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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date Project
L2/00-001 Complete list of 1999 documents [914 kB] Winkler 2000-01-01 admin
L2/00-002 Mathematical symbols – new proposal Barbara Beeton 2000-01-26 396-D
L2/00-003 Revised agenda for UTC meeting #82 [rev. 5] Lisa Moore 2000-01-31 Admin
L2/00-004 Motions from UTC #82 in San Jose Lisa Moore 2000-02-09 Admin
L2/00-005 Minutes of UCT #82 in San Jose Lisa Moore 2000-02-09 Admin
L2/00-006 Final agenda for the NCITS/L2 meeting #179 Winkler 2000-02-03 Admin
L2/00-007 Minutes from the L2 meeting #179 in San Jose [PDF format for printing L2/00-007.pdf] Winkler 2000-02-08 Admin
L2/00-008 Extension of TR 15285 (.doc format, 1034 kB large), expert contribution T.K. Sato
SC2 N2148
2000-01-05 1141-L
L2/00-009 Khmer update (Amendment 25) expert contribution T.K. Sato
SC2 N2149
2000-01-05 396-D
L2/00-010 Minutes from the SC2/WG2 meeting #37 in Copenhagen, September 13-16, 1999 UMA
SC2/WG2 N2103
2000-01-05 Admin
L2/00-011 Action items from the SC2/WG2 meeting #37 UMA 2000-01-05 Admin
L2/00-012 Further discussion on the ZWL Everson 2000-01-06 396-D
L2/00-013 Peso sign and Peseta sign (U-20A7) T.K. Sato
SC2/WG2 N2156
2000-01-06 396-D
L2/00-014 2nd call for SC2/WG2 #38 meeting in Beijing, March 21 – 24, 2000 (replaces L2/99-392). New logistics! Mike Ksar
SC2/WG2 N2155
2000-01-10 Admin
L2/00-015 Preliminary agenda for WG2 #38 Mike Ksar 2000-01-10 Admin
L2/00-016 NCITS – reaffirmation of X3.83 - USA Sponsorship Procedures for ISO Registration According to ISO 2375 NCITS
2000-01-05 13-M
L2/00-017 Communication from Armenia (SARM) Levon H. Aslanyan 2000-01-17 396-D
L2/00-018 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 information to ETSI/SMG4 on character coding K.I. Larsson
SC2/WG2 N2157
2000-01-09 396-D
L2/00-019 Canonical XML, Version 1 – for comments W3C 2000-01-19 I18n
L2/00-020 Request for JTC 1 Approval of Category C Liaison between SC 2 and the (W3C) JTC1 N6040 2000-01-18 admin
L2/00-021 Revised IBM comments on ISO 10646-2 (move Ext. B into the BMP) IBM, Microsoft 2000-01-21 1313-L
L2/00-022 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3370, Proposed SC 2 Resolution on Transfer of ISO/TC 46/SC 4 Character Sets Projects SC2 N3401 2000-01-28 396-D
L2/00-023 ZWJ contradictions, ZWL (Lloyd Anderson) Ken Whistler 2000-01-24 396-D
L2/00-024 Modified proposal for new JCS characters and reply to Unicode/L2 comments (L2/99-365) K. Shibano 2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-025 Extending ZWJ and ZWNJ for ligation Mark Davis 2000-01-25 396-D
L2/00-026 Five comments on ZWL and ZWJ Lloyd Anderson 2000-01-25 396-D
L2/00-027 Properties for unassigned characters Mark Davis 2000-01-25 396-D
L2/00-028 Editorial defects in AFII character tables (pdf) and additional corrigenda in ISO/IEC 10646-1 2nd ed. Bruce Paterson
SC2/WG2 N2158
2000-01-26 396-D
L2/00-029 CEN approval of ENV 13710 European Ordering Rules – country comments Thorgeir Sigudsson
CEN N933
2000-01-26 I18n
L2/00-030 Background information on Japanese characters Yoshi Enomoto 2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-031 Comments on Ligature Control John Jenkins 2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-032 Compatibility Ideographs in the Unicode Standard John Jenkins 2000-02-01 396-D
L2/00-033R Encoding for STIX math symbols (revised) Ken Whistler 2000-02-09 396-D
L2/00-034 In-process Private Use Characters Michel Suignard 2000-02-02 396-D
L2/00-035 UTF-5, a transformation format for DNS I18N IETF draft 2000-01-28 396-D
L2/00-036 Expert contribution on the placement of additional unified ideographs from JIS X0213, HK, and Korea Uma
2000-02-03 396-D
L2/00-037 US comments on ISO/IEC 10646-2 CD ballot in SC2 N3393 Michel Suignard 2000-02-03 396-D
L2/00-038 Where is my character (draft) [UTC/2000-011] Mark Davis 2000-01-31 UTC
L2/00-039 UTR #11: East Asian Width – restated definitions [UTC/2000-012] Asmus Freytag 2000-01-31 UTC
L2/00-040 Property changes for Unicode character database [UTC/2000-013] Ken Whistler 2000-01-31 UTC
L2/00-041 Unicode submission form [UTC/2000-014] Mark Davis 2000-02-01 UTC
L2/00-042 Changes to 10646-1 for PUA [UTC/2000-015] Ken Whistler 2000-01-14 UTC
L2/00-043 APL Character Repertoire SC22 N3067 1999-12-28 396-D
L2/00-044 Summary of FDAM voting: ISO 10646 Amendment 15: Kang Xi radicals and CJK radicals supplement SC2 N3405 2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-045 Summary of FDAM voting: ISO 10646 Amd. 28: Ideographic description characters SC2 N3406 2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-046 Summary of FDAM voting: ISO 10646 Amendment 29: Mongolian SC2 N3407 2000-02-15 396-D
L2/00-047 Summary of FDAM voting: ISO 10646 Amd. 30: Additional Latin and other characters SC2 N3408 2000-02-15 396-D
L2/00-048 Proposal for NAXI-Phonetic Michael Everson 2000-02-15 396-D
L2/00-049 Proposal for compatibility ideographs in Plane 2 of ISO/IEC 10646-2 (replaced by L2/00-087) Tseng, Shih-shyeng
2000-02-15 396-D
L2/00-050 Voting results and comments to ISO/IEC CD 2375 SC2 N3409 2000-02-21 13-M
L2/00-051 CEN ISSS workshop "ESR" on culturally specific ICT requirements CWA/ESR:2000 1999-07-17
L2/00-052 Requirement of international domain names IETF, James Seng 2000-02-22 I18N
L2/00-053 Peso – character samples (suppl. to L2/00-013) Sato,  WG2 N2161 2000-02-20 396-D
L2/00-054 Row 0E – LAO  (collection 26) Sato,  WG2 N2162 2000-01-06 396-D
L2/00-055 Soyombo and Pagba (old Mongol scripts) Sato, WG2 N2163 2000-01-06 396-D
L2/00-056 10646-Amd.#25 (Khmer) correction request Sato, WG2 N2164 2000-02-23 396-D
L2/00-057 Ng and ng of the Philippines Sato, WG2 N2165 2000-02-23 396-D
