Web Site Globalization: Best Practices

Walter Smith - Global Sight Corporation

Intended Audience: Manager, Marketer
Session Level: Intermediate

With the worlds' organizations rushing to establish a Web presence, we're bearing witness to many innovative and ingenious Web site infrastructures. Unfortunately, not all of this innovation keeps in mind the requirements of the world's languages and cultures. Aside from the technical issues, organizations are facing challenges working with far-flung stakeholders and contributors, while still trying to centrally managing the process. Web site globalization is a distinctly different beast than software localization (especially in the case of E-commerce), yet we would do well to leverage the applicable lessons learned from that discipline. In this session, we will explore typical management and technical challenges, and the best practices to address them:

  • Bringing technology to bear. What roles do traditional translation technologies like translation memory, terminology management, and machine translation play in successfully executing a global Web site? What Web-centric challenges are mandating innovative linguistic solutions? What trends in Web technology adoption must be considered in your globalization blueprint?
  • Modeling a global Web presence. What are the pro's and con's of managing your global Web efforts in a centralized, decentralized, or distributed challenges?
  • Creating a sustainable process. A successful global Web presence constantly changes and evolves. How can organizations effectively manage and consistently deliver accurate multilingual messaging in an on-going manner?
  • Building a global infrastructure. Who needs to worry about internationalization concerns? Can localization partners effectively work around short-comings in an organization's Web infrastructure? How can in-country contributors easily supplement global information with local content?

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