Developing Global Internet Application using NAS4.0 and NAB4.0

Yuriko Yamasaki - Netscape Communications Corporation

Intended Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Marketer
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate


While the Internet is receiving worldwide popularity, the demand toward a global Internet application increases dramatically. This global Internet application should support many different languages and cultures in order to meet the demands from global users. Netscape Application Server (NAS) 4.0 is a great solution for them. Unlike the other application servers on the current market, NAS4.0 provides various multilingual supports. With NAS4.0, for example, an application developer needs to implement only one business logic across multiple languages. Then, NAS4.0 intelligently selects an appropriate display file to show the result from the business logic. NAS4.0 also supports most of the popular locales and character sets including Unicode.

Paper Description:

After providing a general idea of NAS, the paper introduces a number of multilingual features of NAS4.0. Then, it $B!G (Bll explain how the developer can implement a multilingual Internet application quickly and easily by taking advantage of NAS4.0. In this section, a developing tool, Netscape Application Builder (NAB) 4.0 will be concisely introduced as well. After discussing the implementation issues, the paper describes the sample application, Multilingual Online Shopping Mall. During the presentation, the critical part of the source code in the multilingual perspective will be displayed and explained after demonstrating this application.


Although all the countries are getting close through Internet, our languages and cultures are still different. Because of these differences, applications on the Internet must deal with these different languages and cultures. NAS4.0 solves this problem by supporting all the major locales and character sets including Unicode. NAS4.0 and NAB4.0 also help developers to create powerful international Internet applications easily and quickly.

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