L2/00-058 Proposal for a signature byte sequence for SCSU, updated at UTC#81 in San Jose, February 2000 Markus Scherer
2000-01-29 396-D
L2/00-059 JTC1 conversion tables [UTC/2000-010] Martin Dürst 2000-01-27 I18n
L2/00-060 Reply to WG20 liaison statement to TC37 on ISO 639, parts 1 and 2 ISO 639 JAC
Rebecca Guenther
2000-02-22 I18n
L2/00-061 Proposal to add Latin combining characters to support Middle High German (20+MB, link to WG2 N2160) (Smaller version, fewer examples L2/00-061-mini) Mark Küster
SC2/WG2 N2160
2000-02-16 396-D
L2/00-062 Revised agenda for the SC2/WG2 meeting in Beijing (link to WG2 N2155R) Mike Ksar 2000-02-23 396-D
L2/00-063 US comments on publishing ISO/IEC 10646-1 on the web – request for approval Ed Hart, Mike Ksar 2000-02-25 admin
L2/00-064 Voting result from DAM ballot for TR 10176 JTC1 N5991 2000-02-25 admin
L2/00-065 Wave dash  [U-301C] Sato, WG2 N2166 2000-01-04 396-D
L2/00-066 Technical justification of the proposal to amend the Korean character part of ISO/IEC 10646-1 and proposed addition of 79 symbolic characters (Glyphs incorrect!) D.P.R. of Korea
SC2/WG2 N2170
2000-02-10 396-D
L2/00-067 Internationalization of Domain Name Service (DNS) IETF 2000-02-28 I18n
L2/00-068 List of 10646 character names (alphabetical order) Bruce Paterson,
WG2 N2172
2000-02-25 396-D
L2/00-069 Mappings between IEC 61286 and ISO 10646 Electro technical symbols Per Åke Swensson
WG2 N2171
2000-02-25 396-D
L2/00-070 Final text of ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Basic Multilingual Plane (was linked to SC2 site, SC2 N3411) Bruce Paterson
SC2 N3411
2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-071 Table of replies on ISO/IEC 10646-1: 1993/FDAM 31: Tibetan Extensions SC2 N3410 2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-072 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3393, ISO/IEC CD 10646-2, Part 2: Secondary Multilingual Plane for scripts and symbols Supplementary Plane for CJK Ideographs Special Purpose Plane (831 kB) SC2 N3412
SC2/WG2 N2181
2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-073 Comments on DPRK New Work Item proposal on Korean characters Kent Karlsson
WG2 N2167
2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-074 Comments on ‘Math Alphanumeric’ characters for 10646-2 Kent Karlsson
WG2 N2168
2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-075 Comments on ‘Language Tag’ characters for 10646-2, plane 14 Kent Karlsson
WG2 N2169
2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-076 Ballot: John Hill as chair of SC22 (Biography) Winkler (CT22) 2000-03-07 admin
L2/00-077 Ballot:  Subcommittee O-Members participation in working group meetings Winkler (CT22) 2000-03-08 admin
L2/00-078 Implications of Normalization on Character Encoding (for addition to principles and procedures) Mark Davis
SC2/WG2 N2176
2000-03-07 396-D
L2/00-079 Request for Technical Corrigendum to ISO 10646-1 to restrict the range of code positions to U-10FFFF Mark Davis
SC2/WG2 N2175
2000-03-07 396-D
L2/00-080 Resolution 26 of the JTC 1 Seoul Plenary Meeting (JTC 1 5983) and Draft Agenda for the ISO/IEC JTC 1 SWG on Development of a Business Plan for Standards Availability (JTC 1 N 6041)
SC2/WG2 N2180
2000-03-07 admin
L2/00-081 Proposal to encode Ethiopic Extensions in the BMP of ISO/IEC 10646 (was distributed as L2/98-300) Ethiopia
SC2/WG2 N1846
1998-09-11 396-D
L2/00-082 Proposal to add 8 Cyrillic Sámi characters to ISO/IEC 10646
SC2/WG2 N2173
2000-03-03 396-D
L2/00-083 Comment on IEC 61286-2, Electrotechnical Symbols (536 kB) Hugh McG Ross
SC2/WG2 N2174
2000-03-03 396-D
L2/00-084 DPRK NP - JTC1 5999 p 1-5, originally submitted as WG2 N2056 (for full document see L2/99-380) DPRK
SC2/WG2 N2182
1999-12-07 396-D
L2/00-085 Irish Comments on SC 2 NSC 2 N 3393, CD 10646-2 Ireland 2000-03-07 NB Ireland
SC2/WG2 N2179
2000-03-07 396-D
L2/00-086 Resolutions of JTC 1 Special Group on Strategic Planning Meeting in Oslo, Feb. 22-24, 2000 JTC1 N3415
SC2/WG2 N2178
2000-03-07 admin
L2/00-087 Proposal for compatibility ideographs (TCA) (in Plane 2 of ISO/IEC 10646-2) (711 kB) Tseng, Shih-shyeng
SC2/WG2 N2159R
2000-03-10 396-D
L2/00-088 Current SC2 programme of work SC2 secretariat 2000-03-12 admin
L2/00-089 Identification of decomposed characters in ISO/IEC 10646-1 Kolehmainen, Küster
SC2/WG2 N2189
2000-03-14 396-D
L2/00-090 Armenian comments and 3 attachments, AMST 34.001-99, 34.002-99, 10646-1 Armenian L. H. Aslanyan
SC2/WG2 N2190
2000-03-14 396-D
L2/00-091 Additional information to the proposal to add 3 characters (WG2 N1887R = L2/98-374, attached) Asmus Freytag
SC2/WG2 N1887
2000-03-14 396-D
L2/00-092 Proposal to add the German Penny symbol Reference document L2/98-309 Unicode, Freytag
SC2/WG2 N2188
2000-03-14 396-D
L2/00-093 Proposed disposition of comments to N3393, ISO/IEC 10646-2 Michel Suignard
SC2 N2192
2000-03-17 396-D
L2/00-094 Proposal for encoding additional mathematical symbols in the BMP NB of the USA
SC2/WG2 N2191
2000-03-14 396-D
L2/00-095 South Korea's comments on N2056 (L2/00-084) G. Gim, K. Kim
SC2/WG2 N2193
2000-03-19 396-D
L2/00-096 Agenda for SC22/WG20 meeting in Beijing Mike Ksar 2000-03-20 admin
L2/00-097 Philippino characters (status report) Sato, WG2 N2194 2000-02-22 396-D
L2/00-098 Rationale for non Kanji characters proposed by JCS committee [Page 5] Japan
SC2/WG2 N2195
2000-03-15 396-D
L2/00-099 CJK compatibility ideographs Japan
SC2/WG2 N2196
2000-03-15 396-D
L2/00-100 Proposal: TR 15285 amendments Japan
SC2/WG2 N2198
2000-03-15 1141-L
L2/00-101 Update: CJK compatibility update request Japan
SC2/WG2 N2197
2000-03-15 396-D
L2/00-102 Requirements for coded elements (proposed addition of a new annex to ISO TR15285 Japan and MLIT
SC2/WG2 N2199
2000-03-13 1141-L
L2/00-103 Why input assistance ? (A proposal to develop a new annex Y to ISO TR 15285 Kobayashi et al.
