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UTC Document Register for 1999

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date L2 Doc №
UTC/1999-001 3.0 Devanagari--Eyelash RA (3rd version) James E. Agenbroad 1999-01-27 L2/99-026
UTC/1999-002 UTC 3.0 draft comment Lloyd Honomichl 1999-01-27  
UTC/1999-003 Additional Requirement for Unicode 3.0 Conformance Edwin Hart 1999-01-28  
UTC/1999-004 UTC 3.0 draft comment Paul Hoffman 1999-01-28  
UTC/1999-005 Comments on Unicode 3.0 Draft dated 1998-Dec-15 Edwin Hart 1999-02-03  
UTC/1999-006 not assigned      
UTC/1999-007 not assigned      
UTC/1999-008 Recommended Outline for Submitting Requirements Other than Character and Script Proposals to the UTC Edwin Hart 1999-05-11  
UTC/1999-009 Draft WG2 Resolution Consent Docket for UTC (text version: u1999-009.txt) Ken Whistler 1999-05-12  
UTC/1999-010 Summary of WG2 actions in Fukuoka requiring UTC ratification Ken Whistler 1999-05-11  
UTC/1999-011 Summary of Normative Changes to Conformance for Unicode 3.0 Ken Whistler 1999-05-23  
UTC/1999-012 Excerpts from Working Draft for Unicode 3.0 (paper document only) Ken Whistler 1999-05-24  
UTC/1999-013 Tildes and Micro-sign decomposition Kent Karlsson 1999-05-27  
UTC/1999-014 Recursion depth limit for IDC's John Jenkins 1999-06-01  
UTC/1999-015 Re: Brief note on length of ideograph descriptions Ken Whistler 1999-06-01  
UTC/1999-016 Changes between UnicodeData-2.1.9d3.txt and UnicodeData-2.1.9.txt Ken Whistler 1999-06-03  
UTC/1999-017 Data cross-checks (for Agenda) Mark Davis 1999-06-02  
UTC/1999-018 Raised decimal Mark Davis 1999-06-04  
UTC/1999-019 Unicode new project Akio Kido 1999-05-20  
UTC/1999-019R Localization resource proposal Akio Kido, Hideki Hiura 1999-05-26  
UTC/1999-020 Using ideographic description characters (Diagram) John Jenkins 1999-06-04  
UTC/1999-021 W3C XML CG statement on annotation characters Martin Duerst, Jon Bosak 1999-06-08  
UTC/1999-022 Progress Report on Printing ISO/IEC-10646-1 Asmus Freytag 1999-06-10  
UTC/1999-023 Progressing TR#9 Bidi Algorithm Mark Davis, et al 1999-06-09  
UTC/1999-024 Normative Changes to UnicodeData.txt after the beta period for Unicode 3.0 Ken Whistler 1999-08-25  
UTC/1999-025 Proposal for a signature byte sequence for SCSU Markus Scherer 1999-09-08  
UTC/1999-026 AFII font for UCS:2000 Tex Texin, Michel Suignard 1999-10-18  
UTC/1999-027 Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Report #20, Unicode in XML and other Markup Languages Martin Duerst, Mark Davis, Hideki Hiura, Asmus Freytag 1999-09-28  
UTC/1999-028 Unicode Technical Report #21, Case Mappings Mark Davis 1999-11-03  
UTC/1999-029 Unicode Technical Report #17, Character Encoding Model Ken Whistler, Mark Davis 1999-11-23  
UTC/1999-030 Unicode Technical Report #18, Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines Mark Davis 1999-11-23  
UTC/1999-031 Unicode Technical Report #19, UTF-32 Mark Davis 1999-11-16  
UTC/1999-032 Unicode encoding forms Mark Davis    
UTC/1999-033 Results of letter ballot on Unicode Data, Version 3 Lisa Moore 1999-10-22  
UTC/1999-034 Unicode Character Mapping Formats Mark Davis 1999-10-25