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                    Golden Tulip Barbizon Palace
                    Prins Hendrikkade 59-72
                    1012-AD Amsterdam
                    THE NETHERLANDS

 Telephone number: +31-(0)20 556 45 64
 Facsimile number: +31-(0)20 624 33 53


 For those travelling by air, the nearest major airport is Amsterdam 
 International Airport Schiphol.

 Schiphol airport is one the biggest airports in Europe and only 18 km away 
 from Amsterdam.  Schiphol has only one terminal which makes it an easy and 
 comfortable (transfer) airport. About 90 airlines fly into Schiphol from and 
 to 230 destinations.  Directions through the building are marked by colour 
 coded airport signs: yellow signs direct you to transfer desks and gates, green 
 signs guide you to the various amenities.  The arrival hall at the ground floor 
 is called Schiphol Plaza.  Schiphol Plaza offers shops, bars and restaurants, 
 bank services, travel and tourist information and the railway station.


 The hotel is easily reached by car and by every form of public transport. 

 The cheapest way is to take the train (six times an hour). The railway station 
 is located at the level of the arrival hall. Tickets can be obtained in 
 Schiphol Plaza for NLG 6,25 (NLG 9,75 first class), look out for the ticket 
 counter of the NS (Dutch Railway company). Do not buy a return ticket if you 
 are not planning to return the same day, but buy right away a strippenkaart if 
 you want to continue your travel in Amsterdam by public transport. Travel time 
 is only 15 to 20 minutes to Amsterdam Central Station.  The hotel is situated 
 directly across from the Amsterdam Central Station.

 You can also choose the KLM shuttle service, which stops in front of the hotel 
 and various other hotels in Amsterdam.  You do not have to fly KLM or stay in 
 one of the hotels where the bus stops to use this service. Costs: NLG 17,50 one 
 way; NLG 30 return. For tickets and information go to the Transfer desk in 
 Schiphol Plaza.  The ride is about 50 minutes.

 If you do not mind to spend a bit more you can also take a comfortable taxi 
 directly to your destination. The single fare to Amsterdam is approximately NLG 
 55. The taxi rank is located outside Schiphol Plaza.

 If you will drive your own car, the hotel has its own secured underground car 
 park for 26 cars, and there are another 500 parking places available at the 
 nearby ANWB Parking Amsterdam Centraal.

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