SC2/WG2 N2206
2000-03-15 1141-L
L2/00-104 Revised Resolutions from the SC2/WG2 meeting in Beijing (code point errors corrected) SC2/WG2 N2204R
SC2 N3422
2000-03-31 admin
L2/00-105 Disposition of comments to ISO/IEC CD 10646-2 Michel Suignard
SC2/WG2 N2217
2000-03-23 396-D
L2/00-106 Note on the script name "Tibetan" Orient Foundation
SC2/WG2 N2218
2000-01-31 396-D
L2/00-107 Liaison report from the Unicode consortium SC2/WG2 N2209 2000-03-22 admin
L2/00-108 Report from the SC2/WG 2 meeting in Beijing Ken Whistler 2000-03-30 Admin
L2/00-109 Corrections to Khmer character tables in 10646 and Unicode Michel Suignard 2000-04-06 396-D
L2/00-110 Text for FDIS ballot ISO/IEC 14651 – International string ordering (Template table) Alain LaBonté
SC22/WG20 N731
SC22 N3039
2000-04-20 1241-L
L2/00-111 NCITS policies with impact on L2 work (archive) NCITS IT/00-0023 April 2000 Admin
L2/00-112 Request of change to the proposal to add Etruscan to Unicode / ISO 10646 Michael Everson

2000-03-21 396-D
L2/00-113 Agenda UTC #83 Lisa Moore 2000-04-26 Admin
L2/00-114 Motions from UTC meeting #83 Lisa Moore 2000-05-07 Admin
L2/00-115 Minutes Of UTC Meeting #83 Lisa Moore 2000-05-07 Admin
L2/00-116 Agenda L2 #180 – Mountain View, April 28, 2000 Arnold Winkler 2000-04-28 Admin
L2/00-117 Minutes L2 #180 – Mountain View, April 28, 2000 Arnold Winkler 2000-04-28 Admin
L2/00-118 "Parts of the Unicode Standard" Mark Davis
Ken Whistler
2000-04-05 UTC
L2/00-119 Proposal for mathematical symbols in 10646 SC2/WG2 N2191R 2000-04-19 396-D
L2/00-120 Proposal to add characters for use with Thaana Script (Divehi language) Nelson, Beam, Gadir
2000-04-07 396-D
L2/00-121 Minutes from the WG2 meeting #37 in Copenhagen, September 1999 [same as L2/00-010] Uma, SC2 N3425
SC2/WG2 N2103
2000-04-04 Admin
L2/00-122 Summary of voting on ISO 8859-16 – Latin No 10 SC2 N3419 2000-03-24 392-M
L2/00-123 Business plan for standards availability SC2 N3423 2000-03-28 admin
L2/00-124 Recommendations and meeting report from the SG for a business plan for standards availability SC2 N3424 2000-03-24 admin
L2/00-125 Summary of voting on JTC1 N5999 – Korean proposal with UK comments SC2 N3421 2000-03-24 396-D
L2/00-126 Summary of voting on ISO/IEC CD 10646-2 SC2 N3412 2000-03-02 396-D
L2/00-127 Dates for the SC2 plenary and WG meetings in Greece, September 2000 SC2 N3430 2000-04-04 admin
L2/00-128 Past scripts in future versions of Unicode Carl-Martin Bunz March 2000 396-D
L2/00-129 Standards development in XML format Winkler April 2000 admin
L2/00-130 JPNddd vs. JIS 0213 mapping tables Japan, T.K. Sato 2000-04-10 396-D
L2/00-131 Proposal for new "mirror.txt" file for mirrored characters (property) Markus Scherer 2000-04-18 396-D
L2/00-132 Character normalization in IETF protocols Martin Dürst March 2000 396-D
L2/00-133 Altitalische Sprachen (Markus Dohnicht) Marc Küster 2000-04-18 396-D
L2/00-134 Proposal to encode Urdu numbers to remove ambiguities Paul Nelson 2000-04-07 396-D
L2/00-135 Proposal to add Urdu Epethit and Abbreviation Diacritics to the Arabic Block Paul Nelson 2000-04-07 396-D
L2/00-136 Proposal to Facilitate Random Access of SCSU Strings Peter Bishop 2000-04-15 396-D
L2/00-137 UTR #22 – character mapping tables Mark Davis April 2000 UTC
L2/00-138 Mapping aliases and display names Mark Davis April 2000 UTC
L2/00-139 Proposal to add another Unicode encoding form UTF-8-16 (R1) Jianping Yang
Toby Phillips
2000-04-24 396-D
L2/00-140 Proposal for Old-Italic (Archaic European Scripts) Everson, Jenkins,
de Judicibus
2000-04-21 396-D
L2/00-141 Proposed changes to UTR #10 – Collation Davis, Whistler 2000-04-24 UTC
L2/00-142 Code for the representation of names of scripts Everson
ISO DIS 15924
2000-04-25 UTC
L2/00-143 Proposed informative data file: Scripts Mark Davis 2000-04-27 396-D
L2/00-144 Encoding Vedic Accents (draft) Everson 2000-04-22 396-D
L2/00-145 UTR #20: Unicode in XML and other markup languages (3) W3C working draft
1999-09-26 UTC
L2/00-146 More information on Compatibility Ideographs T.K. Sato 2000-04-21 396-D
L2/00-147 Beyond the request of JIS Compatibility Ideographs T.K. Sato 2000-04-21 396-D
L2/00-148 Let a Thousand Grasses bloom Ken Whistler 2000-03-31 396-D
L2/00-149 Rule Making on access for disabled persons to IT Federal Register April 2000 I18N
L2/00-150R2 Proposal for Unique Sequence Identifiers (USI) and repertoire specifications including these USIs (R2) Umamaheswaran
SC2/WG2 N2230
2000-07-27 396-D
L2/00-151 Proposal to change glyph shape for U+066C ARABIC THOUSAND SEPARATOR Nelson, Hijazi, Copty 2000-04-07 396-D
L2/00-152 NTT DoCoMo Pictographs Graham Asher 2000-04-26 396-D
L2/00-153 Further comments on historic scripts Carl-Martin Bunz 2000-04-26 396-D
L2/00-154 Suggested clarification for TR #9 Asmus Freytag 2000-04-26 UTC
L2/00-155 Letter to Indian Government and Everson about the proposed coding of Vedic Lisa Moore 2000-05-31 396-D
L2/00-156 Zero width grapheme joiner Mark Davis 2000-04-30 396-D
L2/00-157 Proposed changes in UTR #10 – Collation Kent Karlsson 2000-04-25 UTC
L2/00-158 UTR #21 – Case folding Mark Davis 1999-11-03 UTC
L2/00-159 Supplemental terminal graphics for Unicode Frank da Cruz 2000-03-31 396-D
L2/00-160 Overview of access requirements for disabled persons to Information Technology Arnold Winkler 2000-04-18 Admin
L2/00-161 Updated version of UTR#22 on character mapping according to directions from the UTC meeting Mark Davis 2000-05-08 UTC
L2/00-162 Text for FCD ballot of ISO 6937 SC2 N3437 2000-05-09 1141-L
L2/00-163 Disposition of comments on ballot for WD 6937 SC2 N3436 2000-05-09 1141-L
L2/00-164 Rendering Serbian italic forms with OpenType (343 kB) John Hudson May 2000 396-D
