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UTC Document Register for 2003

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date Project
L2/03-001 Complete L2/UTC document register 2002 Rick McGowan 2003-01-02 396-M
L2/03-002 Tibetan Script: Precomposed Tibetan (response to L2/02-455) Andrew C. West 2003-01-22 396-M
L2/03-003 Canadian National Body Comments Received following the Issuance of SC 22 N3533 Canadian N.B. 2003-01-17 1241-L
L2/03-004 Table of Replies for ISO/IEC 14651/FDAM 1 SC22 2003-01-17 1241-L
L2/03-005 Letter to D. Mardi Deborah Anderson 2003-01-17 396-M
L2/03-006 Letter to Hanuk Hansdak and Ezicheal Hembrom Deborah Anderson 2003-01-17 396-M
L2/03-007 Letter to Divyendu Tudu Raska Deborah Anderson 2003-01-17 396-M
L2/03-008 Letter to Deborah Anderson re Ol Chiki D T Raska 2003-01-17 396-M
L2/03-009 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3499, Letter Ballot on the Appointment of Ken Whistler as Convenor of SC 22/WG 20 SC22 2003-01-17 1241-L
L2/03-010 WG2 Consent Docket Ken Whistler 2003-01-17 396-M
L2/03-011 (Withdrawn: duplicate of L2/03-003)
L2/03-012 ANSI Response on the JTC 1 MTPT e-Commerce Market Trial Bob Feghali (ANSI) 2003-01-22 396-M
L2/03-013 Result of voting on FDIS 2375 JTC1/SC2 2003-01-22 396-M
L2/03-014 WG2 Tokyo Results Ken Whistler 2003-01-22 396-M
L2/03-015 Inaugural meetings of new INCITS organization INCITS 2003-01-27 396-M
L2/03-016 Late DPRK Comments on SC 2 N 3624, 10646-1/FPDAM 2 DPRK N.B. 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-017 Late DPRK Comments on SC 2 N 3625, 10646-2: 2001/FPDAM 1 DPRK N.B. 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-018 Correspondence between Project editor of 8859-7 and SC 2 Secretariat regarding FCD 8859-7 SC2 Secretariat 2003-01-29 392-L
L2/03-019 Liaison report from IETF (to SC2) Michel Suignard 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-020 Resolutions of the 12th Plenary Meeting of SC 2 held in Tokyo SC2 Secretariat 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-021 ISO TMB communique No. 17 November 2002 ISO Secretariat 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-022 Text for ISO/IEC 10646-1/FDAM 2 (additional files here) 949k Michel Suignard 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-023 Disposition of Comments Report on 10646-1/FPDAM 2 Michel Suignard 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-024 Text for ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001/FDAM 1 (additional files here) 428k Michel Suignard 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-025 Disposition of Comments Report on 10646-2:2001/FPDAM 1 Michel Suignard 2003-01-29 396-M
L2/03-026 Scope of enclosing marks Mark Davis 2003-01-30 396-M
L2/03-027 Response re UTC Agenda Item: Scope of Enclosing Marks Ken Whistler 2003-01-30 396-M
L2/03-028 Response to "UTC Agenda Item: Scope of Enclosing Marks" Asmus Freytag 2003-01-30 396-M
L2/03-029 Suggested changes in UTC / L2 procedures Asmus Freytag 2003-01-30 396-M
L2/03-030 US Comments on CD2 Text for the Revision of ISO/IEC 15897 INCITS/L2 2003-02-01 396-M
L2/03-031 Internationalizing Mail Addresses in Applications (IMAA) Paul Hoffman 2003-02-06 396-M
L2/03-032 2003 Five-Year Maintenance Review of L2 Standards Deborah J. Spittle 2003-02-07 396-M
L2/03-033 Variation Selector Property Mark Davis 2003-02-07 396-M
L2/03-034 Proposal to change character properties of ARABIC SIGN SAFHA Paul Nelson, et al 2003-02-10 396-M
L2/03-035 FDIS for Latin/Greek alphabet Michael Everson 2003-02-10 392-L
L2/03-036 FCD 8859-7: EditorÂ’s Disposition of Comment Michael Everson 2003-02-10 392-L
L2/03-037 ISO registration form for 8859-7 Michael Everson 2003-02-10 392-L
L2/03-038 UTC #94 Agenda Lisa Moore 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-039 UTC #94 Minutes Lisa Moore 2003-03-14 396-M
L2/03-040 UTC #94 Motions Lisa Moore 2003-03-14 396-M
L2/03-041 Base Character Definition D13 Mark Davis 2003-02-11 396-M
L2/03-042 Summary of voting on ISO/IEC CD 15897 Matthew Deane 2003-02-11 1275-L
L2/03-043 Decimal Discrepancy Mark Davis 2003-02-11 396-M
L2/03-044 Encoding Arabic extensions: options for the future of Unicode Jonathan Kew 2003-02-11 396-M
L2/03-045 Feedback on Public Review Issues W3C (Duerst) 2003-02-14 396-M
L2/03-046 Cumulative action items from UTC and L2 (post UTC #93 / L2 #190) Cathy Wissink 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-047 Questions about Tailored Normalization Markus Scherer 2003-02-12 396-M
L2/03-048 Preliminary minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting # 190 (November 2002) Cathy Wissink 2003-02-13 396-M
L2/03-049 Liaison Report from SC 35 to SC 2 Alain Labonte 2003-02-18 396-M
L2/03-050 Liaison Officer Report: JTC 1/SC 22, CEN/TC 304, Unicode, W3C Mike Ksar 2003-02-18 396-M
L2/03-051 Images of potential extended Arabic characters Jonathan Kew 2003-02-18 396-M
L2/03-052 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions, Busan meeting 2003-02 WG20 2003-02-19 1241-L
L2/03-053 Result of voting on ISO/IEC 14651 SC22 2003-02-19 1241-L
L2/03-054 Hanguel-related portion of CTT in ISO/IEC 14651 Kyongsok Kim 2003-02-19 1241-L
L2/03-055 Hangeul-related issues in UAX #15 Kyongsok Kim 2003-02-19 1241-L
L2/03-056 A few ideas on sorting Marc Küster 2003-02-19 396-M
L2/03-057 Email regarding TR 14652 - Annex D Pamela Bradley 2003-02-19 1241-L
L2/03-058 Variant Normalization Forms Mark Davis 2003-02-19 396-M
L2/03-059 UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 (revision) F. Yergeau 2003-02-19 396-M
L2/03-060 Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting # 191 Cathy Wissink 2003-02-19 396-M
L2/03-061 Working Draft ISO/IEC 10646 1st Edition (combined parts 1, 2) Michel Suignard 2003-02-19 396-M
L2/03-062 Ol Chiki Correspondence Summary Deborah Anderson 2003-02-25 396-M
L2/03-063 Case-Sensitive Characters Mark Davis 2003-02-25 396-M
L2/03-064 Unicode BIDI Issue #5 Mark Davis 2003-02-25 396-M
L2/03-065 Use of ZWJ/ZWNJ with Mongolian Variant Selectors and Vowel Separator Paul Nelson 2003-02-25 396-M
