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UTC Document Register for 1996

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date L2 Doc №
UTC/1996-001 UTC #68 Agenda Joan Aliprand, Arnold Winkler 1996-03-08  
UTC/1996-002 UTC #67 Minutes Joan Aliprand, Edwin Hart, Steve Greenfield 1996-03-05  
UTC/1996-003 RLG proposes the addition of nine new characters to the Arabic Script block of The Unicode Standard Joan Aliprand 1996-02-27  
UTC/1996-004 Transliteration and transcription of scripts Arnold Winkler 1996-02-19  
UTC/1996-005 Report on the African Symbols in WG2 N1143 (Action Item from UTC #67) Joan Aliprand 1996-03-06  
UTC/1996-006 Report on Arabic Letters/Symbols in WG2 N1144 Joan Aliprand 1996-03-07  
UTC/1996-007 Contribution on Encoding Braille in ISO/IEC 10646 Edwin Hart 1996-03-07  
UTC/1996-008 Action Items due at UTC #68 Joan Aliprand 1996-03-07  
UTC/1996-009 Draft text of Section 3.11, Bidirectional Behavior, of The Unicode Standard 2.0   1996-03-06  
UTC/1996-010 Draft text of Section 3.9, Canonical Ordering Behavior, of The Unicode Standard 2.0 1996-03-06  
UTC/1996-011 Letter ballot re the missing Pinyin characters defect report Michel Suignard 1996-02-28  
UTC/1996-012 not assigned      
UTC/1996-013 Greek (Byzantine) Musical Notation System, Notes and observations on ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N1208 and attachments Rick McGowan 1996-03  
UTC/1996-014 UTF-8, a transformation format of Unicode and ISO 10646 F. Yergeau 1996-02-22  
UTC/1996-015 Re: Cherokee Nation's ordering Michael Everson 1996-03-08  
UTC/1996-016 Cherokee Syllabary Charles Gourd 1996-03-05  
UTC/1996-017 Proposal for encoding the Cherokee script Michael Everson 1996-03-14  
UTC/1996-018 Summary of Internet Architecture Board Character Set Workshop Rick McGowan 1996-03  
UTC/1996-019 not assigned      
UTC/1996-020 Agenda - UTC #69 & X3L2 #167, Redmond - June 6-7, 1996 Joan Aliprand, Arnold Winkler 1996-06-06  
UTC/1996-021 UTC #68 Minutes Joan Aliprand, Steve Greenfield 1996  
UTC/1996-022 UTC #68 Action Item List Steve Greenfield 1996  
UTC/1996-023 Source Code Separation Rule Edwin Hart 1996  
UTC/1996-024 Michael Everson Response to SOAS Michael Everson, Joe Becker 1996-06-04 X3L2/96-067
UTC/1996-025 Follow up response to WG2 N1326 re Encoding of Ethiopic Syllabary Joe Becker 1996  
UTC/1996-026 not assigned      
UTC/1996-027.1 Draft minutes from X3L2 #167 and UTC #69 in Redmond, June 1996 (Part 1) Joan Aliprand 1996-06-12 X3L2/96-105
UTC/1996-027.2 Draft minutes from X3L2 #167 and UTC #69 in Redmond, June 1996 (Part 2) Joan Aliprand 1996-06-12 X3L2/96-105
UTC/1996-028 WG2 Meeting #31 Action Items for UTC Glenn Adams 1996-08-27  
UTC/1996-029 Action Items Generated from the Joint Meeting X3L2 #169 and UTC #69 Steve Greenfield 1996-07-12  
UTC/1996-030 Calendar of Meetings Steve Greenfield 1996  
UTC/1996-031 Unicode Database Fixes Mark Davis 1996-08-27  
UTC/1996-032 Apostrophe & Middle Dot Mark Davis 1996-08-27  
UTC/1996-033 Simple Unicode Text Compression Mark Davis 1996-06-06 X3L2/96-065
UTC/1996-033R Simple Unicode Text Compression Mark Davis 1996-06-10  
UTC/1996-034 not assigned      
UTC/1996-035 Need for basic Unicode font Tim Fallen-Bailey 1996-09-07  
UTC/1996-036 not assigned      
UTC/1996-037 Calendar of Meetings Steve Greenfield 1996  
UTC/1996-038 Action Items Generated at UTC #70 Steve Greenfield 1996