L2/00-165 Report from the ISO/TC46 meeting in Berlin Joan Aliprand May 2000 1141-L
L2/00-166 Revised JTC1 business plan for standards availability JTC1 N6149 2000-05-09 admin
L2/00-167 Application for registration #230 – Turkmen Alphabet SC2 N3438 2000-05-12 396-D
L2/00-168 Disposition of comments on CD ballot or ISO/IEC 10646-2 (SC2 N3393) Michel Suignard
SC2 N3441
2000-05-19 396-D
L2/00-169 Text for FCD ballot of ISO/IEC 10646-2 (includes correction pages) (~ 25 MB) Michel Suignard
SC2 N3442
2000-05-19 396-D
L2/00-170 Annual report 2000 to NCITS Arnold Winkler 2000-06-xx Admin
L2/00-171 Meeting information for SC2/WG2 meeting in Athens, Greece (hotel reservation, meeting logistics, meeting registration form) Mike Ksar 2000-05-30 admin
L2/00-172 JIS COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPHS (draft for amendment-1) T.K. Sato
SC2/WG2 N2221
2000-04-20 396-D
L2/00-173 Request for subdivision of work for first amendment to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Mike Ksar
SC2/WG2 N2225
2000-05-25 396-D
L2/00-174 Repertoire additions for ISO/IEC 10646-1 2nd Edition - Cumulative List No.1 Bruce Paterson
SC2/WG2 N2226
2000-05-12 396-D
L2/00-175 Notice and preliminary agenda for SC2/WG2 meeting in Athens, September 2000 Mike Ksar
SC2/WG2 N2220
2000-05-29 Admin
L2/00-176 Some Türkmen alphabets Michael Everson 2000-06-01 396-D
L2/00-177 Liaison report from CEN/TC304 to SC2 and its working groups WG2 and WG3 Erkki Kolehmainen
SC2/WG2 N2227
2000-06-02 admin
L2/00-178 Proposal: Encoding Vedic Accents Michael Everson 2000-04-22 396-D
L2/00-179 Ireland's draft comments to Western Music Symbols in ISO/IEC 10646-2 Michael Everson 2000-06-08 396-D
L2/00-180 Proposal for project subdivision of 10646-1:2000 SC2 N3449 2000-05-30 396-D
L2/00-181 Modifications to the SC 2 Program of Work JTC1 N6181 2000-06-05 admin
L2/00-182 Archaic Komi Cyrillic characters for the BMP of the UCS Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2224
2000-06-09 396-D
L2/00-183 Draft PDAM for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Bruce Paterson
SC2/WG2 N2228
2000-06-09 396-D
L2/00-184 A Review of Some Possible Problems with SQL character features J. M. Sykes (UK)
SC32/WG3 BHX-080
2000-06-08 Admin
L2/00-185 UTC agenda - Boston, August 8-11, 2000 Lisa Moore 2000-07-24 Admin
L2/00-186 UTC motions – Boston, August 8-11, 2000 Lisa Moore 2000-08-23 Admin
L2/00-187 UTC minutes – Boston, August 8-11, 2000 Lisa Moore 2000-08-23 Admin
L2/00-188 L2 agenda – Boston, August 8-11, 2000 Arnold Winkler 2000-07-05 Admin
L2/00-189 L2 minutes – Boston, August 8-11, 2000 Arnold Winkler 2000-08-11 Admin
L2/00-190 UTC Rescinds Acceptance of Four Duplicate Radicals from JIS X 213 Lisa Moore 2000-06-22 396-D
L2/00-191 Normalization and case folding for identifiers Asmus Freytag 2000-06-20 UTC
L2/00-192 Resolutions from WG20 meeting in Québec, May 22-24, 2000 Arnold Winkler
WG20 N748
2000-05-24 Admin
L2/00-193 Minutes from the WG20 meeting in Québec, May 22-24, 2000 Arnold Winkler
WG20 N749
2000-05-26 Admin
L2/00-194 SC22/WG20 Convenor's report to SC22 Arnold Winkler
WG20 N751
2000-06-29 Admin
L2/00-195 Current version of W3C / Unicode document on the use of Unicode in XML Dürst, Freytag 2000-06-23 396-D
L2/00-196 ISO 1073-1:1976 – Character set OCR-A ; and re-affirmation questionnaire (paper only) Winkler 2000-06-23 1279-L
L2/00-197 ISO 1154 – Dimensions and location of feed holes and code holes; with re-affirmation questionnaire (paper only) Winkler 2000-06-23 1437-L
L2/00-198 ISO 1681 – Specification of unpunched paper cards; and re-affirmation questionnaire (paper only) Winkler 2000-06-23 1435-L
L2/00-199 ISO 1831 - Printing specifications for OCR; with re-affirmation questionnaire (paper only) Winkler 2000-06-23 1436-L
L2/00-200 Proposal to formally define a number of folding operations Asmus Freytag 2000-06-23 UTC
L2/00-201 E-mail a huge hit among Japanese cell-phone users Freytag: Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2000-06-12 396-D
L2/00-202 Resolutions from the JTC1 special group meeting on strategic planning in Zurich, June 19-21, 2000 JTC1 special group on strategic planning
JTC1 N6205
2000-06-21 Admin
L2/00-203 Resolutions from the IRG meeting #15 SC2/WG2 N2229 2000-06-23 396-D
L2/00-204 DUTR #20 – Unicode in XML Dürst, Freytag 2000-06-23 UTC
L2/00-205 Informal report about the 2000 meeting of ISO/TC46/SC4/WG1 in Berlin, May 9, 2000 Joan Aliprand 2000-06-26 UTC
L2/00-206 Participation in JTC 1 Development Activities JTC1 N6206 2000-06-26 Admin
L2/00-207 Request for Input on Participation in JTC 1 Development Activities JTC1 N6207 2000-06-26 Admin
L2/00-208 Request for Input on Proposed Changes to JTC 1 Structure JTC1 N6208 2000-06-26 Admin
L2/00-209 Request for Input on Funding the JTC 1 Program JTC1 N6209 2000-06-26 Admin
L2/00-210 Request for Input on Maintenance Teams Ref.: JTC1 N5911, JTC1 N6182 JTC1 N6210 2000-06-26 Admin
L2/00-211 JTC 1 Long-term Business Plan JTC1 N6211 2000-06-28 Admin
L2/00-212 Text for DCOR #1 ballot for ISO 10367 SC2/WG3 N494 2000-01-19 1041-M
L2/00-213 Draft agenda for SC2 – Athens, Sep. 25-26, 2000 SC2 N3447 2000-05-29 admin
L2/00-214 Notice and draft agenda WG20 – Oct. 30 – Nov. 1 WG20 N763 2000-06-30 admin
L2/00-215 Preparation of Internationalized Host Names Marc Blanchet
2000-07-03 I18N
L2/00-216 Internationalized domain names using EDNS (IDNE) Paul Hoffman
2000-07-05 I18N
L2/00-217 Requirements of Internationalized Domain Names IETF 2000-06-28 I18N, UTC
L2/00-218 WAP International pictogram specifications (draft) WAP 2000-07-09 396-D
L2/00-219 The case of the Cyrillic letter PALOCHKA Everson 2000-07-09 396-D
