21-045 T source issues for U+3777 and U+6AC0 (IRGN 2448) Jaemin Chung 2021-01-28
L2/21-046 Disunification of U+2F83A (IRG N2447) Kushim Jiang 2021-02-01
L2/21-047 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #56 (IRG N2460) Ken Lunde 2021-02-05
L2/21-048 Reply to 'On the Kawi Space Filler and the Names of Punctuation Characters' Aditya Bayu Perdana, Norbert Lindenberg 2021-02-16
L2/21-049 A Supplementary Proposal to Encode the Jurchen Characters in UCS (WG2 N5131) China NB 2021-02-16
L2/21-050 Chinese comments on WG2 N5155 (= L2/20-289) China NB 2021-02-16
L2/21-051 On the Arabic Letters Feh & Qaf Kamal Mansour 2021-02-19
L2/21-052 Request to Change Pulli Representation in the Proposed Vatteluttu Encoding Cibu C Johny 2021-02-19
L2/21-053 Additional repertoire for a future version of Unicode (post Unicode 14.0) (WG2 N5156) Michel Suignard 2021-03-04
L2/21-054 Interaction of Vedic svara markers with post-base spacing marks Shriramana Sharma 2021-03-15
L2/21-055 ESC comments on 2020 Q4 feedback ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-03-15
L2/21-056 Gender Encoding for Emoji: Background: Introduction ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-03-15
L2/21-057 2021 Report of the ISO 15924 Registration Authority Markus Scherer 2021-03-16
L2/21-058 Unicode request for Kaktovik numerals (revised) Kirk Miller, et al 2021-04-30
L2/21-059 KP0-E5A9 should be mapped to U+67FF instead of U+676E (IRG N2479) Jaemin Chung 2021-03-18
L2/21-060 Changes to the Znamenny Encoding Model Proposed during Alpha-Review Aleksandr Andreev 2021-03-24
L2/21-061 IRG Meeting #56 Recommendations and Action Items (IRG N2450) IRG 2021-04-05
L2/21-062 Editorial Report (IRG N2463) CJK editorial group 2021-04-08
L2/21-063 A Horizontal Extension of 6 K6 (KS X 1027-5) chars (IRG N2468) Kyongsok Kim 2021-04-05
L2/21-064 Request for changing T-Sources of two Ideographs (IRG N2471) TCA 2021-04-05
L2/21-065 UTC #167 Agenda Lisa Moore 2021-04-23
L2/21-066 UTC #167 Minutes Lisa Moore 2021-05-05
L2/21-067 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2021-01-15) Rick McGowan 2021-04-27
L2/21-068 Comments on Public Review Issues (January 8, 2021 - April 22, 2021) Rick McGowan 2021-04-22
L2/21-069 UTC #167 properties feedback & recommendations (revised) Markus Scherer, et al 2021-04-26
L2/21-070 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #167 Meeting Ken Whistler 2021-04-26
L2/21-071 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q2, 2021 (draft data file is also HERE) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-04-26
L2/21-072 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #167 Meeting Ken Lunde 2021-04-26
L2/21-073 Recommendations to UTC #167 April 2021 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2021-04-26
L2/21-074 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-04-26
L2/21-075 Examining Emoji Color Spaces: A Strategy for Improving the Coverage of Heart Emoji ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-04-13
L2/21-076 Proposal to modify source references of V-Source ideographs (revised) Vietnam NB 2021-04-26
L2/21-077 Identical or very similar glyph pairs with different code points in code charts Yi Bai 2021-04-15
L2/21-078 Future Unicode Emoji Options ESC / Mark Davis 2021-04-28
L2/21-079 Suggested improvements to the code chart annotations of "C0 Controls and Basic Latin" and "C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement" Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-04-21
L2/21-080 Missing Urdu digits 4, 6 and 7 Aleem Qureshi 2021-04-21
L2/21-081 Application for Adding Letters to Old Turkish Alphabet Gökbey Uluç 2021-04-21
L2/21-082 Proposal to Encode 20 Additional Kanbun Marks Wang Yifan 2021-04-21
L2/21-083 Proposal to provide the glyphs of Latin letter tone six Kushim Jiang 2021-04-21
L2/21-084 Proposal to include four-arrow symbols in Unicode Diego Guella 2021-04-21
L2/21-085 Response from Lateef Sagar on SAH Comments re: Damma Over Damma Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-04-21
