Richard Ishida - Xerox

Richard Ishida is a Global Design Consultant with Xerox, based in the UK. Through seminars, courses and consultancy, he helps product groups around the world develop documents, software and on-screen information so that it can be easily localised for the international marketplace.

In addition to Xerox and Fuji Xerox, Richard's client list includes several large multinational corporations as well as government and trade related institutions in Europe. He speaks at 8 or 9 globalisation-related conferences a year, usually by invitation, and has delivered regular tutorials at the last 9 International Unicode Conferences.

Current development activities at Xerox include:
- globalisation of the standard DTDs and stylesheets for Xerox customer documentation
- globalisation of the Xerox product development process
- development of UI internationalisation guidelines and requirements for Fuji Xerox (Japan & Asia Pacific)

He has a background which includes translating and interpreting, computational linguistics, and translation tools. And has spent time studying French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.

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