L2/00-220 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 5426 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-221 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 5427 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-222 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 5428 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-223 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 6438 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-224 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 6862 – Table 1 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-225 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 6862 – Table 2 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-226 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 10585 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-227 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 10586 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-228 Finalized Mapping between Characters of ISO 11822 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 (UCS) Joan Aliprand
2000-07-02 396-D
L2/00-229 Letter from DPRK on ISO 10646 DPRK 2000-07-05 396-D
L2/00-230 ISO/IEC 10646-1 2nd Edition: Editorial Corrigenda Cumulative List Bruce Paterson
SC2/WG2 N2232
2000-07-18 396-D
L2/00-231 2nd Call WG2 Meeting # 39, in Athens, 19 to 25 September 2000. Mike Ksar
SC2/WG2 N2233
2000-07-18 Admin
L2/00-232 More information needed for COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPHS ? T.K. Sato, Japan
SC2/WG2 N2222
2000-04-21 396-D
L2/00-233 Beyond the request of JIS COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPHS T.K. Sato, Japan
SC2/WG2 N2223
2000-04-21 396-D
L2/00-234 Minutes from the SC2/WG2 meeting in Beijing, 2000-03-21 - 24 Umamaheswaran
SC2/WG2 N2203
2000-07-21 admin
L2/00-235 Cumulative list of action items from the SC2/WG2  meeting in Beijing, 2000-03-21 – 24. Umamaheswaran
SC2/WG2 N2203
2000-07-21 admin
L2/00-236 Bidi Mirroring - proposal Markus Scherer 2000-07-26 396-D
L2/00-237 Normalization Conformance Test Suite Mark Davis 2000-07-27 UTC
L2/00-238 UTC Comments on 10646-2 Lisa Moore, UTC 2000-07-28 396-D
L2/00-239 Mathematical Letter Symbols Mark Davis 2000-07-07 396-D
L2/00-240 UTC Agenda item: Mathematical Letter Symbols Ken Whistler 2000-07-07 396-D
L2/00-241 Proposed working draft UTR #23 (rev. 0d3) Character property model Asmus Freytag
Ken Whistler
2000-07-17 UTC
L2/00-242 Confirmation of registration #229 – JISC, Plane 2 (was linked to ISO-IR/229.pdf) RA 2375 2000-07-31 RA 2375
L2/00-243 Confirmation of registration #228 – JISC, Plane 1 (was linked to ISO-IR/228.pdf) RA 2375 2000-07-31 RA 2375
L2/00-244 Draft agenda for SC2/WG3 in Athens, September  18-19, 2000 E. Melagrakis
SC2 N3460
2000-07-17 admin
L2/00-245R Comments on JTC1 documents L2/00-207 through L2/00-210 (JTC1 N6207-N6210) L2, Whistler 2000-08-10 admin
L2/00-246 Feedback on Old Italic (L2/00-140) Deborah Anderson 2000-08-01 396-D
L2/00-247 Addendum to Old Italic feedback in L2/00-246 Deborah Anderson 2000-08-02 396-D
L2/00-248 Character encoding mappings and related files Kent Karlsson 2000-08-03 UTC
L2/00-249 Comments on "Mathematical Letter Symbols" Kent Karlsson 2000-08-03 396-D
L2/00-250 Concerns about "Mathematical Letter Symbols" Mark Davis 2000-08-03 396-D
L2/00-251 Discussing contributions from Karlsson and Davis regarding "Mathematical Letter Symbols" Ken Whistler 2000-08-03 396-D
L2/00-252 Unicode Locale in Linux - status LI18NUX 2000-08-04 I18N
L2/00-253 Minutes from the NCITS/H2 meeting H2-2000-314 2000-06-19 I18N
L2/00-254 Report about the Unicode meeting with IETF Rick McGowan 2000-08-07 admin
L2/00-255R Name list for repertoire additions to 3.0.1 Ken Whistler 2000-08-30 UTC
L2/00-256 In-process private use characters Michel Suignard 2000-08-08 396-D
L2/00-257 Proposal for extended U+ notation (WG 2 N2334) Mark Davis; N2234 2000-08-09 396-D
L2/00-258 Proposal for addition of ZERO WIDTH WORD JOINER (WG2 N2335) Mark Davis
SC2/WG2 N2235
2000-08-09 396-D
L2/00-259 Meetei Mayek script sample from http://arbornet.org/~prava/eeyek/ Asmus Freytag 2000-08-09 396-D
L2/00-260 Unicode identifiers: an SQL example Gary Roberts 2000-08-08 I18N
L2/00-261 Proposed UTR #25 – Character foldings Asmus Freytag 2000-08-08 UTC
L2/00-262 Proposed UTR #26 – Handling surrogates Andrew Hodgson 2000-08-08 UTC
L2/00-263 Normalizer quick check data file Mark Davis 2000-08-08 UTC
L2/00-264 Editorial Corrigendum – C1 controls, position 84 Umamaheswaran 2000-08-09 UTC
L2/00-265 Notes on transfer of responsibility for OCR-B standards (for SC2/WG3) K.I. Larsson 2000-08-08 1279-L
L2/00-266 UTR #20 – Unicode in XML and other markup languages (also W3C draft) Asmus Freytag 2000-08-10 UTC
L2/00-267 IDN divided by character key Jang, Ind; IETF 2000-08-08 I18N
L2/00-268 Unicode policies (draft, see L2/00-279 final version) Mark Davis 2000-08-11 UTC
L2/00-269 Unicode Technical Reports – explanation Mark Davis 2000-08-10 UTC
L2/00-270 ISO/IEC 10646-2 FCD: Comments on TCA CJK compatibility Michel Suignard 2000-08-08 396-D
L2/00-271 A few remarks concerning objections to the math alphanumerics Murray Sargent 2000-08-11 396-D
L2/00-272 US comments to FCD ballot of ISO/IEC 10646-2 Michel Suignard
SC2/WG2 N2237
2000-08-23 396-D
L2/00-273 US comments on registration #230 – Turkmen Uma, L2 2000-08-11 13-M
L2/00-274 Proposal for addition of COMBINING GRAPHEME JOINER Mark Davis
SC2/WG2 N2236
2000-08-09 396-D
L2/00-275 Proposed UTR #24 – Script codes Mark Davis 2000-05-18 UTC
L2/00-276 Additional ISO/IEC 10646-1 2nd Edition: Editorial Corrigenda Unicode
SC2/WG2 N2238
2000-08-15 396-D
L2/00-277 Secretariat Report to the Tenth Plenary of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2, 2000-09-25/26, Athens, Greece SC2 N3462 2000-08-21 admin