L2/21-086 Updated proposal to encode Tulu-Tigalari script in Unicode (replaces L2/17-378) Vaishnavi Murthy Kodipady Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2021-04-21
L2/21-087 Regarding the Behdini Kurdish Heh Lorna Priest Evans 2021-04-21
L2/21-088 Proposed revisions to the representative characters of the Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics code charts Kevin King 2021-04-21
L2/21-089 Unicode request for modifier capital letters Kirk Miller 2021-04-21
L2/21-090 Advancing the encoding model for Book Pahlavi Anshuman Pandey 2021-04-27
L2/21-091 Stability policy: Property of characters cannot become property of strings (revised) Markus Scherer 2021-04-29
L2/21-092 Proposal to postpone encoding of the new Tulu script from the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy Vinodh Rajan, et al 2021-04-22
L2/21-093 Proposal to Encode Lao Yamakkan Vinodh Rajan, Jayasāro Bhikkhu 2021-04-23
L2/21-094 Update proposed draft UTS 18 Mark Davis 2021-04-23
L2/21-095 IRGN2447 Response From China (IRG N2447) China NB 2021-04-26
L2/21-096 Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Summary of Script Ad Hoc Discussion, April 2021 Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-04-26
L2/21-097 UTC Submission for IRG Working Set 2021 (IRG N2488; evidence Zip file here) Ken Lunde 2021-04-29
L2/21-098 Response to China NB comments on WG2 N5155 (UTC document L2/21-050) (WG2 N5162) Peter Constable 2021-04-27
L2/21-099 On Accumulated Feedback on QID Mark Davis 2021-04-29
L2/21-100 Better default values in the UCD Mark Davis, Markus Scherer 2021-05-07
L2/21-101 Proposal to Encode the Characters Occurring in the Man'yōshū Alexander Zapryagaev 2021-05-25
L2/21-102 Proposal for representing the Devanagari 'bhale mīṇḍu' Anshuman Pandey 2021-07-28
L2/21-103 Proposal to encode the Khojki letter QA Anshuman Pandey 2021-05-26
L2/21-104 Proposal to encode the Khojki letter SHORT I Anshuman Pandey 2021-06-15
L2/21-105 Proposal to encode Persian Siyaq Numbers Anshuman Pandey 2021-05-26
L2/21-106 Editorial Committee Response to Proposed Changes Asmus Freytag / EdCom 2021-06-11
L2/21-107 Unicode request for Cyrillic modifier letters Kirk Miller 2021-06-15
L2/21-108 Consideration for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire (WG2 N5163) (includes two attachments in the PDF) Michel Suignard 2021-06-21
L2/21-109 Unicode Liaison Report to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 Peter Constable 2021-06-15
L2/21-110 Proposal to encode the Khojki vowel sign VOCALIC R Anshuman Pandey 2021-06-15
L2/21-111 Preliminary proposal to encode the Sidetic script Anshuman Pandey 2021-06-15
L2/21-112 Issues in Devanagari cluster validation Norbert Lindenberg 2021-06-25
L2/21-113 On the sequence of Avagraha followed by Anusvara or Visarga Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2021-06-29
L2/21-114 Proposal to Encode Kannada Sign Combining Anusvara Above Right Shashank Shenoy Basty 2021-06-29
L2/21-115 Proposal for modifying the Old Hungarian block Bence FEHÉR, József Álmos KATONA 2021-06-29
L2/21-116 Towards an Encoding for Surat Ulu M. Mahali Syarifuddin 2021-06-29
L2/21-117 Pamudpod properties (Tagalog and Hanunoo) Roozbeh Pournader 2021-06-29
L2/21-118 Preliminary proposal to add a new provisional kIDS property (Unihan) (revised) Ken Lunde 2021-08-11
L2/21-119 Feedback on 2020-2021 proposed kMandarin changes for 45 characters Peter Edberg / CLDR 2021-06-30
L2/21-120 SC2 Liaison Report from SC2 #26 Peter Constable 2021-07-07
L2/21-121 Resolutions of the 26th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 Plenary Meeting, Virtual, 2021-06-18 and 30 JTC1/SC2 / Ayuko Nagasawa 2021-07-01
L2/21-122 UTC #168 Agenda Craig Cummings 2021-07-25
L2/21-123 UTC #168 Minutes Craig Cummings 2021-10-07
L2/21-124 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2021-04-27) Rick McGowan 2021-07-22
L2/21-125 Comments on Public Review Issues (April 22 - July 20, 2021) Rick McGowan 2021-07-20
L2/21-126 UTC #168 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2021-07-26
L2/21-127 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #168 Meeting Ken Whistler 2021-07-23