L2/03-066 New Proposal for Vedic Characters and Symbols Govt of India 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-067 Vedic Code Set; a draft Govt of India 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-068 Unicode for Kannada C V Srinatha Sastry 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-069 Notice of Meeting on Cooperation and Coordination of Cross Cultural and Linguistic Matters, Geneva, 2-3 June 2003 JTC1 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-070 AFNOR Answer to Document JTC 1 N 6967-Request for documentation to increase societal and cultural awareness. AFNOR 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-071 Linebreak properties and related updates for Unicode 4.0 Asmus Freytag 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-072 Revised proposal to encode the Avestan and Pahlavi script Michael Everson 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-073 Error Report on Mongolian Vowel Separator Tim Partridge 2003-02-27 396-M
L2/03-074 TLG - New Testament editorial characters (rev of L2/02-317R) Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-05-21 396-M
L2/03-075 TLG - Additional Greek numerical characters (rev of L2/02-318R) Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-05-21 396-M
L2/03-076 Tifinagh Background Info: Discussion Madi Mohammed 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-077 Tifinagh Background Info: Examples (5.6MB) Madi Mohammed 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-078 Tifinagh Background Info: Photographs (1.2MB) Madi Mohammed 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-079 Unicode: Getting Through the Next Ten Years Michael Kaplan, et al 2003-03-02 396-M
L2/03-080 Technical Report Template for UTC Review Mark Davis 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-081 Hangul Collation Requirements Mark Davis 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-082 Property Suggestions/Bugs Markus Scherer 2003-02-28 396-M
L2/03-083 Revised Proposal for encoding the Tifinagh Script Madi Mohammed 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-084 Proposed changes in Bengali Manoj Jain 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-085 Post-mortem on Unicode 4.0 UTC review Sandra O'Donnell, et al 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-086 On the Interaction of the Bidirectional Algorithm and Arabic Shaping Behdad Esfahbod, Roozbeh Pournader 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-087 Georgian Unicode standard proposal David Tarkhan-Mouravi 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-088 Comments on BIDI in L2/03-079 Mark Davis, Doug Felt 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-089 Proposal for addition of BENGALI LETTER OPEN A & BENGALI LETTER CENTRAL E Andy White 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-090 Compatibility Decompositions for Squared abbreviations Asmus Freytag 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-091 Questions to be answered in the periodical review of International Standards JTC1 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-092 2003 − Systematic review of ISO/IEC International Standards JTC1 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-093 Systematic review of International Standards (cover letter) JTC1 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-094 Han Properties Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2003-03-03 396-M
L2/03-095 Proposal to encode the GUARANI SIGN and the AUSTRAL SIGN Michael Everson 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-096 Georgian Michael Everson 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-097 Revised proposal to encode the Old Persian script Michael Everson 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-098 Proposal to encode the Saurashtra script Michael Everson 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-099 Revised proposal to encode the Manichaean script Michael Everson 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-100 Hangul Mapping Errors Peter Edberg 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-101 Proposed Changes in Indic Scripts (set of PDF documents) Govt of India 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-102 Unicode Standard for Indic Scripts (slides PDF, 2MB) Om Vikas 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-103 Remove overlap between Default_Ignorable_Code_Point and Other_Default_Ignorable_Code_Point Markus Scherer 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-104 Sample Text for Bengali Sign Avagraha Manoj Jain 2003-03-04 396-M
L2/03-105 UAX #14, draft update 13 Asmus Freytag 2003-03-05 396-M
L2/03-106 LB6 Issue Mark Davis 2003-03-05 396-M
L2/03-107 Regex Changes Mark Davis 2003-03-05 396-M
L2/03-108 On the Decimal Digit Property Eric Muller 2003-03-05 396-M
L2/03-109 Examples of Burmese Paul Nelson 2003-03-05 396-M
L2/03-110 Comments on Tifinagh Proposal Documents L2/03-076-078, 03-083 Geoffrey Hunt 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-111 INFITT Liaison Report Michael Kaplan 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-112 New Arabic controls and Arabic joining Roozbeh Pournader 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-113 Conjuncts: making sure we are right Michael Everson 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-114 Draft update of UTR 23 Asmus Freytag 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-115 Inter-Indic Transliteration Comparison Chart Mark Davis 2003-03-06 396-M
L2/03-116 Generative Arabic: implementation options Jonathan Kew 2003-03-07 396-M
L2/03-117 UTC #94 Action Items Rick McGowan 2003-03-11 396-M
L2/03-118 Contemporary Use of The Balinese Script Ida Bagus Adi Sudewa 2003-03-12 396-M
L2/03-119 Horizontal arrows with tips vertical Ted  Shaneyfelt 2003-03-17 396-M
L2/03-120 Proposal to encode symbols for genealogy and gender studies Michael Everson 2003-03-26 396-M
L2/03-121 Proposal to encode two COMBINING HEART characters Michael Everson, et al 2003-04-01 396-M