L2/00-278 Revised Draft Agenda for the Plenary of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2, 2000-09-25/26, Athens, Greece SC2 N3463 2000-08-21 admin
L2/00-279 Unicode policies (final) Mark Davis 2000-08-22 UTC
L2/00-280 Math alphanumerics and MathML: A challenge Ken Whistler 2000-08-22 396-D
L2/00-281 Proposal for encoding Dehong Dai script on BMP of ISO/IEC 10646 China
SC2/WG2 N2239
2000-08-08 396-D
L2/00-282 Proposed glyph fixes for Ethiopic pages in ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Michael Everson 2000-08-25 396-D
L2/00-283 DNSII Multilingual Domain Name Resolution Chang, Leung 2000-08 IETF
L2/00-284 Proposal for the addition of 14 Korean Alphabets to 10646-1 DPRK Korea
SC2/WG2 N2243
2000-08-10 396-D
L2/00-285 Proposal for the addition of 82 Symbols to 10646-1 DPRK Korea
SC2/WG2 N2244
2000-08-10 396-D
L2/00-286 Proposal to change existing name of Korean characters in 10646-1 (SC2 N3465) DPRK Korea
SC2/WG2 N2245
2000-08-10 396-D
L2/00-287 Evidence for arrangement of Korean characters (SC2 N3464) DPRK Korea
SC2/WG2 N2246
2000-08-10 396-D
L2/00-288 Canonicalization Model for internationalized DNS Mark Davis 2000-08-28 UTC
L2/00-289 Proposal to add the Hanja column of DPR Korea to 10646-1 DPRK Korea
SC2/WG2 N2247
2000-08-10 396-D
L2/00-290 Proposal for encoding Xinshuang Banna Dai script on BMP China
SC2/WG2 N2242
2000-08-27 396-D
L2/00-291 Everson comments to Korean proposals Michael Everson 2000-08-30 396-D
L2/00-292 Proposal to add 8 recycling characters to the UCS Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2240
2000-08-27 396-D
L2/00-293 Proposal to add 6 Egyptological characters to the UCS Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2241
2000-08-27 396-D
L2/00-294 Draft 14651 CTT tailoring delta for DPRK Kent Karlsson
SC2/WG2 N2249
2000-08-31 1241-L
L2/00-295 Thoughts about the future of SC22/WG20 (personal contribution to SC22 plenary in Nara) Arnold F. Winkler
SC22/WG20 N773
2000-08-30 I18n
L2/00-296 Circled numbers in JIS X 0213 Japan, Sato
SC2/WG2 N2256
2000-09-04 396-D
L2/00-297 JIS X 0213 symbols – part 1 Japan, Sato
Sc2/WG2 N2257
2000-09-04 396-D
L2/00-298 JIS X 9213 symbols – part 2 Japan, Sato
SC2/WG2 N2258
2000-09-04 396-D
L2/00-299 Addition of New Source information on CJK ideographs Japan, Sato
SC2/WG2 N2259
2000-09-04 306-D
L2/00-300 Technical discussion regarding the future of SC22/WG20 Ken Whistler
SC22/WG20 N774
2000-09-01 I18n
L2/00-301 Summary of Voting on subdivision for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-1 - Encoding space limitations and repertoire additions SC2 N3468
SC2/WG2 N2262
2000-09-04 396-D
L2/00-302 Report from the APL working group meeting in Berlin, July 2000 [ rename APL characters ] Lee Dickey
SC2/WG2 N2260
2000-09-02 396-D
L2/00-303 Synchronization of Bengali coded character set national standard and ISO 10646-1 on character U+09BA, KHANDATA Bangladesh
SC2/WG2 N2261
2000-08-23 396-D
L2/00-304 Proposal Summary Form for character U+09BA, KHANDATA Bangladesh
SC2/WG2 N2261-1
2000-08-23 396-D
L2/00-305 Copy of national Bengali Coded Character set standard BDS 1500: 2000. (1.6 MB !) Bangladesh
SC2/WG2 N2261-2
2000 396-D
L2/00-306 A National Standards Strategy for the USA Stephen P. Oksala 2000-09-06 admin
L2/00-307 Reactions to "Future of SC22/WG20" (L2/00-295) (August 30 – September 6, 2000) E-mails pro & con 2000-09-06 I18n
L2/00-308 More reactions to "Future of SC22/WG20" (September 7 and later …) E-mails pro & con 2000-09-13 I18n
L2/00-309 Revised glyphs for "Old Italic" Everson 2000-09-10 396-D
L2/00-310 Revised agenda #3 for SC2/WG2 in Athens (link to WG2 N2255) SC2/WG2 N2255 2000-09-06 396-D
L2/00-311 Request for Liaison between SC 36 and SC 2 - Resolutions of the SC 36 Plenary Meeting held in March 2000 SC2 N3469
SC36 N0016
L2/00-312 Report of the Registration Authority for ISO 2375 to the Tenth SC 2 Plenary Meeting to be held in Athens, Greece, 2000-09-25/26 IPSJ / ITSCJ
SC2 N3470
2000-09-06 Admin
L2/00-313 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3437, ISO/IEC FCD 6937, Coded graphic character set for text communication - Latin alphabet (Revision of ISO/IEC 6937:1994) SC2 N3474 2000-09-12 1039-L
L2/00-314 Draft SC 2 Business Plan to the JTC 1 Tromsø Meeting SC2 Chairman
SC2 N3472
2000-09-13 admin
L2/00-315 Registration confirmation for #230 – Turkmen Registration authority 2000-09-14 13-M
L2/00-316 Resolutions from the SC22 plenary in Nara September 2000 SC22 N3178 2000-09-15 I18n
L2/00-317 Resolutions from the SC2/WG2 meeting in Athens September 2000 (revised) SC2 N3489R
SC2/WG2 N2254R
2000-10-11 396-D
L2/00-318 Minutes of the SC2/WG2 meeting in Athens September 2000 (see L2/01-050) SC2/WG2 N2353 2001-01-21 396-D
L2/00-319 Resolutions from the SC2/WG3 meeting in Athens September 2000 SC2 N3477 2000-09-20 Admin
L2/00-320 Resolutions from the SC2 meeting in Athens September 2000 (corrected 2000-10-18) SC2 N3492 2000-09-27 admin
L2/00-321 Recommendations from the CLAUI meeting in France, October 18, 2000 CLAUI meeting
JTC1 N6336
2000-10-19 Admin
L2/00-322 Agenda for the UTC meeting in San Diego Lisa Moore 2000-10-26 Admin
L2/00-323 Motions from the UTC meeting in San Diego Lisa Moore 2000-12-27 Admin
L2/00-324 Minutes from the UTC meeting in San Diego Lisa Moore 2000-12-27 Admin
L2/00-325 Agenda for L2/UTC meeting in San Diego Arnold Winkler 2000-10-19 Admin
L2/00-326 Minutes from the L2/UTC meeting in San Diego Arnold Winkler 2000-11-10 Admin
L2/00-327 Working draft of tables and character names for proposed amendment #1 to 10646-1:2000 Whistler, Freytag
SC2/WG2 N2263
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-328 Proposal for encoding Thaana letter Naa in the BMP Ken Whistler