L2/21-128 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q3, 2021 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-07-26
L2/21-129 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #168 Meeting Ken Lunde 2021-07-22
L2/21-130 Recommendations to UTC #168 July 2021 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2021-07-26
L2/21-131 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-07-26
L2/21-132 Preliminary document towards advancing the Kirat Rai script Lorna Evans 2021-07-16
L2/21-133 Proposal to encode Quranic marks used in Turkey Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2021-07-20
L2/21-134 Collections of ideograph components for use in IDSes Yi Bai 2021-07-21
L2/21-135 Reserved Emoji (RE), Fleshed-Out (revised) Mark Davis 2021-07-27
L2/21-136 Proposal to Adjust Identifier Types for Certain Modifier Letters Asmus Freytag 2021-07-26
L2/21-137 Toki Pona for Unicode Gabriel Tellez 2021-07-26
L2/21-138 Proposal to Encode Syloti Nagri Sign Candrabindu Biswajit Mandal 2021-07-26
L2/21-139 Virama as a Solid Dot and Atomic Code Points for Short E and Short O in Vatteluttu C. Santhalingam, N. Ganesan 2021-07-26
L2/21-140 Proposal to Encode the Sylheti Nagri Numerals Harris Mowbray 2021-07-26
L2/21-141 Proposed changes to the representative glyphs of the Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics code charts Kevin King 2021-07-26
L2/21-142 Addendum to L2/21-107, Cyrillic modifier letters Kirk Miller 2021-07-26
L2/21-143 Response to Comments on Lao Yamakkan Vinodh Rajan 2021-07-26
L2/21-144 Proposal for New Character - Nine Pointed White Star (revised; replaces L2/17-237) Adib Behjat, Joop Kiefte 2021-10-04
L2/21-145 Proposal to Encode the Gurung Khema Biswajit Mandal 2021-07-26
L2/21-146 Updated proposal to encode Tulu-Tigalari script (replaces L2/17-378) Vaishnavi Murthy Kodipady Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2021-07-26
L2/21-147 Replies to Tulu-Tigalari Issues Vaishnavi Murthy Kodipady Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2021-07-26
L2/21-148 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #57 (IRG N2504) Ken Lunde 2021-08-16
L2/21-149 Proposal to add one ideograph to UAX #45 and to change the status of an existing UAX #45 ideograph Jerry Rossignuolo 2021-08-06
L2/21-150 Specifying Additional Sources for Unihan Database Values John H. Jenkins 2021-08-09
L2/21-151 Update to the Syntax for the Unihan Database's kTotalStrokes Field John H. Jenkins 2021-08-09
L2/21-152 Revised Proposal to Disunify U+5F50 Alexander Zapryagaev 2021-08-16
L2/21-153 Proposal to revise the glyph of one Old Turkic character (WG2 N5164) Michael Everson, Andrew West 2021-08-24
L2/21-154 Unicode Consortium Comments Regarding Maintenance of ISO 12199 Peter Constable 2021-08-19
L2/21-155 Request to Remove Klingon from the "Not on the Roadmap" List Mark E. Shoulson 2021-09-07
L2/21-156 Unicode request for legacy Malayalam Kirk Miller, Neil Rees 2021-09-07
L2/21-157 Proposal to encode the Sunuwar script in Unicode (revised) Anshuman Pandey 2021-12-21
L2/21-158 IRG Meeting #57 Recommendations and Action Items (IRG N2500) IRG 2021-09-17
L2/21-159 Request for Horizontal Extension in the H-column of the ISO/IEC 10646 Standard (IRG N2507) HKSAR China 2021-09-17
L2/21-160 Glyph issue for U+30759 (IRG N2511) Huáng Jùnliàng 2021-09-17
L2/21-161 Concerns on the copyright of the IDS data referred by L2/21-118R Suzuki Toshiya 2021-09-20
L2/21-162 Editorial Report (IRGN 2506) IRG 2021-09-21
L2/21-163 Request for Glyph Change in the H-column of the ISO/IEC 10646 Standard (IRGN 2508) HKSAR China 2021-09-21
L2/21-164 Proposal to revise the description of "kana" in "Han" section in the Unicode Standard-Core specification (IRGN Riz Sun, Victor Wong 2021-09-22
L2/21-165 Feedback on IRGN2492 and the preliminary encoding method of early Chinese organic chemical character, Sanskrit transcription, Tibetan transcription, Tangut transcription and Jianzi Musical Notation (IRGN 2492) Eiso Chan 2021-09-22
L2/21-166 UTC #169 Agenda Craig Cummings 2021-10-04
L2/21-167 UTC #169 Minutes Craig Cummings 2021-10-26
