Talks and Papers
Session Title Speaker
TA4 List id Generations: Basic Case Conversions, and Other Text Transformation Algorithms in Mozilla
[Paper part1 and part2]
Frank Yung-Fong Tang, Principal Software Engineer, Netscape/AOL, USA
TA5 Non-Latin Writing Systems: Characteristics and Impact on Multinational Product Design
[Web site]
Richard Ishida
Global Design Consultant, Xerox, UK
TC3 An Overview of New Scripts in Unicode 3.0
Kamal Mansour
Manager of Non-Latin Products, Agfa Monotype, USA
A3 The RealNames System - An International Human-Friendly Web Navigation System
[Paper, Slides]
Yves Arrouye
Chief Architect, RealNames Corporation, USA
A7 TUSTEP and Culturally Correct Searching in Multilingual Corpora on the Web
Marc Wilhelm Küster
Research Assistant, Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung der Universität Tübingen, Germany
A16 The Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set and Migration to ISO 10646
Qin Lu
Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
A18 Segmenting Chinese in Unicode
[Web site]
Tom Emerson
Senior Software Engineer, Basis Technology Corporation, USA
B10 Graphite: An Extensible Rendering Engine for Complex Writing Systems
[Paper, Slides]
Sharon Correll, Software Engineer, SIL International, USA
B14 Perl and Internationalization
[Web site]
James Briggs
Perl Contractor, Netscape Comm. Corp., USA
B16 Developing Multilingual Installation Programs Using InstallShield for Windows Installer
David Cole
Senior Software Engineer, IBM Corporation, USA
B17/B18 Java Internationalization Roadmap and Panel Question and Answer
Brian Beck, Staff Engineer
Stuart Gill, Software Engineer
Norbert Lindenberg, Staff Engineer
John O'Conner, Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
C5 Developing Global Internet Applications Using NAS4.0 & NAB4.0
Yuriko Yamasaki
Software Engineer, Netscape Comm. Corp., USA
C6 New International Features of Internet Explorer
Michel Suignard
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation, USA
C14 An Open Source Approach to Unicode Enablement
Tex Texin, Director, International Products, Progress Software Corp, USA
Helena Shih, Sr. Software Engineer, IBM Corporation, USA
Bob Verbrugge, Engineer, Compuware Europe, The Netherlands
C16 Unicode on Smartphones and Palmtops: How EPOC Does It
Graham Asher
Software Engineer, Symbian Ltd., UK
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