The W3C Character Model for the World Wide Web

Martin Dürst - W3C/Keio University

Intended Audience: Software Engineer, Systems Analyst
Session Level: Intermediate

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides basic technology to lead the Web to its full potential. Internationalization (I18N) of this technology is an important concern. The Character Model is a document developed by the W3C I18N Working Group, with the help of the W3C I18N Interest Group.

The Character Model defines a framework and requirements for upcoming W3C specifications, based on earlier i18n work for HTML and XML. It also contains introductory material to familiarize writers of specifications, implementors, and content providers with the problem area. In particular, the Character Model deals with character encoding, early normalization, character indexing.

The Character Model is still being evolved; the presentation will include the newest developments.

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