L2/21-168 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2021-07-22) Rick McGowan 2021-10-04
L2/21-169 Comments on Public Review Issues (July 20 - Sept 25, 2021) Rick McGowan 2021-09-28
L2/21-170 UTC #169 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2021-09-28
L2/21-171 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #169 Meeting Ken Whistler 2021-10-04
L2/21-172 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q4, 2021 (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-10-07
L2/21-173 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #169 Meeting (revised) Ken Lunde 2021-10-09
L2/21-174 Recommendations to UTC #169 October 2021 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2021-10-04
L2/21-175 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-09-30
L2/21-176 Proposal to Unencode KAWI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC L M. Mahali Syarifuddin 2021-09-23
L2/21-177 Preliminary Proposal from SAT CJK Buddhist Symbols Collection Wang Yifan 2021-09-23
L2/21-178 Proposal to add two characters and change the status field of one character in UAX #45 Kushim Jiang 2021-09-23
L2/21-179 Proposal to add ⺕ to UAX #45 William T. Nelson 2021-09-23
L2/21-180 Note on Kawi Sign Vocalic L U+11F3C and Possible Cognate of U+1B00 Aditya Bayu Perdana, Ilham Nurwansah 2021-09-23
L2/21-181 Allocating Arabic Extended-C in SMP and Arabic code point changes Roozbeh Pournader 2021-09-23
L2/21-182 Request to modify U+18CCA glyph in Khitan Small Script block Eiso Chan, et al 2021-09-23
L2/21-183 Proposal to Encode Chisoi Biswajit Mandal 2021-09-23
L2/21-184 Proto-Cuneiform: Comparison of Sign Images and Glyphs Anshuman Pandey 2021-09-23
L2/21-185 Proto-Elamite: Comparison of Sign Images and Glyphs Anshuman Pandey 2021-09-23
L2/21-186 Proposal to unify the Diwani Siyaq numerals with the Ottoman Siyaq numerals Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-09-23
L2/21-187 PROPOSAL TO ENCODE SYLOTI NAGRI NUMERALS Biswajit Mandal, Harris Mowbray 2021-09-23
L2/21-188 Tulu documents Akashraj Jain 2021-09-23
L2/21-189 Tulu Lipi Parchaya (translation) Radhakrishna Bellur, Nischith Ramakunja 2021-09-23
L2/21-190 Thoughts on the Unicode sign list of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs Jorke Grotenhuis, et al 2021-09-23
L2/21-191 Proposal for Emoji Wireless Connection Lena Brinkmann, Bronwen Chase 2021-09-24
L2/21-192 Proposal for Emoji: FOLDING HAND FAN Stephanie Jou, Matthew Mikolay 2021-09-24
L2/21-193 Proposal for Emoji: FLUTE Christian Krenek 2021-09-24
L2/21-194 Proposal for Emoji: Maracas Jeanne Rockwell 2021-09-24
L2/21-195 Proposal for Gurdwara Emoji Jessica Saggu, Girish Dalvi 2021-09-24
L2/21-196 DONKEY Emoji Proposal Charles D. Anderson, et al 2021-09-24
L2/21-197 Proposal for Moose Emoji Elliott Brand 2021-09-24
L2/21-198 Wing Emoji Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-24
L2/21-199 Proposal for Emoji: PEAS Lucy Hughes 2021-09-24
L2/21-200 Proposal for Emoji: GINGER Johannes Erb, et al 2021-09-24
L2/21-201 Gray Heart Unicode Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-24
L2/21-202 Light Blue Heart Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-24
L2/21-203 Pink Heart Unicode Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel, Lauren Gawne 2021-09-24
L2/21-204 Proposal to encode Quranic Superscript Alef Motahafar used in Quran published in Libya Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2021-09-24
L2/21-205 Proposal to add capital rams horn Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2021-09-24
L2/21-206 Proposal to encode additional Latin letters for languages of Argentina, Canada and the USA Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2021-09-24
L2/21-207 Unicode request for Latin subscript letters Kirk Miller 2021-09-27
L2/21-208 Additional control characters for Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts Andrew Glass, et al 2021-09-27
L2/21-209 Proposal for the encoding of « KORE SEBELI » Mohamed Bentoura Bangoura 2021-09-27
L2/21-210 Updated proposal to encode Tulu-Tigalari script in Unicode Vaishnavi Murthy Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2021-09-27
