Re: What to use as the last two components of XLFD for "UCS-2 encoded" X11 font?

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 14:40:16 EST

Jungshik Shin wrote:

> It seems like Netsccape 4.x can't make use of *real* Unicode fonts
> although it can render UTF-8/UTF-7 encoded pages with pseudo Unicode fonts.

Yes, I talked to the implementor, and was told that you probably can't use Unicode
fonts with the current implementation.

> As you guessed, NS 4.x doesn't
> seem to be able to make use of real unicode fonts. Perhaps,
> making it do so is one of the first things to do once the source
> code is released.

Yup. Take a look at ns/cmd/xfe/fonts.c (available on 3/31).


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