The Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set and Migration to ISO 10646

Qin Lu - Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Intended Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, People who Support East Asian Scripts
Session Level: Intermediate

This talk will first give an overview of the new Hong Kong Supplementary Character published by the Hong Kong SAR government in September, 1999. HKSCS is the extension to the Government Common Character Set(GCCS) developed in 1995. The release of GCCS marked the first step in coordinating the use of user-defined Chinese characters within the Government and was well received by the public as a supplement to the standard character set of Big-5. This supplementary character set has recently been enhanced by the Government in collaboration with the newly established Chinese Language Interface Advisory Committee (CLIAC), which comprises representatives from academic institutions, language and linguistics associations and the IT and publishing industries. To facilitate the adoption of ISO 10646 and migration to ISO 10646 enabled platforms, HKSCS provides two code allocation schemes, one for Big-5 and the other for UCS2.

It will also present a summary of HKSAR's strategy, new setups for standardization, and other initiatives on migration to ISO 10646.

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