L2/03-122 US TAG to SC2 and SC22/WG20 (INCITS/L2) Contribution to Meeting on Cooperation and Coordination on Cross-Cultural and Linguistic Matters (CCCCLM) INCITS L2 2003-04-08 396-M
L2/03-123 Comments from the Dutch National Body on Document JTC 1 N 7025, Notice of Meeting on Cooperation and Coordination of Cross Cultural and Linguistic Matters Dutch N.B. 2003-04-08 396-M
L2/03-124 Preparations for the JTC1 special meeting on internationalization and cultural diversity in Geneva Arnold Winkler 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-125 Notice of Meeting on Cooperation and Coordination of Cross Cultural and Linguistic Matters, 2-3 June 2003 at ISO Central Secretariat Offices in Geneva, Switzerland JTC1 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-126 L2 Nomination of Candidates for US Delegation Cathy Wissink 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-127 INCITS/V2 delegates nomination and position Bill LaPlant 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-128 Farance Inc. Contribution Regarding L8 and V36 Participation Frank Farance 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-129 Canadian National Body contribution Canada N. B. 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-130 Proposal For Additional Criteria To Be Added To New Work Item Proposals (NPs) JTC1/SC36 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-131 Introduction to SC36 Contribution to JTC1 meeting on "Cross Cultural and Linguistic Matters" (CCCCLM) JTC1/SC36 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-132 Info for US Delegation to JTC 1 Meeting on Cooperation and Coordination of Cross Cultural and Linguistic Matters INCITS Exec Board 2003-04-18 396-M
L2/03-133 Proposal to encode the ARABIC ZWARAKAY Everson & Pournader 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-134 TR #23 Comments, and Normative Properties Mark Davis 2003-04-29 396-M
L2/03-135 UTC #95 Agenda Lisa Moore 2003-06-05 396-M
L2/03-136 UTC #95 Minutes Lisa Moore 2003-06-16 396-M
L2/03-137 UTC #95 Motions Lisa Moore 2003-06-18 396-M
L2/03-138 UTC #95 Action Items Lisa Moore 2003-06-17 396-M
L2/03-139 Recommendations for POSIX-Style Properties Mark Davis 2003-05-01 396-M
L2/03-140 Property Containment Relationships Mark Davis 2003-05-01 396-M
L2/03-141 SC 6 Referencing Explanatory Report for Unicode JTC1 2003-05-01 396-M
L2/03-142 Proposal to encode combining double breve below Rick McGowan, et al 2003-05-02 396-M
L2/03-143 Tifinagh Unicode Propositions (script samples) Andrew Savage 2003-05-02 396-M
L2/03-144 PropertyAlias Groupings Mark Davis 2003-05-05 396-M
L2/03-145 Proposed Sentence_Terminal Mark Davis 2003-05-05 396-M
L2/03-146 Alternate Encoding Models for Syloti Nagri Peter Constable 2003-05-05 396-M
L2/03-147 Comments on L2/03-098 (Saurashtra) do not print for meeting Peri Bhaskararao 2003-05-07 396-M
L2/03-148 Computer locale requirements for Afghanistan Everson & Pournader 2003-05-08 396-M
L2/03-149 Final proposal to encode the Old Persian script Michael Everson 2003-05-08 396-M
L2/03-150 Tifinagh Characters (do not print for meeting; background only) Andrew Savage 2003-05-09 396-M
L2/03-151 Revised Proposal for Encoding Syloti Nagri Script Peter Constable, et al 2003-05-12 396-M
L2/03-152 Two letters in support of Balinese encoding via Deborah Anderson 2003-05-16 396-M
L2/03-153 Four letters in support of Balinese encoding via Deborah Anderson 2003-05-16 396-M
L2/03-154 Proposal to encode productive Arabic-script modifier marks Jonathan Kew 2003-05-16 396-M
L2/03-155 Unicode interpretation of SOFT HYPHEN breaks ISO 8859-1 compatibility Markus Kuhn 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-156 Letter in support of Balinese encoding from Dept of National Education, Language Center, Denapasar Language Council via Deborah Anderson 2003-05-20 396-M
L2/03-157 Additional Beta Code Characters not in Unicode (WIP) Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-05-21 396-M
L2/03-158 Standard Ancient Greek Numerical Symbols Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-05-21 396-M
L2/03-159 Proposal to encode Arabic triple dot punctuation mark Jonathan Kew 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-160 Japanese Contribution to the Meeting on CCCLM Japan N.B. 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-161 Report on ISO TC46/SC4 N517 Status of Character Set Work Michael Everson 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-162 Basic principles for the encoding of Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform Everson & Feuerherm 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-163 Proposal to encode five miscellaneous symbols Michael Everson 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-164 Revised proposal to encode symbols for genealogy and gender studies Michael Everson 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-165 UTR #25 Unicode Support for Mathematics, draft 6d7 Asmus Freytag, et al 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-166 Proposal for encoding the combining diacritic Arabic Wasla Miikka-Markus Alhonen 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-167 JTC1/SC22 Plenary Meeting 15-19 Sept 2003, Registraton Form SC22 2003-05-29 396-M
L2/03-168 Proposal to encode Arabic-script letters for African languages Jonathan Kew 2003-05-30 396-M
L2/03-169 Proposal to Encode Phonetic Symbols with Palatal Hook Peter Constable 2003-05-30 396-M
L2/03-170 Proposal to Encode Phonetic Symbols with Retroflex Hook Peter Constable 2003-05-30 396-M
L2/03-171 Proposal to enhance the Unicode normalization algorithm Jonathan Kew 2003-06-02 396-M
L2/03-172 Pattern Properties Mark Davis 2003-06-02 396-M
L2/03-173 Cumulative action items from UTC and L2 (post UTC #94 / L2 #191) Cathy Wissink 2003-06-02 396-M
L2/03-174 Proposal to Encode Phonetic Symbols with Middle Tilde Peter Constable 2003-06-03 396-M
L2/03-175 Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda for the SC 22/WG 20 Meeting Ken Whistler 2003-06-03 396-M