SC2/WG2 N2264
2000-09015 396-D
L2/00-329 Proposal for terminal graphic symbols in the BMP Ken Whistler
SC2/WG2 N2265
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-330 Diacritics for medieval studies Küster, Wojtovicz
SC2/WG2 N2266
2000-09-14 396-D
L2/00-331 SC2/WG2 program of work SC2/WG2 N2267 2000-09-18 admin
L2/00-332 SOFT HYPHEN and some other characters Kent Karlsson
SC2/WG2 2268
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-333 ROK's comments to DPRK's proposal in N2231, N2243-2247, N2193, N2056 Kyongsok KIM
SC2/WG2 N2269
2000-09-13 396-D
L2/00-334 Updated CJK compatibility ideographs set from TCA Tseng, Shih-shyeng
SC2/WG2 N2270
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-335 Proposal to amend 2 source code changes in BMP CJK unified ideograph block Tseng, Shih-shyeng
SC2/WG2 N2271
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-336 On the requirements for alphanumeric fonts for mathematical use Asmus Freytag
SC2/WG2 N2272
2000-09-15 396-D
L2/00-337 JIS compatibility ideographs SC2/WG2 N2273 2000-09-19 396-D
L2/00-338 WD of tables and character names for editorial correction to Khmer for 10646-1:2000 Unicode
SC2/WG2 N2274
2000-09-19 396-D
L2/00-339 Liaison statement on IETF matters (SC2 N3476) Keld Simonsen
SC2/WG2 N2275
2000-09-18 admin
L2/00-340 Summary of voting on SC2 N3442 – CD 10646-2 (1275 kB) SC2 N3475
SC2/WG2 N2276
2000-09-20 396-D
L2/00-341 Addition of reserved characters for internal processing uses (in ISO 10646-1:2000) SC2/WG2 N2277 2000-09-19 396-D
L2/00-342 Ad hoc Report on Japan feedback N2257 and N2258 SC2/WG2 N2278

2000-09-20 396-D
L2/00-343 Response to APL Working Group (JTC 1/SC 22/WG 3) Ed Hart
SC2/WG2 N2283
2000-09-22 396-D
L2/00-344 Instructions for PDAM 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2285
2000-09-25 396-D
L2/00-345 SuperCJK , Version 11.0 with Kangxi & HYD Data Zhang Zhoucai
SC2/WG2 N2287
2000-09-14 396-D
L2/00-346 Draft PDAM text for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2291
2000-09-25 396-D
L2/00-347 Report on Tai Le (Dehong Dai) script SC2/WG2 N2292 2000-09-25 396-D
L2/00-348 WG2 Report to the tenth SC2 plenary meeting in Athens, Greece Mike Ksar
SC2/WG2 N2248
2000-09-26 admin
L2/00-349R Draft 14651 CTT tailoring delta for D.P.R. Korea Kent Karlsson
SC2/WG2 N2249R
2000-10-05 396-D
L2/00-350 Disposition of comments to FCD 10646-2 Suignard, SC2 N3486 2000-10-04 396-D
L2/00-351 Information on ISO/TC 125 – Health Informatics SC2 N3487 2000-10-02 admin
L2/00-352 Call for NB nominations of research organizations / Universities who can help SC2 development SC2 N3493 2000-10-03 Admin
L2/00-353 Draft for Gothic (Archaic European Scripts) Michael Everson 2000-10-12 396-D
L2/00-354 Proposal for addition to Arabic repertoire Mark Davis
Kamal Mansour
2000-10-12 396-D
L2/00-355 Comments on ISO PDTR 14652 Markus Kuhn 2000-10-12 1241-L
L2/00-356 FDIS text for ISO/IEC 10646-2 (728 kB) Michel Suignard
SC2/WG2 N2279
2000-09-19 396-D
L2/00-357 New draft for Philippine script with block introduction Michael Everson 2000-10-16 396-D
L2/00-358 Revised draft for Gothic script with block intro Michael Everson 2000-10-16 396-D
L2/00-359 ICU-Mapping for GB 18030 (will not be distributed)      
L2/00-360 Final draft of tables and character names for editorial corrigenda of ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Asmus Freytag
SC2/WG2 N2290
2000-10-16 396-D
L2/00-361 Proposal for encoding Dehong Dai script on the BMP of ISO/IEC 10646 China
SC2/WG2 N2239R
2000-08-08 396-D
L2/00-362 Proposal for encoding Xinshuang Banna Dai script on the BMP of ISO/IEC 10646 China
SC2/WG2 N2242R
2000-08-27 396-D
L2/00-363 Liaison report from the Unicode consortium SC2/WG2 N2288 2000-09-22 admin
L2/00-364 Final SC2 business plan for the JTC1 in Tromsø SC2 N3495 2000-10-17 admin
L2/00-365 Notice of publication: ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 SC2 N3496 2000-10-17 396-D
L2/00-366 Graphic roadmap to Plane 0 of the UCS (SC2/WG2 N2313, N2214, N2215, N2216) Michael Everson
SC2 N3494
2000-10-01 396-D
L2/00-367 Proposed JTC 1/SC 2 Program of Work Modification JTC1 N6329 2000-10-19 admin
L2/00-368R Draft Unicode TR #24 – Script Names Mark Davis 2000-10-27 UTC
L2/00-369 WG2 in Vouliagmeni (Athens) - report Ken Whistler 2000-10-06 396-D
L2/00-370 UTC action on malformed/illegal UTF-8 sequences Ed Hart 2000-10-23 UTC
L2/00-371 UTC action on malformed/illegal UTF-8 sequences Ken Whistler 2000-10-19 UTC
L2/00-372 UTF-8 security issues (compendium) Ed Hart 2000-10-24 UTC
L2/00-373 UTC action on malformed/illegal UTF-8 sequences Kent Karlsson 2000-10-24 UTC
L2/00-374R2 UTF-8 and "Non Shortest Form" (Revision 2) (for a newer version see L2/00-414) Mark Davis 2000-10-25 UTC
L2/00-375 Comments on agenda item “Script Names” Ken Whistler 2000-10-09 UTC
L2/00-376 Browsing and Matching – scooping Mark Küster 2000-10-26 UTC
L2/00-377 Letter from T.K. Sato to Mr. Zhang (IRG) Feedback on SC2/WG2 N2271 (TCA) T.K. Sato
SC2/WG2 N2294
2000-10-27 396-D
L2/00-378 Feedback from Japan on SC2/WG2 N2281, CJK compatibility T.K. Sato
SC2/WG2 N2295
2000-10-26 396-D
L2/00-379 Script Names TR Mark Davis 2000-10-27 UTC
L2/00-380 Draft ISO 15897 – Registry for cultural elements Keld Simonsen 2000-10-25 I18n
L2/00-381 Resolutions from SC22/WG20 meeting in Malvern, October 30 – November 1, 2000 SC22/WG20 N785 2000-11-01 I18n
L2/00-382 Single Unix Specification Liaison Report Sandra Martin
2000-11-01 admin
L2/00-383 WG20 response to resolution 00-08 from the SC22 plenary in Nara – the future of WG20 WG20 N797 2000-10-31 I18n
L2/00-384 Proposals regarding recommendations Sophia 7-11 from the CLAUI report (JTC1 N6336) WG20 N798 2000-10-30 I18n