L2/21-211 A list of common Tulu-Tigalari conjuncts Vaishnavi Murthy 2021-09-27
L2/21-212 Two letters of support for the Tulu-Tigalari Vaishnavi Murthy 2021-09-27
L2/21-213 Karnataka Tulu Academy - Unicode Reply Akash Raj Jain, et al 2021-09-27
L2/21-214 Shaking Face Proposal Neil Cohn, Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-28
L2/21-215 Proposal for Hyacinth Flower emoji Elnaz Sarbar, Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-28
L2/21-216 Proposal for Emoji: Left Pushing Hand; Right Pushing Hand Oliver Zell 2021-09-28
L2/21-217 Jellyfish emoji proposal Anna Klompen, et al 2021-09-28
L2/21-218 Hair Pick Emoji Proposal Rhianna Jones, Jennifer Daniel 2021-09-28
L2/21-219 Proposal for Emoji: GOOSE Teal Starsong 2021-09-28
L2/21-220 Comments on L2/21-213 Karnataka Tulu Academy - Unicode Reply Vaishnavi Murthy 2021-09-29
L2/21-221 Wrong Identities of Three Historical Sundanese Character Ilham Nurwansah 2021-09-29
L2/21-222 Request to revise UAX 50 for harmonization with Adobe Japan1 Yasuo Kida, et al 2021-10-01
L2/21-223 Proposal for Emoji: SIKH KHANDA Lillian Passmore 2021-10-07
L2/21-224 Unicode request for dwarf-planet symbols Kirk Miller 2021-10-28
L2/21-225 Comment on U+26B7 CHIRON Kirk Miller 2021-10-29
L2/21-226 Proposed Supplement to the Unihan Database's kTotalStrokes Field John H. Jenkins 2021-11-03
L2/21-227 Proposal to add a derived data file for the "IDNA_Property" to /public/idna Asmus Freytag, Ken Whistler 2021-11-11
L2/21-228 Request to move the source reference for UK-02830 (IRG N2520) Andrew West 2021-11-16
L2/21-229 Exploratory document on a problematic casing pair used by some African orthographies Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-11-16
L2/21-230 Proposal for the inclusion of the DELETE SIGN for proofreading Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-11-16
L2/21-231 On the 1978 version of the African Reference Alphabet Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-11-16
L2/21-232 Unicode Provisional Emoji Candidates for Unicode 15.0 for Review by SC2/WG2 Peter Constable 2021-12-07
L2/21-233 Preliminary proposal to encode Linear Elamite Anshuman Pandey 2021-12-15
L2/21-234 Proposal to add characters from Smalltalk [see also version without attachments, sources spreadsheetmappings Zip file] Rebecca Bettencourt, Doug Ewell, et al 2021-12-21
L2/21-235 Proposal to add further characters from legacy computers and teletext [see also version without attachments, sources spreadsheet, mappings Zip file] (revised) Rebecca Bettencourt, Doug Ewell, et al 2022-01-26
L2/21-236 Horizontal extension or disunification request for 14 Khangxi-characters CheonHyeong Sim 2021-12-17
L2/21-237 Response to Unicode Technical Committee Charles Korankye 2021-12-22
L2/21-238 Response to SAH re: Proposal to add four new Arabic characters for Balochi language (L2/19-
Qazi Rehan 2021-12-22
L2/21-239 Comments on L2/21-204 Quranic Superscript Alef Motahafar used in Quran
published in Libya
M. van Putten 2021-12-22
L2/21-240 Proposal to encode the Devanagari letter Rajasthani SA Biswajit Mandal 2021-12-22
L2/21-241 Khmer Encoding Structure Martin Hosken 2021-12-22
L2/21-242 Glyph Corrections for U+AD70 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER CLOSED INSULAR G and U+AD71
Peter S. Baker 2021-12-22
L2/21-243 Comment on "On the glyph of LATIN LETTER CLOSED INSULAR G" Peter S. Baker 2021-12-22
L2/21-244 Proposal to encode 4 Mongolian characters Kushim Jiang (姜兆勤) 2021-12-22
L2/21-245 Proposal for the inclusion of the DELETE SIGN for proofreading & discussion of the intended use and behavior of already encoded signs (duplicate of L2/230) Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-12-22
L2/21-246 Proposal for a compromise of the recent Old Hungarian proposal Eduardo Marín Silva 2021-12-22
L2/21-247 Feedback on African Reference Alphabet (L2/21-231) Denis Jacquerye 2021-12-22
L2/21-248 Additional control characters for Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts Andrew Glass, Jorke Grotenhuis, et al 2021-12-22


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