L2/03-176 Proposal to encode Jawi and Moroccan Arabic GAF characters Jonathan Kew 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-177 Proposed Update to UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm Davis & Whistler 2003-06-08 1241-L
L2/03-178 Proposed Update UTS #6, A Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode Misha Wolf, et al 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-179 Proposed Update UTS #18 (PDF posted here) Mark Davis 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-180 Proposal to Encode Additional Phonetic Modifier Letters Peter Constable 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-181 CCCLM recommendations Mike Ksar 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-182 Comments on draft UTR 25 Kent Karlsson 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-183 Preliminary minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting # 191 Cathy Wissink 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-184 Suggested updates for the Soft_Dotted property Kent Karlsson 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-185 Thai/Lao collation weighting rules Kent Karlsson 2003-06-08 396-M
L2/03-186 Proposal to encode two additional combining diacritics Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-187 Proposal to encode ancient Greek mathematical characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-188 Proposal to encode the Greek Rho Abbreviation Symbol Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-189 SEI Update Deborah Anderson 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-190 Proposal to Encode Additional Phonetic Symbols Peter Constable 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-191 Final proposal for encoding the Buginese script Michael Everson 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-192 Formation of the Reph in Bengali Script Paul Nelson 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-193 Proposal to encode additional Punctuation Characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-194 Additional Mathematical and Letterlike Characters Asmus Freytag 2003-06-09 396-M
L2/03-195 Proposal to Encode Alternative Characters for Biblical Hebrew Peter Constable 2003-06-10 396-M
L2/03-196 Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Report #32: Assessing Unicode Support Mark Davis 2003-06-10 396-M
L2/03-197 Draft Document to Submit to WG2 on Simplified Chinese John Jenkins 2003-06-10 396-M
L2/03-198 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 43 WG2 2003-06-10 396-M
L2/03-199 Locale Data Markup Language Mark Davis 2003-06-10 396-M
L2/03-200 Draft UTR #23, Character Property Model Asmus Freytag 2003-06-11 396-M
L2/03-201 Papyrus Sign: Comments on L2/03-194 Peter Constable 2003-06-11 396-M
L2/03-202 Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting #192 Cathy Wissink 2003-06-11 Admin
L2/03-203 The arithmetically specified decomposition Kent Karlsson 2003-06-12 396-M
L2/03-204 Character names for USI mapped characters Takayuki Sato 2003-06-12 396-M
L2/03-205 ISO/IEC 15897, Procedures for registration of cultural elements SC22 2003-06-12 396-M
L2/03-206 Proposal to encode Samaritan Pentateuch Sign Peter Constable 2003-06-13 396-M
L2/03-207 Proposed Draft UTR #30, Character Foldings Asmus Freytag 2003-06-13 396-M
L2/03-208 Proposal to Encode Coptic Letter Eie for use in Textual Apparatus Peter Constable 2003-06-13 396-M
L2/03-209 Bengali Script: Formation of the Reph and use of the ZWJ and ZWNJ Paul Nelson 2003-06-30 396-M
L2/03-210 Draft chart showing UTC #95 additions to Arabic blocks Jonathan Kew 2003-06-12 396-M
L2/03-211 Preliminary minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting #192 Cathy Wissink 2003-06-19 Admin
L2/03-212 Locale Data Markup Language 1.0 announcement Openi18n 2003-06-27 396-M
L2/03-213 Locale Data Markup Language 1.0 specification (Zip file: 64kb) Openi18n 2003-06-27 396-M
L2/03-214 Code point conflict for new symbols Ken Whistler 2003-06-30 396-M
L2/03-215 request to encode the characters LATIN VARIATION SELECTOR UMLAUT and LATIN VARIATION SELECTOR TREMA Peter Hortig 2003-07-02 396-M
L2/03-216 Recommendations of the Meeting on the CCCLM JTC1 2003-07-02 396-M
L2/03-217 Ballot on Transfer of Project 14651 (JTC from JTC 1/SC 22 to SC 2 SC2 2003-07-02 396-M
L2/03-218 1st Call WG2 Meeting # 44, in Mountain View, CA 20 – 23 October 2003 WG2 2003-07-02 396-M
L2/03-219 Proposal to encode one combining character Lithuanian Std Board 2003-07-11 396-M
L2/03-220 SC36 and SC36/CLFA Overview SC 36 2003-07-11 396-M
L2/03-221 Ordering Rules for Hangul Kent Karlsson 2003-07-11 1241-L
L2/03-222 Data table for Hangul Ordering (to accompany L2/03-221) Kent Karlsson 2003-07-11 1241-L
L2/03-223 Proposal to encode additional Arabic script characters (8.5mb) Jonathan Kew 2003-07-11 396-M
L2/03-224 Email on 'Phags-pa, relayed from William H. Baxter Richard S Cook 2003-07-12 396-M
L2/03-225 Saurashtra Character Properties Rick McGowan 2003-07-15 396-M
L2/03-226 Proposed change in the WG2 Principles and Procedures document Richard S Cook 2003-07-16 396-M
L2/03-227 E-mail: "A threat to the integrity of the Hebrew language?" Peter Kirk 2003-07-29 396-M
L2/03-228 Proposal to encode Marwari Lam with Bar Character Jonathan Kew 2003-07-29 396-M
L2/03-229 Proposal to encode the Phags-pa script (3rd revision) Andrew C West 2003-07-29 396-M
L2/03-230 Proposal to add Georgian and other characters to the BMP Michael Everson 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-231 Revised proposal to encode the Saurashtra script in the UCS Michael Everson 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-232 SC 22 N 3599 - Proposed Project Transfer from JTC 1/SC 22 to JTC 1/SC 2 SC2 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-233 Unicode Formation & Rules & Problems with Unicode Rules Omi Azad 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-234 More on Meteg and CGJ (1) Ken Whistler 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-235 More on Meteg and CGJ (2) Ken Whistler 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-236 More on Meteg and CGJ (3) Ken Whistler 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-237 Table of Replies on FDIS 8859-7, Information technology -- 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets -- Part 7: Latin/Greek alphabet SC2 2003-08-05 396-M
