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Unicode Consortium Technical Committees Acknowledgements for Version 6.0

Unicode Technical Committee

The technical content of the Unicode Standard is determined by the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC), which was chaired during the development of Version 6.0 by Lisa Moore. Eric Muller served as Vice-Chair and Rick McGowan as Recording Secretary. Subcommittee chairs also ably led their respective encoding committees: the Symbols Subcommittee was chaired by Markus Scherer, the South Asian Subcommittee by Eric Muller, and the Scripts Subcommittee by Rick McGowan.

Representatives of Full, Institutional, Supporting, Associate, and Individual Members, as well as invited experts and Liaison Members all contributed to the work of the UTC.

Unicode CLDR-TC

The Unicode Technical Committee is indebted to the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository Technical Committee (CLDR-TC), in particular, for their contributions to the further development of Unicode Standard Annex #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm and Unicode Standard Annex #29, Unicode Text Segmentation. The CLDR-TC is chaired by Mark Davis, with Vice-Chair John Emmons.

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