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Date: Fri Jun 13 1997 - 16:12:44 EDT

At 08:10 -0700 1997-06-13, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>>Michael Everson's cool bibliography of typography and scripts is at
>Nice. You should add Cajori's history of mathematical symbols. I believe it
>is still available as a Dover reprint.

I was only listing things which I actually _have_.

>I'm sorry I can't give the proper
>reference. I think I still have a copy of a paper by Ken Iverson on the
>design of the APL character set somewhere at home. I'll go look up some
>others sometime when I can get to them. Here are the fragments I remember:
>The Writing Systems of the World (two different books with the same title)

Diringer's version, well, I used to have it but it was (sob, sob) lost

>The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

This isn't that informative as regards typography or scripts. I have it but
didn't put it in. (Actually I'll have to go through my library again to add
more things I expect.) I can add it easily enough.

>The Book of a Thousand Tongues, Bible Society, London, out of print.
>TeX and Metafont, Donald Knuth, Addison-Wesley
>The Alphabet Makers, The Museum of the Alphabet, Waxhaw, SC

Ain't seen 'em.

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