L2/03-238 Information technology -- 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets -- Part 7: Latin/Greek alphabet French Title: Technologies de l'information -- Jeux de caractères graphiques codés sur un octet -- Partie 7: Alphabet Latin/Grec SC2 2003-08-06 396-M
L2/03-239 UTC #96 Agenda Lisa Moore 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-240 UTC #96 Minutes Lisa Moore 2003-08- 396-M
L2/03-241 UTC #96 Motions Lisa Moore 2003-08- 396-M
L2/03-242 UTC #96 Actions Lisa Moore 2003-08- 396-M
L2/03-243 Application for Reg. No. 232, Turkmen character set for 8-bit codes SC2 2003-08-12 13-M
L2/03-244 Mapping Table: Turkmen Standard TDS 616-2003 to 10646 SC2 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-245 Saurashtra "aaytam" character information C. K. Jeyakumar 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-246 Letter in support of Phags-pa encoding Quejingzhabu & West 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-247 Unicode Formation & Rules...(this duplicates L2/03-233) Omi Azad 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-248 Cumulative comments on open Public Review Issues Rick McGowan 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-249 Title: Proposal for the Encoding of Brahmi Stefan Baums, et al 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-250 Proposed US Comments on FCD Text for the Revision of ISO/IEC 15897 Joan Aliprand, et al 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-251 E-mail regarding Public Review Issue #10 Davis & Hoffman 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-252 Internationalisation of SIF and harmonisation with other specs/standards CEN / ISSS 2003-08-12 396-M
L2/03-253 Lepcha, Limbu, Syloti, Saurashtra, Tai Le and Bugis Proposals Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-254 Introduction to the Bugis Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-255 Introduction to the Limbu Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-256 Introduction to the Saurashtra Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-257 Introduction to the Syloti Nagri Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-258 Introduction to the Tai Le Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-259 Introduction to the Lepcha Script Daniel Kai 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-260 National Activity Report for 2002-2003 US TAG SC22 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-261 E-mail to ANSI regarding Hebrew encoding Elaine Keown 2003-08-13 396-M
L2/03-262 Internet Application Protocol Comparator Registry (IETF draft) Chris Newman 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-263 E-mail re: Unicode Collation Algorithm: 4.0 Mati Allouche 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-264 Comment on Public Review Issue #9 Bengali Reph and Ya-Phalaa Mike Meir 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-265 Letters in support of encoding N’Ko Deborah Anderson 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-266 Liaison report with Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) / TUFS McGowan & Anderson 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-267 Comments on Public Review Issue #12 (Terminal Punctuation) Tony Duff 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-268 Unicode Tibetan in Tibetan (for info only) Chris Fynn 2003-08-18 396-M
L2/03-269 E-mail questions and answers on Phags-pa encoding West & Fynn 2003-08-19 396-M
L2/03-270 Liaison report from SC2 to SC22 Mike Ksar 2003-08-19 396-M
L2/03-271 Hexadecimal Digit Value Table John Cowan 2003-08-19 396-M
L2/03-272 INCITS contribution to ANSI concerning the availability of ISO codes INCITS 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-273 Proposal to add Tamil grantha character SHA INFITT 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-274 TN to push for improving Unicode standards (Tamil) The Hindu (news) 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-275 Feedback on proposed draft UTR#31 Peter Kirk 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-276 ZWJ/ZWNJ proposed general category change Kent Karlsson 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-277 Comments on Proposal to Encode the Saurashtra Script in the UCS Peri Bhaskararao 2003-08-21 396-M
L2/03-278 Review of L2/03-273, Proposal to encode Tamil SHA Peri Bhaskararao 2003-08-22 396-M
L2/03-279 Ethiopic Word Space U+1361 Mark Davis 2003-08-22 396-M
L2/03-280 Comments on UTS #10 Peter Kirk 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-281 Comments on UTS #10 Kent Karlsson 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-282 Final proposal for encoding the Glagolitic script Michael Everson 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-283 Proposal to add the Coptic alphabet to the BMP Michael Everson 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-284 Conformance Clause Boilerplate Mark Davis 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-285 Submission of kHYPLCDPF data for inclusion in Unihan.txt Richard S Cook 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-286 Han variant issues Richard S Cook 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-287 16 UniHan.txt errors Richard S Cook 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-288 Submission of kGSR data for inclusion in UniHan.txt Richard S Cook 2003-08-24 396-M
L2/03-289 Cumulative action items from UTC and L2 (post UTC #95 / L2 #192) Cathy Wissink 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-290 Feedback on the last call draft of v8 of the UTS#18 Jarkko Hietaniemi 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-291 Public issue #14 Unicode Collation Algorithm 4.0.0 Beta J Shin 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-292 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics Deborah Anderson 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-293 Proposal to add Private Use Variation Selectors Eric Muller 2003-08-26 396-M