L2/00-385 WG20 liaison reports from and to WG4 (COBOL) WG20 N793, N799 2000-10-31 I18n
L2/00-386 Draft document for ISO/IEC 15435 – API Keld Simonsen 2000-10-26 I18n
L2/00-387 Proposed changes to PropList.txt Whistler, Davis 2000-10-27 UTC
L2/00-388 Links to Unicode character data base in XML Mark Davis 2000-10-27 UTC
L2/00-389 ISO/IEC FDIS 8601 – Representation of dates and times ISO/TC 154 2000-10-05 I18n
L2/00-390 Case folding (for agenda in San Diego) Mark Davis 2000-11-03 I18n
L2/00-391 Clarification of terms relating to surrogates and supplementary characters Mark Davis 2000-11-03 UTC
L2/00-392 Normative status of UCD fields Mark Davis 2000-11-03 UTC
L2/00-393 Language identification and IT Constable, Simons 2000-09-06 I18n
L2/00-394 Unicode character data base (UCD) in XML format Mark Davis 2000-10-16 UTC
L2/00-395 UTR #21 – Case mapping (version 4.3) Mark Davis 2000-10-28 UTC
L2/00-396 Case folding properties table CaseFolding-3.d2.alpha.txt Unicode 2000-11-03 UTC
L2/00-397 Accessing the ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 CD-ROM Everson, N2296 2000-11-04 396-D
L2/00-398 Cuneiform: From Clay Tablet to Computer Dean Snyder 2000-11-07 396-D
L2/00-399 Indian script code for information interchange ISCII (paper only) IS 13194 1991 396-D
L2/00-400 Problems with the Tamil Block Description Michael Kaplan 2000-11-07 396-D
L2/00-401 Draft UTR #23 – Character property model (draft) Asmus Freytag 2000-11-08 UTC
L2/00-402 Draft UTR #22 – Character mapping tables Mark Davis 2000- UTC
L2/00-403 Analysis of GB 18030 mappings Ken Whistler 2000-06-19 396-D
L2/00-404 Proposal for Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri, and Mkhedruli Georgian (540 kB) Tarkhan-Mouravi 2000-10-30 396-D
L2/00-405 Visual order in Indic Languages Michael Kaplan 2000-11-07 396-D
L2/00-406 Why does Unicode need revision for Indic scripts ? (1.7 MB) S.P.Mudur, India n/a 396-D
L2/00-407 Language Technology Flash (India) (1.35 MB) TDIL, (Om Vikas) n/a 396-D
L2/00-408 Unicode Character Database in XML, (UCD-main.xml) Mark Davis 2000-11-08 UTC
L2/00-409 Unicode support for mathematics (as distributed in San Diego) Beeton, Freytag
Sargent III
2000-11-12 396-D
L2/00-410 New Unicode 3.2 code charts Asmus Freytag 2000-11-16 396-D
L2/00-411 Coptic – resolutions from the meeting in Leiden, September 2, 2000 Prof. Stephen Emmel 2000-09-02 396-D
L2/00-412 Special mathematical operators used in plain-text mathematical expressions Murray Sargent III 2000-11-08 396-D
L2/00-413 Registration of Charset and Languages Media Features Tags IETF RFC 2987 2000-11 I18n
L2/00-414 UTF-8 and “Non-Shortest Form” (Revision 3) replacing L2-00-374R2 Mark Davis 2000-11-15 UTC
L2/00-415 Summary, explanations, and remarks about GB 18030:2000 Dirk Meyer, comments by Lunde, Scherer 2000-10-13 396-D
L2/00-416 LACE: Length-based ASCII Compatible Encoding for IDN (IETF Internet draft) Mark Davis
Paul Hoffman
2000-11-06 I18n
L2/00-417 Unicode representation of Indian Scripts (1.3 MB) M.N. Cooper n/a 396-D
L2/00-418 Resolutions from the JTC1 plenary in Tromsø JTC1 N6349 2000-11-10 admin
L2/00-419 Legacy cuneiform font implementations and the ICE project Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2297
2000-11-20 396-D
L2/00-420 Proposal for additional 14 Dingbats (see L2/00-436) Sairus Patel 2000-11-21 396-D
L2/00-421 Response to Japanese Query re IPA tone letters Ken Whistler
2000-11-27 396-D
L2/00-422 Proposal for a Taxonomy for CEN/TC304 - ICT - European Localization Requirements Keld Simonsen 2000-11-24 I18n
L2/00-423 Proposal to add LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH LONG RIGHT LEG to the UCS Michael Everson
SC2/WG2 N2306R
2000-11-29 396-D
L2/00-424 Proposed Modifications to the SC 22 Programme of Work SC22 secretariat
JTC1 N6345
2000-11-02 admin
L2/00-425 Assessment of cultural and linguistic adaptability in software and hardware products – Test method SC35 N200
JTC1 N6359
2000-11-21 I18N
L2/00-426 Ballot: PDAM Text and Charts for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000, Mathematical symbols and other characters (>1 MB) Michel Suignard
SC2/WG2 N2308
SC2 N3503
2000-11-29 396-D
L2/00-427 Hebrew cantillation marks and their encoding (was linked to lrz-muenchen.de) Helmut Richter 2000-12-06 396-D
L2/00-428 Ballot: Revised Text for FDIS 8859-16: Latin alphabet No. 10 Michael Everson
SC2 N3504
2000-12-07 392-M
L2/00-429 Comments to Ken Whistler’s explanation on “ Errors in tables and data (Hebrew diacritics)” Helmut Richter 2000-12-07 396-D
L2/00-430 Text for CD ballot: ISO/IEC CD 2375.2, Information technology -- Procedure for registration of escape sequences and coded character sets SC2 N3503
Everson, Aliprand,
2000-12-11 13-M
L2/00-431 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC35/WG 5 New Work Item Proposal for Guidelines for drafting ISO/IEC standards respecting cultural and linguistic adaptability principles SC35/WG4
JTC1 N6360
2000-12-12 I18n
L2/00-432 L2 comments regarding the SC22 program of work in JTC1 N6345 (L2/00-424) NCITS/L2
Ken Whistler
2000-12-11 admin
L2/00-433 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC35/WG 3 New Proposal for a Technical Report on Framework for user interfaces standards SC35/WG3
JTC1 N6361
2000-12-12 I18n
L2/00-434 Revised Text for ISO/IEC FDIS 10646-2, -- Part 2: Supplementary Planes (was linked to SC2 N3506) Project editor
SC2 N3506
2000-12-13 396-D
L2/00-435 UTR #20: Unicode in XML and other markup languages (version 5) Martin Dürst (W3C)
Asmus Freytag
2000-12-15 UTC
L2/00-436 Revised proposal for additional Dingbats (based on L2/00-420) Sairus Patel 2000-12-19 396-D
L2/00-437 Ethnologue discussion Sandra O'Donnell 2000-12-13 396-D