L2/03-294 Handling CJK Compatibility Ideographs with Variation Selectors Eric Muller 2003-08-26 396-M
L2/03-295 Unicode Technical Report #29, update 5 Mark Davis 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-296 Action items for review at WG2 meeting 44 V S Umamaheswaran 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-297 Hebrew Issues Jony Rosenne 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-298 UTS #18, U+1361 Comments Daniel Yacob 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-299 Issues in the Representation of Pointed Hebrew in Unicode Peter Kirk 2003-08-25 396-M
L2/03-300 Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting #193 Cathy Wissink 2003-08-26 396-M
L2/03-301 24 more UniHan.txt errors Richard S Cook 2003-08-27 396-M
L2/03-302 Feedback on UTR #31 draft Kirk, Cimarosti 2003-08-27 396-M
L2/03-303 Feedback on UTR #31 draft Jarkko Hietaniemi 2003-08-27 396-M
L2/03-304 Feedback on UTS #18 (update 8) "Henry" 2003-08-27 396-M
L2/03-305 TC 37/SC 2 resolutions re stability of ISO 3166, royalties Peter Constable 2003-09-05 396-M
L2/03-306 AIC021-03: Public availability of country, currency and language codes - For Action at the September 4, 2003 ANSI ISO Council Meeting ANSI 2003-09-05 396-M
L2/03-307 Re: Revision of ISO 2709 Sally McCallum 2003-09-05 396-M
L2/03-308 Preliminary minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting #193 Cathy Wissink 2003-09-09 396-M
L2/03-309 Unicode Malayalam rendering page Rajkumar S 2003-09-09 396-M
L2/03-310 Proposal for making Property(Value)Aliases.txt actually machine readable Asmus Freytag 2003-09-09 396-M
L2/03-311 Unicode 4.0.1 Beta Review comments Andrew West 2003-09-17 396-M
L2/03-312 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3687: Ballot on Transfer of Project 14651 to SC2 SC2 2003-09-17 1241-L
L2/03-313 Saurashtra script encoding comments Rick McGowan 2003-09-17 396-M
L2/03-314 Proposal to Encode Kharoshthi in Plane 1 of 10646 (3rd revision; see also L2/02-203R2) Andrew Glass, et al 2003-09-18 396-M
L2/03-315 Comments on N2621 (Tibetan encoding additions) Andrew C. West 2003-09-29 396-M
L2/03-316 Comments on proposal N2621 (Tibetan encoding additions) Steve Hartwell 2003-09-29 396-M
L2/03-317 Proposal on IPA Extensions & Combining Diacritical Marks (Chinese diacritical marks & tones) China NB 2003-09-29 396-M
L2/03-318 Proposal to add Combining Right Dot Above as required by Taiwanese Holo language Romanization TCA 2003-09-29 396-M
L2/03-319 Final Call WG2 Meeting # 44, in Mountain View, CA 20-23 Oct 2003 Mike Ksar 2003-10-01 396-M
L2/03-320 Revised final proposal for encoding the Lontara (Buginese) script (see also L2/03-191) Michael Everson 2003-10-01 396-M
L2/03-321 Proposal to encode the Tai Lue script Michael Everson 2003-10-01 396-M
L2/03-322 Comments on N2621(Tibetan encoding additions) Robert Chilton 2003-10-01 396-M
L2/03-323 SC2/WG2 partial document register (starting with N2190 – N2631) WG2 2003-10-01 396-M
L2/03-324 TLG - Additional Greek editorial and punctuation characters Maria Pantelia 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-325 Comments on the difficulty of implementing “dynamically combining” model used in the encoding of Tibetan in the UCS - as raised in proposal N2621* from China. Chris Fynn 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-326 Characters approved by UTC for addition to Unicode 4.1 Asmus Freytag 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-327 Revised proposal to add the Coptic alphabet (replaces L2/03-283) Michael Everson 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-328 Comments on N2621, Proposal to Encode Tibetan BrdaRten Characters Peter Constable 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-329 On the use of HYPHEN and DOUBLE HYPHEN in Fraktur typography Michael Everson 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-330 Revised proposal to encode the AFGHANI SIGN Michael Everson 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-331 Proposal to encode one Irish phonetic letter Michael Everson 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-332 W3C I18N WG Liaison Report Martin Duerst 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-333 Defect Report on Duplicate Encoded CJK Forms Richard Cook 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-334 Proposal for Latin Small Letter th with Strikethrough Mark Davis 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-335 Comments on proposed general category change for Braille symbols Jack Maartman 2003-10-08 396-M
L2/03-336 Missing Alternate Format Characters in ISO/IEC 10646 V S Umamaheswaran 2003-10-14 396-M
L2/03-337 SC22 plenary resolutions with comments Mike Ksar 2003-10-14 396-M
L2/03-338 Further discussion of the Double Oblique Hyphen MIchael Everson 2003-10-14 396-M
L2/03-339 Comments on N2626, Proposal on IPA Extensions and Combining Diacritic Marks Peter Constable 2003-10-14 396-M
L2/03-340 ISO reaffirms free-of-charge use of its country, currency and language codes ISO 2003-10-14 396-M
L2/03-341 UTR #31 statements regarding identifiers Rick McGowan 2003-10-15 396-M
L2/03-342 UTC Consensus on a Basic International CJK Subset Lisa Moore 2003-10-15 396-M
L2/03-343 SUMMARY OF VOTING ON SC 22 N 3586 (N3666) SC22 2003-10-16 396-M
L2/03-344 Letter to ANSI regarding Letter from Elaine Keown to ANSI Cathy Wissink 2003-10-16 396-M
L2/03-345 US National Body Contribution in Response to JTC 1 N 7136 - the Meeting on the CCCCLM, June 2003 in Geneva U.S. NB 2003-10-16 396-M
L2/03-346 Analysis of characters in WG2 documents N2572, N2573 (PDF is a 3MB scan; Excel spreadsheet without glyphs here 28k) Cora Chang 2003-10-20 396-M
L2/03-347 Background on DOUBLE OBLIQUE HYPHEN Deborah Anderson 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-348 INCITS response to ISO and ANSI statements concerning availability of ISO codes INCITS 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-349 Unicode Liaison Report to WG2 Asmus Freytag 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-350 Response to N2666 (Principles on Encoding Phags-pa Script) Andrew C West 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-351 Comments on N2621, Proposal to encode Tibetan BrdaRten Peter Constable 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-352 WG2 partial document register N2190 - N2664 Mike Ksar 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-353 WG2 Mailing List Mike Ksar 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-354 Symbols used in Dictionaries Asmus Freytag 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-355 UTC #97 Agenda Lisa Moore 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-356 UTC #97 Minutes Lisa Moore 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-357 UTC #97 Motions Lisa Moore 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-358 UTC #97 Actions Lisa Moore 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-359 Phonetic symbols used in Dictionaries Asmus Freytag 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-360 Additional information on typesetting Fraktur Asmus Freytag 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-361 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3614, Proposed Project Transfer (ISO/IEC 14651) from JTC 1/SC 22 to JTC 1/SC 2 SC22 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-362 Defect report on Kangxi radical forms Richard S Cook 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-363 Comments on N2634, proposal to encode Tai Lue Peter Constable 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-364 Second revised proposal to encode symbols for genealogy and gender studies Michael Everson 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-365 Opinions on encoding Tai Lue China NB 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-366 Principles on encoding Phags-pa script China NB 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-367 CJK Ideograph source references corrections WG2 Project Editor 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-368 Comments on N2661, clarification and explanation on Tibetan BrdaRten Proposal UTC / L2 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-369 Comments on combining dot above China NB 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-370 IRG Rapporteur's report to WG2 Zhang Zhoucai 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-371 Comments on N2665, opinions on encoding Tai Lue Peter Constable 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-372 Comments on N2626, proposal on IPA extensions and combining marks Deborah Anderson 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-373 Letter Ballot on the Japanese National Body Contribution to JTC 1/SC 22 to Request that JTC 1/SC 2 Consider Putting Specification of the Character Repertoire for Identifier on the SC 2 Programme of Work Japan NB 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-374 Response to N2666 (Principles on encoding Phags-pa script) Andrew C West 2003-10-22 396-M
L2/03-375 Annex I for N2352R (Guideline for Handling of CJK Unification and/or Dis-Unification Error) V S Umamaheswaran, et al 2003-10-23 396-M
L2/03-376 Roadmaps document (snapshot cover) Michael Everson 2003-10-23 396-M
L2/03-377 Snapshot of Pictorial view of Roadmaps to BMP, SMP, SIP and SSP Michael Everson, et al 2003-10-23 396-M
L2/03-378 China's Statement of BrdaRten ad hoc China N B 2003-10-23 396-M
L2/03-379 Proposal to add raised small diagonal Michael Everson 2003-10-23 396-M
L2/03-380 Characters approved by WG2 for PDAM 1 of 10646 Asmus Freytag 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-381 SC 2 Business Plan SC2 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-382 SC 36 Resolutions Concerning the JTC 1 CCCCLM Meeting SC36 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-383 AFNOR contribution to document JTC 1 N 7136, Meeting on the CCCCLM AFNOR 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-384 AFNOR contribution to document JTC 1 N 7136 Recommendation 2, Meeting on the CCCCLM AFNOR 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-385 Request for Project Transfer (ISO/IEC 14651) from JTC 1/SC 22 to JTC 1/SC 2 JTC1 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-386 Addition of 6 number forms characters (for hex digits) Ricardo Niemietz 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-387 Chinese Character Description Language (CDL) Richard S Cook 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-388 Comment on Public Review Issue 9 Gautam Sengupta 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-389 Comments on Public Review Issues, Oct 27, 2003 Rick McGowan 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-390 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 44 V S Umamaheswaran 2003-10-27 396-M
L2/03-391 WG2 Principles and Procedures V S Umamaheswaran 2003-10-28 396-M
L2/03-392 Clarification and explanation on Tibetan BrdaRten proposal China N B 2003-10-28 396-M
L2/03-393 Preliminary proposal to encode Cuneiform script Michael Everson, et al 2003-10-28 396-M
L2/03-394 Comments on Ya-phalaa, PRI 9 Paul Nelson 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-395 Draft guidelines for internet connections at UTC meetings Lisa Moore 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-396 Proposed Update UAX #9 (Bidirectional Algorithm, version tr9-12) Mark Davis 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-397 WG2 Consent Docket Ken Whistler 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-398 Unihan reported errors / changes re kCowles D Nguyen 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-399 Unihan reported errors / changes re kHKSCS entries Anthony Fok 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-400 Named Composite Entries (draft) Ken Whistler 2003-10-29 396-M
L2/03-401 Draft UTR #23 (Character Property Model, version tr23-3) Asmus Freytag 2003-10-30 396-M
L2/03-402 On the suggested changes to the Bidirectional Algorithm Roozbeh Pournader 2003-10-30 396-M
L2/03-403 Draft language for consensus 96-C20 re CGJ Ken Whistler 2003-10-30 396-M
L2/03-404 A specification for CDL - character description language Bishop & Cook 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-405 Summary of status of IDS for CJK Extension B (Data file HERE) John Jenkins 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-406 Liaison report, Script Encoding Initiative, UC Berkeley Deborah Anderson 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-407 Proposal for the Basic International CJK Subset (Data file HERE) Ken Lunde 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-408 Project Subdivision Proposal for ISO/IEC 10646: 2003/Amd 1 SC2 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-409 SC2 Business Plan SC2 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-410 Additional math characters (bounded superset, etc) Asmus Freytag 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-411 Unencoded characters in GB 18030 and HK-SCS Goldsmith & Muller 2003-10-31 396-M
L2/03-412 Comments on draft Named Composite Entities Peter Constable 2003-11-01 396-M
L2/03-413 Ideograph Variation Selector and Variation Collection Identifier (also in ZIP file with images) Hideki Hiura 2003-11-01 396-M
L2/03-414 Three letters in support of N'ko encoding Deborah Anderson 2003-11-01 396-M
L2/03-415 Proposal to Encode the Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform Script Dean Snyder 2003-11-01 396-M
L2/03-416 Cuneiform encoding proposals Lloyd Anderson 2003-11-03 396-M
L2/03-417 Variation sequences for CJK Compatibility characters Eric Muller 2003-11-04 396-M
L2/03-418 Boundary_Neutral Property Mark Davis 2003-11-04 396-M
L2/03-419 Linebreak and East Asian Width Asmus Freytag 2003-11-04 396-M
L2/03-420 Character Description Language (CDL): The Set of Basic CJK Unified Stroke Types Richard S Cook 2003-11-05 396-M
L2/03-421 Proposed U.S. NB Recommendation to JTC 1 on transfer of ISO/IEC 14651 from SC22 to SC2 Cathy Wissink 2003-11-06 396-M
L2/03-422 Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting #194 Cathy Wissink 2003-11-06 396-M
L2/03-423 Project Subdivision Proposal for ISO/IEC 10646 SC2 2003-11-06 396-M
L2/03-424 Letter from SC22 to SC2 regarding 10176 SC22 2003-11-06 396-M
L2/03-425 E-mail regarding collection identifiers Hideki Hiura 2003-11-06 396-M
L2/03-426 List of Normative/Informative properties Mark Davis 2003-11-07 396-M
L2/03-427 Script code exceptions Michel Suignard 2003-11-07 396-M
L2/03-428 Open Action List, before UTC #97 and L2 #194 Rick McGowan 2003-11-13 396-M
L2/03-429 (withdrawn)   2003-11-17  
L2/03-430 Problem with Khmer / ZWJ / ZWNJ Mark Davis 2003-11-24 396-M
L2/03-431 Resolutions Adopted at the Eighteenth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1 17-21 November 2003, Singapore JTC1 2003-11-24 396-M
L2/03-432 Proposed Update: UAX #11: East Asian Width, version 11-12.html Asmus Freytag 2003-11-25 396-M
L2/03-433 Proposed Update: UTR #17: Character Encoding Model, version 17.3.3.html Asmus Freytag 2003-11-25 396-M
L2/03-434 Proposal summary form to accompany submissions for additions to the repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 (update 2003-11) WG2 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-435 WG2 Principles and Procedures - update 2003-11-23 V S Umamaheswaran 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-436 SC 2 Business Plan (WG2-n2688) SC2 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-437 SC 2 Ballot Statistics for the past five years (1999-01/2003-11) SC2 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-438 SC2/WG2 partial document register (N2190 – N2687) WG2 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-439 SC34 proposed new work item ballot - Techniques for using SGML SC34 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-440 Committee Draft ISO/IEC PDTR 9573-13, with ballot (Techniques for using SGML - Part 13: Public entity sets for mathematics and science) SC34 2003-12-08 396-M
L2/03-441 Proposal for New Work Item on Amendment to ISO/IEC 14651, International string ordering SC2 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-442 ISO/IEC 14651 / PDAM 2 (International string ordering) SC2 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-443 Proposal to add Atnaha Hafukh to the BMP Everson, et al 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-444 Final DIS for ISO/IEC 11581-5 (Information Technology - User system interfaces and symbols - Icon symbols and functions - Part 5: Tool icons) SC35 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-445 Current activity for accessibility guideline and the position and policy of SC35/WG6 in Japan Satoshi Suzuki (SC35) 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-446 Project statuses to be included in the next business plan Alain LaBonté SC35) 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-447 Proposed draft technical report ISO/IEC PDTR 19764 (Guidelines, methodology, and reference criteria for cultural and linguistic adaptability in information technology products) SC35 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-448 Tamil encoding issues, #5 (Proposal for Tamil in Unicode) N. Anbarasan 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-449 Report on IRG meeting 21 John Jenkins 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-450 China's Old Hanzi encoding proposal China N.B. 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-451 Resolutions of IRG #21 IRG 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-452 IRG N1014 - Draft Agreement on Old Hanzi Encoding IRG 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-453 Minutes of the Editorial Group Ad Hoc Discussion IRG 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-454 Summary report of II Core Ad Hoc Group IRG 2003-12-17 396-M
L2/03-455 Roadmap comments re Aramaic Peter Kirk 2003-12-22 396-M